Sunday, August 31, 2014

Right Here- Right Now

Happy Saturday Friends- It's late so I'm just going to do a quick post to let you know what is currently going on in our world.


Feeling- Like I need to turn the air conditioner on very soon- I'm having a heat stroke!!!!

Hearing- Anika and Hubby talk about the camper and it's leaking problem. Something always seems to have a problem around here.

Watching- The Nascar Race and hoping Jimmie Johnson wins! We got $40.00 riding on his victory.

Wearing- Sweats & a Tee- I did get dressed today, twice :)

Me and My Babies before Church

What I wore the remainder of the day
Entire Outfit is from Cato's
Necklace- Family Dollar

Thankful- For my beautiful family. God is good :)

Wishing- Someone would call me about a job on Monday- for real!

Thinking- I wish everyone would quit talking so I could concentrate on this post

Eating- Nothing...we went to my Brother In Laws for dinner today and feasted. It was a nice visit! Ax might have had the biggest piece of watermelon ever.

Drinking- Mountain Dew- it's my coffee!

Pondering- If I want to go to a Labor Day Cookout tomorrow or not

Hoping- I didn't make a mistake by giving Anika her phone back tonight

Praying- For my Husband

Needing- To go pee pee in the potty but I'm too lazy LOL

Planning- A big weekend next weekend

Going- To go read some blogs before bed

Goodnight Friends!!!!
Wishing you all a very happy Labor Day!!!!

Saturday, August 30, 2014

This Happened

It's Saturday and while many are off enjoying Labor Day Festivities, my crew and I are enjoying a nice lazy weekend at home.

Here's what happened today:

* Hubby had to work. No three day weekend for him. Normally he's off but due to a fall in the mines, he had to go out and do clean up duty.

* The kids and I slept till 10:30 and it was pure bliss. Sleeping in is a great way to start off a Saturday

* I've talked to my Momma several times today but we had a big long morning conversation. I love chats with my Mommy!

* Anika made pancakes for the kids and for me. Bub likes her pancakes, he doesn't like mine. I don't blame him, mine pretty much do suck

* I got dressed. This is what I call my Mommy Wear. You know those days when you just want to be comfortable because you really have no plans of doing anything anyway.

Tank- Thrifted 
Shirt- Hand Me Down
Shorts- Cato's
Shoes- Thrifted

* I managed some morning blog reading. I was hoping to get to blog read some tonight too. Doesn't look like it's going to happen though.

* The little one's and I took Anika to Mom's. Anika had to work on her school stuff today. She bombed and Algebra test so she had to do some practice tests and such. My Mom is a tough principal.

* I went to the store and got some grub

* I fixed a million cups of juice, milk, pop, etc.

* I fought with Lee all day over taking her diaper off. The child just needs to pee pee in the potty already

* I did laundry- actually I kicked the laundry's butt. I've almost got it ALL DONE!!!!

* I washed dishes- well the dishwasher did

* I cleaned down my kitchen counters. I need to clean down my appliances soon. They are getting nasty

* I checked my calendar for September. Hoping to go to the September Fest next weekend

* I realized Monday is September 1st. How did that happen?

* I changed out the scent in my Tart Warmer. I'd never used the Febreeze Brand before but I think I like it. My house now smells like Grapefruit Fizz

* Lee Lee took a nap- thank goodness!!!

* I remembered I HAVE to buy Ax a blanket for school before Tuesday. If you don't see me blog about it by Monday night, remind me please!

* I swept my kitchen and living room

* I made a list of September Goals- I'll share them with you on Monday :)

* I tackled the toy room FINALLY. It looks much better. Here's the before and after. The before is a wreck, don't judge!

* Hubby got home around 2:00 pm. We were very happy he got home early.

* Hubby and Ax watched cartoons on the couch for awhile. Father/Son bonding while Lee was still asleep

* Hubby and I sat on the porch and chatted for a bit while the kids played


* I fixed dinner, Hamburger Steaks, Spiral Shells & Cheese and Garlic Toast. 

* I laid out everyone's clothes for Church tomorrow morning

* I cleaned up the dinner dishes

* I looked for teacher gift ideas on Pinterest. Found some really cute stuff

* I uploaded the rest of my August photos to Facebook. Almost time to make a September album

* Hubby's buddy came down and they talked trading. Fun stuff for him I suppose

* I managed to clean up my bedroom- not good but fair!

