Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Summing up our Tuesday

For Today: Tuesday July 29, 2014

Outside my Window: The temperature is so cool. It feels much like a Fall night. I had to put a sweater on earlier to just sit on the porch. Speaking of porch, Hubby cleaned it off this afternoon. The kids sandbox has been on it pretty much all summer but the sand that gets tracked inside the house is killing us. Hubby moved it to the yard today. They will just have to play out there from now on.

I am Thinking: About how good my living room is going to look once I get it painted. I also plan to change out the curtains in there, decorate some, hang some family photos, get a larger television and buy new rugs and a ceiling fan. Lots of work to be done but it will be so worth it. Our new couch came today and I'm in love. It matches the color scheme I'm planning perfectly and it's unbelievably comfortable. I'm a happy gal!

I am Thankful: That the Board Members have agreed to give me a Special Hearing regarding Anika's schooling. Now I just have to prepare what I want to say to them.

In the Kitchen: Things are still looking great. I'm in disbelief that it's really the same kitchen. The redo really changed the looks of it. I used my new oven today too. I made Cheeseburgers and Fries! It worked perfectly. It was so nice not having to go to the camper to fix dinner.

I am Wearing: A blue and white paisley nightgown. I did get dressed today though, I just forgot to take a picture. 

I am Creating: This blog post, nothing more nothing less! I used all my creative juices yesterday on the kitchen, my brain is taking a break today.

I am Going: To go to bed soon, tomorrow is a busy day for us and I'm exhausted

I am Wondering: Why I'm having these random dizzy spells. They happen out of the blue and only last a few moments. It almost feels like I'm going to pass out and then it's over. It happened to me today at the pharmacy while I was waiting to pick up Anika's medication. I probably should talk to my doctor about it. 

I am Reading: As many blog posts as I can. This week has been a tough week so far to get time to read. I'm trying to keep up but not doing a great job. I will catch up friends, I promise!

I am Hoping: For no rain this weekend. It's rained the last two weekends and it's not making me happy!

I am Looking Forward To: Getting my Living Room finished- Anika's room will be next on the list.

I am Learning: That there are just some people who will take the smallest thing and run with it- people (some) like to take something minor and turn it into something major. Why do they do this?

Around the House: There is complete silence. Hubby & Lee has already went to bed for the night. Ax and Anika are spending the night at my Mom's. I miss them but this peace and quiet is amazing :)

I am Pondering: On if I want to work or not. It's such a hard decision for me. I'd love to have the social interaction but by the time I pay a sitter, I'd be working for almost nothing.

A Favorite Quote for Today: 

One of my Favorite Things Today: This Yankee Candle I bought at the Pharmacy. Oh my god, it smells delicious :)

It's called Summer Scoop
If you haven't tried it- GO NOW and get one!!!

A Few Plans for the Rest of the Week- Wednesday (Tomorrow) my kids have a doctor's appointment over an hour away. While we are down that way we will probably hit up the park! Thursday I plan on painting early in the day & then I'll be attending a Board Hearing that night. Friday I will continue painting and then I have a Baby Shower to attend that evening. Saturday I'm hoping to take Axle and Lee to a fair in the next town over and Sunday will be Church and a lake day if the weather cooperates :)

A Peek Into My Day: Axle had Preschool Orientation this morning. He is now enrolled and ready to start his 2nd year. As we were leaving, the kids got goody bags. I figured they would be so disappointed since they were full of pencils, paper, cups, etc but no candy. I was wrong, they LOVED them!!!

In Other News: I took Anika to the doctor today, she has a severe Urinary Tract Infection. Hopefully the medicine will make her feel better very soon. The Hubs went and visited our neighbor today and helped him do a few things around his house. Our neighbor had a stroke and doesn't have any use in one arm. Hubs is a good friend!

Well, that sums up my Tuesday- Hope you all have had a good one. It's up and at it early for me tomorrow morning!



  1. Thanks for checking out my blog! Sounds like you have some fun house renovations coming up! I love it. My parents are updating their house right now, and the new kitchen is gorgeous! I would love to see pics when you're finished!!


  2. I am pretty jealous you have Fall like weather! Fall is my very favorite and it’s just plain HOT in Texas right now! We are getting a little bit cooler weather (in the 80s) this weekend due to a polar vortex. I can’t wait. We love to be outside and sometimes the heat is just suffocating. Love your new couch! What color are you going to paint the walls? That candle sounds amazing!! Prayers for Anika…UTIs are not fun. I used to get them often!

  3. ahhh I cannot wait for fall! We had the windows open last night and slept great! Can't wait to see the finished living room by the way! Glad to be your newest follower! xoxo

  4. I want to plop on that couch! It DOES look comfortable. :)

  5. We have almost that same couch! Hoping Anika feels better soon, no fun!!