Thursday, July 24, 2014

The Countdown

My mind is an absolute boggle tonight, bear with me. I now present you a bunch of Angie ramble!

10 Things I Done Today

1. I took a nice hot bath hoping to relax a little- it didn't help

2. I made lists, lists and more lists. Why can't I get a job making lists all day?

3. I swept my floor a dozen times thanks to my peeling couch

4. I called one of our Board Members and discussed my Homeschool situation with him. He gave me some encouragement so that was nice.

5. I burnt my garlic bread because I was on the phone. You would think someone else could have watched it but of course not.

6. I ran around in ball shorts and a tee with no makeup all day. No getting dressed for this girl today. I so need Anika's motivation to get up and be cute everyday. I guess I'm just not a teenager anymore :(

7) I cancelled my hair appointment for tomorrow because I'm a chicken and didn't want to end up looking like a boy

8) I blog read entirely too much. I'm addicted and it's way time consuming. I'm going to have to cut back even if I don't want to

9) I did a massive amount of laundry. I think I only have 2 or 3 loads left. I'm so happy!

10) I continually quarreled at Lee Lee for packing the cats by the neck. Seriously she's going to kill them. Poor little kitties.

9 Things I loved Today

1. This new shelf I bought at Family Dollar. I put two baskets on it. One is for my dishtowels and the other is for my paper plates!

2. Discussing with Anika how we should redo our kitchen. Her and I came up with a plan today. We are going to do some painting maybe next week.

3. My children- I always love my children even on my bad days. I guess that is why it's called unconditional love.

4. A sweet note from Anika telling me how much she loves me. She's a good girl

5. Not having any obligations on this rainy dreary day!

6. Getting some organizing done. I organized my drawers in my kitchen. Amazingly enough everything fit in one drawer so now I have 3 free drawers in there. I'm sure I'll fill them soon enough though. I also organized under my kitchen cabinets and broke out my new T-Fal set my parent's got me for my birthday!

7. Watching Annalee eat. Bless her heart, she tries so hard to use her silverware. Sometimes she just can't get it in fast enough though and she has to resort to using her hands. She's too funny.

8. Learning that the place where we bought our RV is willing to let us trade it in on a Pop up Camper. This may be happening soon. I've regretted buying that big rig from the day we got it. I just want a pop up back!

9. Waking up- I realize how blessed I am to wake up each and everyday. 

10. Mom taking the kids for a walk. I needed the break and Axle needed to burn off the energy. Lee didn't go because it was an uphill walk and she's not up to that just yet.

8 Things I Didn't Love Today

1. Having to put away this massive pile of laundry. I must admit though, it was pretty cute when Ax said "Mom that is cool, it looks like a palace." I'm not sure his daddy would share his enthusiasm with a huge pile of laundry!

2. This Headache and actually I haven't loved it for several days. It's been ongoing for some reason.

3. Realizing I didn't save enough money back to go to the movies tonight. Ax and I wanted to see Planes. I guess at least tonight is payday.

4. Feeling anxious, stressed and discontent. I have no idea where all these emotions are coming from. I feel like I have life a little under control but I just feel like I"m spinning my wheels and wasting my days away. It's a bad feeling.

5. Finding out that my cell bill this month is $220.00. Say what, that is crazy!!!!

6. Watching the weather and seeing it is showing rain for Sunday. Please change, I really want to go to the lake.

7. My kids romping all over the couch. It's now a really fun game for them. It drives me insane. I bet I said stop that 100 times!!!

8. Dustin's attitude (Anika's boyfriend)- He was just a pure grump today. He probably should have stayed home and slept.

7 Random Thoughts for the Day

1. I still REALLY want to move. I have no set destination in mind. I just want to go somewhere new, discover a new life. I would prefer to do it somewhere that is at least warm year round or close to year round.

2. I have no friends. I'm not kidding, I seriously have no friends. It's sad really. I think it's because of where we live. I won't even get into my reasoning behind that, just trust me.

3. I wish I could afford a housekeeper. I hate housekeeping

4. Annalee's love for shoes is probably going to make me go broke someday. Not kidding, the gal is obsessed.

5. My porch needs cleaned- actually it needs painted too. Blah, I don't really want to do it though.

6. I have no idea why but I fixed pasta for lunch and dinner. Isn't that weird? I didn't even realize I did it until later tonight.

7. I suck at finances. Why my Husband lets me be in charge of the bills is beyond me. Today we woke up with no electric because stupid me forgot to pay the bill. This meant a very early trip to town for this gal.

6 People I Talked to Today

1. My children of course- There isn't a day that goes by that I don't talk to them. 

2. My Husband before he left for work. I'm so happy 2nd shift week is about over. I miss him.

3. My Aunt about a job for the company she is working for. Right now they aren't hiring but she did give me a great website to post my resume to.

4. My Mom about a billion times...I love her but she stresses me out sometimes

5. A neighbor who was asking some questions about my Mom's back surgery. Apparently she is facing the same kind of surgery.

6. A lady about a car title. At least I had an answer for her today.

5 Things I'm Praying About

1. For myself to grow closer to the Lord

2. For my Husband and his journey with his sobriety

3. For my Teenage Daughter- for her health and for strength for her to overcome the hurdles in her life right now.

4. For my Mom and her health- She is really struggling with the decision of doing another surgery or not

5. For peace and contentment in my heart

4 Things on Tomorrow's To Do List

1. Take Anika to the Doctor for a refill on her medication

2. Dinner at my Mom's- It's Catfish night :)

3. A trip to Walmart to buy gifts for upcoming parties

4. Organizing my counter tops in my kitchen

3 Things I'm Thankful For 

1. My children and all they bring to my life. Axle is a bundle of joy, a total sweetheart. Even though he has "rough" times throughout the day, he's so lovable. Annalee is my little ball of fire. She's into everything and gets told no more than anything else. She also has the sweetest blue eyes and a smile that can melt my heart in about 5 seconds flat. Anika is my best friend. She's such a responsible young lady and I'm so proud of her. She does things for her mommy like makes her a cake when she doesn't feel good. She's definitely my sidekick! 

2. A nice warm home, food on the table and clothes on my back. I truly do consider myself fortunate.

3. Prayer, I find myself turning to prayer often these days

2 Things I Ate Today

1. Chicken Alfredo

2. Cake that Anika made with Homemade Cream Cheese Icing

1 Last Wish for the Night

1. A good nights sleep- this mommy needs it

Talk to you all soon
Take Care

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