Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Battling the Sickies

Keeping this post short & sweet tonight! I've decided to try and do my blogging at night instead of morning's. I've done it for 2 morning's now and I really just hate morning writing. I'm weird like that I guess. Since I only have a few minutes before Finding Carter comes on (I can't miss Finding Carter), I'm just going to give you a few things that went on around here today. It's been a pretty low key day so not much to tell anyway.

* I got up at 7:30 this morning and that is awesome for me! Maybe there is hope of my getting Ax to Pre-K next week. I've set myself a mandatory 11:00 bedtime though and that seems to help me immensely.

* Annalee got up with me too and didn't lay back down to nap until almost 2:00. She was flat out exhausted by that time and slept a solid 3 hours!!!

* I'm feeling a little better today. Axle seems to be 100% better although he's still very whiny. Anika is feeling better but has no voice and Annalee is still feeling pretty icky. Hopefully we will all be back to good health soon.

* It felt like a Fall Morning this morning. It was just the perfect temperature for porch sitting

* Anika went to Mom's around 11:00 for her schooling. She's doing very well with it and seems to really be enjoying it. She is enjoying it more than she ever enjoyed public school! Here she is looking super cute and ready to get an education :)

* Hubby left me the sweetest note ever this morning. It seriously made my day. He doesn't do things like that often but when he does he knows all the right things to say. I love my man :)

* I managed to get dressed today- not my favorite look but I kind of like it, I guess!

Cardigan- Yard Sale
Shirt- Cato's
Jeans- Cato's
Shoes- Thrifted

* The kids and I had to run to town today to the bank. Anika asked me to pick up a book so she could start studying for her permit. How is it possible my child is old enough to start studying for her permit? She didn't get a book though, apparently it's all online now. What did this world ever do without computers?

* I finally got a date for the kids eye appointments at University of Kentucky Hospital- They will go on October 6th. It's a longer wait than I wanted but places like that are always very hard to get into.

* I applied for a few more jobs today. I did get a call but no job. They were just pulling applications to see who might be interested in the position. Once they get them all pulled they will decide who to interview. Hoping I get an interview but who knows. I'm about to give up on the whole job thing. Seems the odds are stacked against me.

* Although I've felt better today, I've felt like I've been running a fever off and on. Tonight it feels like I have one. It just makes me feel so horrible and sluggish.

* I got nothing accomplished on the home front other than cooking dinner and washing a few clothes.

* Hubby came straight home from work and cut our grass. He didn't finish until right up to time for him to go to bed. The kids enjoyed being outside with him though. They helped him cut grass and then they ventured off to play.

* Dustin brought Anika home a little after 8:00 tonight. They went out to eat with my Mom and Dad after Anika finished up her schooling.

* Tonight Axle decided he wanted to sleep in his bed in my room. Little Lee decided she wanted to sleep with him. While it didn't last (they are both playing in the living room with me now), it did make for some cute photos!!

* Now I'm off to watch Finding Carter with my Anika! It's our Tuesday night girl thing

* Tomorrow the kids (Ax and Lee) have a dental appointment. Hope it goes well.

Friends- Everyone enjoy your Wednesday and I'll be back with a post tomorrow sometime



  1. Love your day and am so envious of your 'fall like' weather!!! Four days and a wake up to September first!!!

  2. Do you dread the dentist appointments? My granddaughter threw such a fit on her first few appointments! She tried to bite the dentist and they put her on the BAD list.Will Lee be going or is it not time for her to start yet?