Thursday, July 17, 2014

Things that I Know

Things I know this Thursday
* Allergies suck- they keep me up at night coughing and then make me feeling like I'm going to choke to death in the morning.
* My sleep schedule is so off and I seriously NEED to get back into a routine. Sleeping till 11:00 am everyday is not working. I feel blah and can't get anything accomplished.
* My kids would fight over ANYTHING. Today it was who was going to lay where on the couch and who got the blanket. Sibling love, it's the best.
* PMS makes me a crazy mad woman...just ask anyone who has had to deal with me this week.
* My Grandma is driving my entire family crazy. She is so cranky and demanding these days. Bless her heart, it isn't her fault but she is a tough cookie to take care of.
* Annalee will chase a laser light all over the floor like a dog. It's pretty hilarious to watch.
* Getting dressed does not always make you feel pretty. Sometimes you just have days were you just feel ugly.
* Conference calls are so difficult, I always feel like I'm interrupting when I need to ask a question
* Pouring out soda on my Mother's floor means you will get an evil look from my Mother
* When you have a 4 year old that doesn't sleep well, no one wants to keep him overnight, not even your own mother. Instead they keep him till dark. Any break is better than no break.
* A diaper full of poop and no wipes in front of Save A Lot makes me want to cry
* Instead of being productive while only having one child at home, I blog read the entire time that said child sleeps.
* The laundry here has a bottomless pit. It's a never ending job!
* Little Debbie now has two kinds of snack cakes out I like. This one is my new found love :)
* Thank God my Husband isn't demanding. Instead of griping because I've done nothing when he gets home from work, he says he loves me and he's sorry I've had a bad day. I love that man!
* I make killer chicken and dumplings. That is what I had for dinner. I was craving them due to a picture Linda from Linda's Life Journal posted last night!!
* My Husband likes to fuel up his vehicle the night before instead of on his way to work. Apparently it makes his life easier.
* My kids love my Husband so much more than they love me- I'm okay with that!
* These little kittens someone dropped off here may or may not make it. Annalee is pretty rough on them. Bless their hearts!
* Annalee LOVES being able to have her toys all to herself. I don't blame her, Axle isn't a very good sharer :)
* I need a new couch- If you don't believe me, look at the above photo. Faux leather is junk!!!
* I need a new oven too, mine only works part time. Anyone want to donate some money?
* Waiting kills me....I still haven't heard anything about the job I'm trying to get. Yes, No, Maybe...anything would be nice at this point.
* My Husband could watch Pawn Stars all day long- for real. I must admit, I love Chumlee though :)
* I enjoy evenings when the Hubby comes home from work and sits in the house with us. They are few and far between but they are so nice when they happen.
* I create messes and then get frustrated when I have to deal with the consequences. Why do I do that?
* I wanted to join the whole "Show you my City" blog link up. I decided my city sucks though. I'm not kidding, I think I pretty much hate it. Hubby asked if I wanted to move to Wyoming. Apparently there is work available there for him. I wish I could but I'm too big of a chicken and I can't leave my parent's. Wyoming sounds fun though!
* My two little one's are pretty much accidents waiting to happen. Tonight Axle apparently lost control of his tricycle and went off my Mom and Dad's STEEP driveway backwards. It turned over with him and he hit the concrete. He has a knot on his head, a skinned place on his head and his knees are skinned up.
* I will not sleep any tonight. Knots on the head terrify me. I've been checking on him every little bit.
* Flowers always make a girl feel better. Flowers picked by your 4 year old son makes your heart skip a beat. He's such a sweet boy.
* My Hubby and I need a date- think we will try to sneak off to the movies this weekend.
* Our weather has been glorious for 2 days. It's been in the low 80's and is feeling a lot like Fall. I'm loving it but I sure hope Summer isn't already over.
* My next door neighbor (he's a kid) really needs to learn to knock. He scared the bejeezus out of me today.
* Annalee thinks she's going to start fighting sleep at night- she is wrong. I will not have it. 10:00 and the girl is going to bed!
* I want to do something fun tomorrow but I have no idea what
* The campground where Annalee got hurt called today to check on her. They are the nicest people

* Anika is getting her nails done tomorrow. My mom has her so spoiled.
* I still have to pack Hubby's bucket and lay out his clothes. I probably should quit blogging now
I guess that is it for the night- sorry if I sounded like debbie downer tonight, hopefully the funk will be gone tomorrow!!!


  1. you are too busy and debbie is never a downer ;)

  2. It takes a while after vacation to get back in the groove.

    So sweet your son picked you flowers!

    If you have a hubby who is easy to get along with and says he is sorry you had a bad day, thank God for him!

  3. Yum - I love chicken and dumplings!
    Cheese danishes are so yummy.