Tuesday, August 12, 2014

A is for

A Is For

A is for- The Accident that Tony Stewart was involved in. Such a tragic event. Praying for both families affected.

B is for- Both kids being Bottle Broke! Yep, we threw them away on Saturday and replaced them with cups. Ax is the one I figured I would have a hard time with but so far, he hasn't minded a bit. Annalee on the other hand is a bit more cranky about it but I'm not giving in. Bottles are GONE!!!!

C is for- Axle's Cereal addition. I'm not kidding, it's bad. The kid is going through a box a day. He doesn't care if it's got milk in it or not. The only other food besides cereal that he asks for is pancakes. He's definitely a breakfast food boy!

D is for- Depression and the Death of Robin Williams. Gut wrenching new for so many. Depression is such a real scary thing. I've dealt with it myself and am currently dealing with a daughter who is suffering from it. There is no magic fix. 

E is for- Lee getting up super Early this morning. The child was raring to go by 5:30 am. It's made for a very long day for all of us. It's been a day full of whining and crying.

This is what a 5:30 am Annalee looks like

F is for- Tonight's Finding Carter episode. It was awesome and I can't wait till next week. I'm telling you, greatest show ever.

G is for- Gorgeous Fall Outfits- I wish I owned my Pinterest closet!

H is for- Finally getting the Homeschool contract signed. I have to pick it up tomorrow and submit it to Bavel University. I'm praying I made the right decision with this Homeschool venture.

I is for- Inspirational Quotes I love :)

J is for- Learning that the Job Program Anika was going to work on doesn't apply to Sophomores, only Juniors and Seniors. Hoping we can work something else out for her.

K is for- One of my favorite things, Kisses from Husband

L is for- The absolutely delicious Lasagna that I made for dinner. Hubby ate 2 plates full

M is for- Making Phone calls which is what I felt like I done all day today

N is for- A New Door Knob the Hubby hung for me today. It looks good, much better than the gold that was on there before

O is for- Outfit of the Day- Super Comfortable

Most comfortable outfit ever

Pants- Family Dollar

Top- American Eagle- Purchased at a Yard Sale

P is for- Plans for tomorrow- Painting Anika's Room and Bathroom 

Q is for- Hearing my kids quarreling at one another all day long. The little two seems to fight over everything.

R is for- Reading a few blogs today- not many but a few

S is for- Axle's School Delay- They informed us today that they didn't have enough kids enrolled to start tomorrow. His new start date is September 2nd. That gives him another almost 3 weeks at home. He was not one bit disappointed.

T is for- Being Thankful for the peace of knowing GOD is in control

U is for- Being totally Unproductive today- For real, I did much of nothing

V is for- Chatting with my Sister in Law Viki for awhile today. Her and I have so much in common. It's always a nice conversation between the two of us

W is for- Wishing I'd get a job offer of some sort to come through. I know it's all in God's perfect timing but I must admit, I'm a bit impatient.

X is for- X'ing off items on my Bucket List. It just makes me happy

Y is for- Yawing which is a good sign I should get my butt in the bed

Z is for- Zero patience which is what I've had the last few days. Praying for easier days ahead

Hoping you all have a great Hump Day!!!


  1. I like the ABC post......you are so clever. We are sad about Robin Williams too......

  2. Hooray for no more bottles! And for getting the homeschooling straightened out. I'm glad you realize that all things happen in God's timing. That's a biggie and it's so hard to wait.

    Hope you got a good night's sleep and there's no more 5:30 a.m. mornings from Annalee.

  3. Wouldn't it be great if anything we pinned ended up in our closet?! I have a cereal addiction, too... I think it's the one food I could live off of :)

  4. I love the outfit. Comfortable AND sparkly! I just heard about the Tony Stewart thing. It is weird.