Monday, August 11, 2014

August 11, 2014

For Today: August 11, 2014

Outside my Window: It just stopped raining. Today has been a very rainy day. The weather forecast looks much better for the rest of the week though.

I am Thinking: That silence is such a nice thing. Everyone is sleeping, the televisions are turned off and it's so peaceful and quiet in my house. I'm kind of loving it :)

I am Thankful: For being able to be forgiven over and over. Some days I have to ask for forgiveness a lot.

In the Kitchen: Sits the ceiling fan I've asked the Hubby to put up since Friday. Hopefully tomorrow he will finally get around to it.

I am Wearing: Pajamas at this very moment but I did get dressed today. Here's your proof.

White Top- Cato's
Scarf- Gift from my Aunt
Dress Pants- Thrifted
Shoes- Thrifted 

I am Creating- An Inspiration Board of ideas for Axle's room! Here's what we are thinking!

I am Going- To make Homemade Lasagna for dinner tomorrow night. It's been awhile since I made any and it's one of Hubby's favorites!

I am Wondering- If it's just not in my cards to work right now. It's something weighing very heavily on me. I'm just going to continue praying about it.

I am Reading- Absolutely nothing...including blogs :(

I am Hoping- To go on a Day Date with the Hubby this Sunday!!!!

I am Looking Forward To- Watching Finding Carter tomorrow for real!

I am Learning- You gotta roll with the punches

Around the House- I have two pictures that need to be hung, a ceiling fan that needs to be hung, Anika's room and Bathroom that needs to be painted and Anika's bed needs finished but I have to get more paint first. The To Do List is a MILE long!!!

I am Pondering- On how to tell the difference between manipulation and the truth

A Favorite Quote for the Day- 

One of my Favorite Things Today- Getting our Bristol Tickets in hand. I'm excited to go :)

A Few Plans for the Rest of the Week- Getting Axle's closet all sorted out, Getting Axle started back to school, Painting Anika's bathroom and bedroom, Getting stuff hung up that needs to be hung, Finish painting Anika's bed and Get some Important phone calls made!!!

A Peek Into My Day: We got the shelf painted for Anika's bathroom. This will hold her towels, makeup, etc.

That's a Monday Wrap Up for me- Have a good week everyone :)



  1. I like that quote!!! What IS normal, anyway???

  2. The rain was just too much this time! I like the room you picked out.

  3. I was just thinking that I need to make lasagna this week since I haven't in a while and it is one of Sean's favorites!

    Silence truly is a nice thing :)

    What would we do without forgiveness? I often need to ask for it too.

    I love your inspiration for Axle's room!

    That quote is perfection. That Maya Angelou was a genius :)

  4. That inspiration room is awesome!

  5. I LOVE that room and the quote!! She was a master creator with words!!

  6. I love the room you picked out for Axle. He will love having his own big boy room.