* Dustin brought Anika home and hung out with her. They came bearing gifts. Breadsticks and Rice Krispie Treats for Little Lee & Ax and Potato Candy for Hubby and I.

* Hubs built a fire up and tinkered in his garage

* The babies both got bathed and all squeaky clean for church in the morning

* I worked on our checking account- omg, not a good situation

* I picked up toys at least 1,000,000 times 

* I found a chalkboard in the toy room that I think is going to be perfect for the baby shower I'm hosting next weekend

* I helped Hubs try to program his garage door opener. Apparently it's going to take someone smarter than us

* I found out a lady I just adore was in a bad car accident. Praying her injuries are not too serious

* I put this MASSIVE amount of clean clothes away

* I got Hubby and Bubby in the bed. Now to talk Little Lee into going is my next mission

I'm finishing up the night with a little blog reading and then bed myself. Tomorrow we will be attending Church and then going to my Brother in Law's for a cookout

I hope whatever you are doing this holiday weekend, you are enjoying it to the fullest

Until Tomorrow,

Friday, August 29, 2014

Start of the Weekend

Happy Friday Friends- I hope this post finds each of you doing well and ready to enjoy your Labor Day Weekend! As for me and my crew, we are doing alright. Unfortunately Hubby has to work tomorrow due to a fall in the mines but we will still be trying to make the best of the weekend.

We have had a nice Friday. Only a few bumps here and there in the road today. Nothing this mommy can't handle. Here's a little about our day!

For Today- Friday August 29, 2014
Can you believe in just a few days it will be September
Summer is almost over :(

Outside my Window- It is now dark. We literally spent the entire evening outside until night fell. The kids played on their swing while Hubby's Brother's Girlfriend and I chatted in lounge chairs in the yard. Hubby and his Brother hung out in the garage (aka the man cave)!

I am Thinking- About all the things I wanted to get done this Summer and haven't. There was so many places I wanted to go, so many things I wanted the kids to experience, etc. Time just flew by though. I'm thinking I'll make a Fall List Bucket List in hopes to doing more. Lists always help me stay on track. Speaking of lists, I'm working on a Must Have List for Fall (wardrobe wise) and I've got to get that Baby Shower Details List done ASAP! The Baby Shower is NEXT WEEKEND!!!!!

I am Thankful- For this precious life God gave me. Earlier today my frustration level was through the roof but then I managed to calm myself down. I posted on Facebook how frustrated I was and I got the sweetest comment, a prayer from the pastor's wife at the church I've been going to. I finally feel like people are praying for me, people love me and people genuinely have an interest in my life. It's a sweet feeling. 

In the Kitchen- Clean clothes are stacked high on my kitchen table waiting for me to put them away. There is dirty dishes in my sink but otherwise it's fairly tidy in there. I made some dinner tonight but earlier today I made my babies some noodles for lunch and I got this cute photo of them eating together. Aren't they precious?

I am Wearing- My pink and black Victoria Secret nightgown. It's so comfortable. I did get out of my pajamas today though. Initially I was going to wear my navy shorts with a navy and white top but then I saw a blog entry that showcased a bunch of navy clothes mixed with green. While the only true green color I had was long sleeves, I did find this greenish colored top and decided to try it. I actually kind of like the color combination. What do you think?

Shirt- Thrifted
Navy Shorts- Ebay
Shoes- Cato's

I am Creating- Absolutely Nothing- I know, so exciting. I'm just so not the creative type

I am Going- To miss the mornings where Bubby and Lee Lee snuggle on the couch and watch cartoons when they first wake up. Bubby will be starting school next week and so their snuggle time will only be on Friday's and Weekends!!!

I am Wondering- If I will EVER find a job! Like seriously, I'm getting desperate and very frustrated. I know it will happen in due time. Patience is not my strong suite though.

I am Reading- As many blogs as I possibly can when I can. I enjoy reading blogs so much. It's a real addiction!

I am Hoping- I NEVER EVER EVER see a bug like this again. OMG it's huge and it was on my wall. Thank God my Hubby killed it. I swear I think it was on steroids.

