Friday, July 18, 2014

Thirty Five Random Friday Thoughts

Thirty Five Random Thoughts
1. Insomnia kicked my butt last night. I didn't go to bed till 7:00 am this morning. For some reason I couldn't sleep & then around 4:00 this morning Annalee woke and apparently she couldn't go back to sleep either. She ended up keeping me up till 7:00. While I wanted to choke her, how could you be mad at a face like this.

2. Hubby probably didn't mind the fact that I hadn't been in bed all night. He got to see me before he left for work & he got his bucket packed. I'm sure he enjoyed his Chicken n Dumplings today. I wish I could be a good wife and make myself get up every morning at 4:30 to see him off but for some reason I just can't.
3. When I finally fell asleep this morning, I think I died. I didn't wake up till 1:00 pm. Thankful for Anika keeping an eye on Ax while Lee Lee and I caught up on our sleep.
4. I went to the Board of Education today. Of course, there was no one in to help me. That place is a joke, there is NEVER anyone in there. I need a job there because apparently working isn't mandatory. I really need to get this homeschool stuff lined out soon. Hopefully next week.
5. Annalee saw the doctor today to get her stitches checked. They said everything looked good. No signs of infection which was what we wanted to hear. They want to give them another few days so scheduled her to take them out on Monday. They did give us the okay to leave them unwrapped now though and I'm sure that feels better on her foot.
6. My car battery went dead today while we were in the doctor's office. Thank God our neighbor boy was home and came gave us a jump. I really need to buy a new battery. What do you do while you wait on someone to come start your car? You take pictures of course!

7. My kids have been eating lots of McDonalds for lunch lately. We have gift cards and free food is the way to go :)
8. It's been cooler today but it's also been really rainy. I hear it's going to rain all weekend. I hope it clears out before Sunday.
9. Tomorrow night the Hubby and I are going on a Date Night. I cannot tell you how excited I am. We are just going to eat and to a movie but any time alone is much cherished. He and I have decided that we are going to make date nights mandatory at least once a month, more if we can get away!
10. I had something weighing very heavy on my heart the past few days. I finally called and spilled my guts. While it wasn't easy and I worried about the reaction I would get, I knew honesty was the best policy. Thankfully this person's reaction wasn't anything like I had imagined and it all turned out okay. I feel so much better about myself for admitting to my mistakes and saying I'm sorry.
11. I still haven't heard from the job I applied for which probably isn't a good sign. My husband is super hopeful because we could really use the money but I've quit worrying about it. God will plant me where he wants me and this I know is true.
12. Sometimes my kids can go from fighting like cats and dogs to playing like best friends within amazes me. I guess it's sibling love. I don't have siblings so I have no idea.

13. It seems like I get an invite to a birthday party, baby shower or something every single day. It's definitely a busy season around here.
14. My poor house needs a good deep cleaning & purging session. I just can't find the time.
15. My Mom finally got a Social Security Hearing. It's been 2 years and she really needs it. She is facing yet another surgery in the near future and just isn't able to work. I pray it turns out well for her. It's scheduled for September.
16. Axle is finally growing up some. He's beginning to listen better, doesn't backtalk nearly as bad & his tantrums are becoming less and less. It's such a blessing. Unfortunately, Annalee is now in her terrible twos and boy is the girl going to be a handful.
17. My husband has to work tomorrow- Saturday work should be against the law...just saying!
18. I got lazy today and just made Sloppy Joe's for dinner. I served them with some chips. My crew didn't mind though and I'm glad. Some days I just don't feel like making a huge dinner.
19. Laundry around here is still in progress. How do we get so many dirty clothes is beyond me.
20. Planes is coming out this Friday at our theater. I think I'm going to take Axle one day next week. I'm thinking he will love it. It might be our first Mother/Son date :)
21. Sunday I'm determined to make it to Church, I haven't been in weeks. After Church we will probably hit the lake if the weather cooperates. Axle keeps asking for a boat ride and who am I to deny the boy of a boat ride?
22. Next week about an hour away they are having a huge consignment sale at the mall. I seriously hope I can find time to go. I love good deals!
23. I was thinking today that we haven't been to a waterpark all year. I need to get that on our schedule. Summer is running out on me.
24. Anika attempted the zipline today. It was her first time. For some reason she fell at the highest point. She hit directly on her back and has been complaining all evening of it hurting. I'm thinking we may have to get an X-Ray tomorrow if it keeps up. I swear my kids are accident prone.

25. The Hubby has spent the last two evening inside. He usually tinkers outside till after dark. While we haven't done anything, it's been nice just having him in the house. I'm contributing to the fact that he must be really tired this week!
26. Dustin came down for awhile to visit with Anika this evening but he didn't get to stay long. He had to go to his Aunt's house for her birthday!
27. I took my sleeping medication tonight and my eyes are already getting heavy. As soon as I finish this post I'm going to write the Hubby a note and go to bed. Hopefully I'll get a good night's rest.
28. I snapped pictures of these bucket heads running around my house tonight. They are too funny!

30. My almost 16 year old daughter is sitting on the laptop beside me playing on Webkins. She's still such a kid at heart.
31. Anika is wanting to paint her room. I'm thinking it's a project we will start working on sometime next week.
32. I've been trying to do better about getting dressed everyday. I told you that I made a list of life changes I wanted to make for my 35th year of life and one of those things on my list was take better care of my appearance. I told Anika today I was going to try and start blogging my outfits again so here is what I wore today. Don't hold me to the fact that I will ever blog another outfit, I have good intentions but sometimes I just can't make it happen.
33. I saw this quote on Facebook and LOVED it, so true!!!
34. I don't know what the plans are for tomorrow but I'm hoping we have a good day! I'll be back to update you all tomorrow night. Hope you all have a blessed weekend!!
35. I'm off to get some sleep now- goodnight!

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  1. After reading your 35 Random Thoughts, I tried to come up with 35, too. Well, I only came up with 10!