Sunday, July 27, 2014

Under Construction

Dear Friends, I'm exhausted! It's been a long but productive day in my neck of the woods. While I wanted to post tonight, you can expect this post to be short and sweet. I'm too tired to type much.

Here is the view of my living room

Yes, I know it is frightful! It looks like this though because everything from my kitchen is now sitting in my living room. No kidding, we have been doing a major kitchen redo today. Oh and see that ugly peeling couch and chair, they are going to the trash very soon. I'm buying a living room suit.

Anyway, the kitchen is definitely a work in progress. We have spent all day painting cabinets, walls and the bar. It is a big area with lots of trim work! It has been very time consuming. The good news is, the painting is DONE!!!!

Before my kitchen was Red and Yellow- Now it's Brown and Tan! We also removed the ugly stove hood! I'm hoping to have it all put together tomorrow so I have prettier pictures to show you!

I swear I couldn't have done it without the help of Anika and Dustin though. They were real troopers today!!!

Oh and my Husband helped a little bit and I do mean a LITTLE bit!!!

Tomorrow I'll be putting it all back together. There is curtains and lights to be hung, cabinet doors to be put on and everything to be moved back in. It should be an all day project!

How did I keep my little two busy while I painted? Well, they hung outside with their daddy some and then the rest of the time they had a blast playing with everything in the living room that came from the kitchen. I mean what kid doesn't enjoy a kitchen table in the living room, right?

Other than painting, not much has went on today. The girls and I went to Sunday Service while Ax and Hubs stayed home. I can't talk those boys into going with us for anything.

It was a GREAT service. There was some singers that weren't our usual and they were fabulous. There was a visiting Pastor and he preached a wonderful sermon. It was just a really enjoyable morning. Annalee had a good time too but it was because she was doing everything she wasn't supposed to. When she wasn't climbing under the pews, she was taking her diaper off and throwing it in the floor. My two year old is going to get the best of me folks. She was so rotten that she wore herself out. She slept on the way home.

We had KFC for Sunday lunch and then ordered a Pizza for dinner tonight. There was no way we could cook in the kitchen!

We are on alert for severe storms and possible tornado's tonight. We are under a tornado watch till 2:00 am. I'm hoping it doesn't get too bad. We've been under one all day. This morning featured some rain but then it cleared right up.

We shouldn't have listened to the weather and just went to the lake anyway. Oh well, at least it was a very productive day!!!

Now I'm off to bed because tomorrow the Hubby is on dayshift and he will be waking me up VERY early.

Hope you guys had a nice Sunday
Let's hope we all have a great week :)



  1. oh that is a HUGE project to take on!!! i can't wait to see the results!!!

  2. Wow, that's a lot of work, can't wait to see the finished product!

  3. I bet the kitchen is going to look awesome!