I am Learning- That some days are just off days...A bad day does not equal a bad life

Around the House- I got a few things accomplished today. Things are all straightened up for the most part, more laundry got done, all the animals got fed, errands got ran, etc. All in all it's been a pretty productive day.

I am Pondering- On what I'm going to make for the Baby Shower next week. I'm hoping to contribute quite a bit of food.

A Favorite Quote for today- One that was shared with me. I referenced it above.

One of my Favorite Things:

Watching these two boys clean Annalee up with a shop vac
She spilled stuff all over her and they insisted this would make 
less of a mess!!!! I seriously laughed so hard!

A Few Plans: Tomorrow is going to be an at home day! Sunday we will be going to Church and then to my Brother in Laws for a cookout. No clue what Monday will hold! Next week Anika has appointments (several) and Axle starts school. Lots of upcoming stuff!

Some Photos I thought I'd Share:

Thrift Store Finds the kids and I got today:

Old Navy Dress for Annalee $1.00

Gymboree Dress for Annalee- $1.00

Old Navy Dress for Annalee $1.00

Polka Dot Skirt for me $3.00

Black & White Tunic for me- $1.00

Minnie Mouse Nightgown for Lee- $1.00

This is how Lee passes out after getting up at 
4:30 am 

 Axle just HAD to bath with the Rubbber Duck
he found when we were cleaning out the car

 Anika got her nails done today- White and Gold!

It's almost 11:00 friends which means it's my bedtime! I'll talk to you guys tomorrow
Have a great weekend :)

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Happy Almost Friday

Good evening friends or actually more like good night! It's a little after 10 here so I'm going to type up today's post and head to bed here soon. I thought it would be fun to do an alphabet post tonight (those are my favorite). I hope you enjoy :)

A- Anika spent the night with my Mom tonight. She had some school work to do. Tomorrow she doesn't have to do any school work because she is all caught up. Instead she will be going with my Mommy to get her nails done. Lucky gal :)

B- Baby puppies are doing good. A couple of them are trying to walk but they are still just too  little. It's too cute to watch them though.

C- Car rides with Annalee are HORRIBLE!!!! I could not wait to get out of the car with her today.

D- Doctor checked Annalee's warts today and said he wanted to leave them alone for now. If they get bigger or start to bother her, he will freeze them off.

E- Everyone around here is feeling better. I still have a horrible cough and so does Anika but we are on the mend!

F- Friday's make me happy. This Friday especially makes me happy. Hubby has a 3 day weekend!!!

G- Got a call from Life Alert today telling me my Grandma had fell. Nothing major, just a slip in the kitchen. Thankfully she is OKAY!!!! She has had both hips broke so we sure don't need her getting hurt again.

H- Have a heavy heart tonight and don't really know why. Hubby and I are just struggling. I think it's financial stress more than anything. I just hate when we don't seem to be clicking.

I- I put in 15 resumes today.....yep fifteen. I seriously need/want a job

J- Just planning on staying home tomorrow. Shouldn't have to go out for anything but maybe some food. I hope to get the toy room cleaned but I've been saying that for months so I'm not holding my breath. It's hard to purge toys when the kids are home.

K- Kind of feeling sick to my tummy tonight...Thinking it's the onset of PMS. That could explain my emotional ups and downs too.

L- Lately Axle has been super whiny. I'm sure it's just another stage he's going through but between him and Lee both whining, they are driving me crazy. He's just so darn cute though...I can't be mad at him long.

M- Menu for dinner tonight was Spaghetti and Garlic Bread. Honestly, I've been cooking very little lately or actually I've been cooking everyday, just easy meals.

N- Need to clean out my van's so nasty I expect to find mice in it at anytime. I'm not exaggerating folks!

O- Officially 5 days till Axle starts school. I'm nervous about it and excited about it all at the same time. Praying he adjusts better this year than he did last year.

P- People around here drive me crazy. I swear I belong in a bigger place. Not necessarily a city because I'm not totally sure how much I'd love a city but at least a bigger place than po dunk that I live in now.

Q- Quiet is all I hear right now, it's absolute bliss!

R- Really wishing it was date night time again. I'm thinking this date night Hubby and I will rent a cabin for the night. Doesn't that sound like a great way to celebrate September :)

S- Seriously hate Anika's new beanie she got. She loves it and wears it ALL the time!!!

T- This month has went crazy fast. I can't believe it's only 4 months till Christmas and till my girl turns 16 years old. This makes me sad :(

U- Usually a much happier person than I have been for the past few weeks. I hate stress!

V- Viki called today and we talked about her shower. I've seriously got to get my butt in gear. It's going to be here before I know it and I've not got anything that I need to planned.

W- What I Wore Today- Don't mind the blurry photo (I have no clue why it's blurry)

Trouser Pants- Thrifted
Pink Polka Dot Shirt- Hand me Down
Shrug- Borrowed from Anika
Shoes- Thrifted

X- X shouldn't even be in the alphabet. Nothing starts with the letter X. Well nothing for my post anyway.

Y- Yet another week has gone by and I feel like I've got nothing accomplished. Maybe I'm being to hard on myself.

Z- Zero letters left- I'm off to bed friends

Happy Almost Friday and Weekend :)

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Just Wishing

I'm absolutely exhausted, more so mentally than physically. It's been a trying week for me and the kids. I don't know if it's because they have been sick or what but they have been absolutely unbearable these past few days. If one isn't whining and crying, the other is. Let's just say that tonight has been the worst of it. They seriously have cried non stop. Not only have they have drove me crazy but they have drove everyone else in this house crazy too. Thankfully, I think Annalee is asleep. I can only hope she stays that way the rest of the night.

Since my mind is scattered (that is what happens when I get stressed), I thought I'd do a simple easy post for you tonight. It's my Wednesday Wishes. I hope you enjoy!!!


* My Husband handled stress and difficult situations better. On trying weeks like this, it would be so much help to have someone remain calm with me.

* I'd win 10,000.00....I'm not greedy, someone else can have the powerball!

* Lee Lee wouldn't get up so early. This morning she was up at 5:00 am. I'm certain that is part of her grumpy mood and bad attitude.

* I hadn't went back to sleep this morning....but I did so oh well!

* I could decide if I wanted to go to the wake for the 3 fire victims tomorrow night or not. A part of me thinks I should since I am close friends with some of the extended family but I always feel awkward when I don't know the deceased themselves that well.

* My cousin wasn't so nervous about the move and new job he decided to take. I'm sure that no matter what, things will work out for the best. Still it's a big leap and I could tell by our phone conversation today he was worried.

* I hadn't gotten a rejection letter today for a seriously good position I applied for. It made me sad

* I could homeschool Anika myself and keep on top of what is going on with her education. Don't get me wrong, I know she is in good hands with my Mom everyday but still, I wish I could do it. There is just no way though with 2 babies in tow I could teach her the way I should. Sometimes we just have to be realistic.

* I could wear dresses like this everyday. Actually, I wish I had somewhere to wear dresses like this everyday too!!!

Dress: Hand Me Down from my Aunt
Shoes- Cato's
Torn up Floor- Thanks to my Children!!!

* I could get to the bottom of the laundry. I swear I think it is a bottomless pit though

* I never had to shave my legs. For real, I hate it

* Our little kitten wasn't hurt. One of the other cats hurt it while I was gone today. It cries every time I pick it up.

* Ax & Lee didn't have such a breakdown at the dentist today. Literally I held both of them on the table so the dentist could look in their mouths. It was no big deal but making them believe that was a totally different story. The only part of the whole visit they liked was the toy room :)

* There teeth would remain perfect forever. The dentist said right now they both have perfect teeth!

* I could find a decent paying job. I'm going to apply at a few places tomorrow and hand out some resumes. Maybe something will pan out soon.

* We weren't broke this week and could go to Kings Island this weekend. It's the last weekend and breaks my heart that we didn't even work in one visit this year.

* We had fake grass so it could always look so pretty and manicured like it does now.

* Hubby would take down the tacky Christmas lights around our porch. Yes, we must be rednecks because they have been up for at least 3 year now.

* My Mom didn't struggle so bad with arthritis and bone loss.

* Anika could make some friends, at least one or two. I know she has to be lonely

* I had a housekeeper, nanny and chef....a girl can dream, right?

* I had a ton of cute colored ballet flats. I love them, so comfortable. Anyone want to send me some? Size 7.5 please!

* I didn't forget to buy Kraut today at the store. Our beans and cornbread would have been so much better with kraut.

* I could quit smoking- it's such a hard habit to break

* I didn't have to go to the doctor tomorrow but I do. I need a refill on my medicines. Annalee needs to go anyway and have her warts checked.

* It was already time for another date's not though :(

* I didn't overthink everything, I've gotten better but not broke the habit totally

* I enjoyed cleaning house. I need to get over it though, I never will.

* I could keep my babies little just for awhile longer. Even on crazy weeks like this, I don't want them to grow up on me.

* This girl knew just how much I loved her!!!!

* I wasn't such a procrastinator

* I took a before and after picture of Axle's closet for you. Anika organized it so nice for him this evening. She has all his stuff ready for school. She's such a good sister.

* I didn't feel like I wasn't good enough most of the time.....sad stuff :(

* I had this stuff in my closet!!!!

* I had more time to blog read. I love it. I love seeing into other's lives. It's such a fun hobby.

* Each and every one of you a wonderful Thursday :)

Now I'm signing off...early morning for me tomorrow
Take Care


Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Battling the Sickies

Keeping this post short & sweet tonight! I've decided to try and do my blogging at night instead of morning's. I've done it for 2 morning's now and I really just hate morning writing. I'm weird like that I guess. Since I only have a few minutes before Finding Carter comes on (I can't miss Finding Carter), I'm just going to give you a few things that went on around here today. It's been a pretty low key day so not much to tell anyway.

* I got up at 7:30 this morning and that is awesome for me! Maybe there is hope of my getting Ax to Pre-K next week. I've set myself a mandatory 11:00 bedtime though and that seems to help me immensely.

* Annalee got up with me too and didn't lay back down to nap until almost 2:00. She was flat out exhausted by that time and slept a solid 3 hours!!!

* I'm feeling a little better today. Axle seems to be 100% better although he's still very whiny. Anika is feeling better but has no voice and Annalee is still feeling pretty icky. Hopefully we will all be back to good health soon.

* It felt like a Fall Morning this morning. It was just the perfect temperature for porch sitting

* Anika went to Mom's around 11:00 for her schooling. She's doing very well with it and seems to really be enjoying it. She is enjoying it more than she ever enjoyed public school! Here she is looking super cute and ready to get an education :)

* Hubby left me the sweetest note ever this morning. It seriously made my day. He doesn't do things like that often but when he does he knows all the right things to say. I love my man :)

* I managed to get dressed today- not my favorite look but I kind of like it, I guess!

Cardigan- Yard Sale
Shirt- Cato's
Jeans- Cato's
Shoes- Thrifted

* The kids and I had to run to town today to the bank. Anika asked me to pick up a book so she could start studying for her permit. How is it possible my child is old enough to start studying for her permit? She didn't get a book though, apparently it's all online now. What did this world ever do without computers?

* I finally got a date for the kids eye appointments at University of Kentucky Hospital- They will go on October 6th. It's a longer wait than I wanted but places like that are always very hard to get into.

* I applied for a few more jobs today. I did get a call but no job. They were just pulling applications to see who might be interested in the position. Once they get them all pulled they will decide who to interview. Hoping I get an interview but who knows. I'm about to give up on the whole job thing. Seems the odds are stacked against me.

* Although I've felt better today, I've felt like I've been running a fever off and on. Tonight it feels like I have one. It just makes me feel so horrible and sluggish.

* I got nothing accomplished on the home front other than cooking dinner and washing a few clothes.

* Hubby came straight home from work and cut our grass. He didn't finish until right up to time for him to go to bed. The kids enjoyed being outside with him though. They helped him cut grass and then they ventured off to play.

* Dustin brought Anika home a little after 8:00 tonight. They went out to eat with my Mom and Dad after Anika finished up her schooling.

* Tonight Axle decided he wanted to sleep in his bed in my room. Little Lee decided she wanted to sleep with him. While it didn't last (they are both playing in the living room with me now), it did make for some cute photos!!

* Now I'm off to watch Finding Carter with my Anika! It's our Tuesday night girl thing

* Tomorrow the kids (Ax and Lee) have a dental appointment. Hope it goes well.

Friends- Everyone enjoy your Wednesday and I'll be back with a post tomorrow sometime