Thursday, July 10, 2014


Our vacation is officially over and I'm typing up this post from my own bed in my own house. While I LOVE vacation, I must admit that sleeping in my bed tonight sure is going to make me happy.

I have SO MUCH to post about. We spent an entire week at the beach and it was an absolute blast. We also spent 4 days camping and had so much fun. While I'll get around to telling you all about that stuff in the days to come, I wanted to get back to my regular blogging tonight. You can expect two post a day from me for awhile, one with regular day to day stuff & one with vacation recap stuff. I probably won't even start vacation stuff until Monday though because we have a super busy weekend ahead.

We woke up this morning at the campground. We weren't scheduled to leave out and come home until tomorrow morning. We were all still super sleepy when we woke mainly because Ax had us all up all night long. He cried and screamed every few minutes. It seems that his legs are causing him lots of pain at night, I've been told it's growing pains. I gave him some Motrin tonight so I'm hoping it helps. We did our usual morning routine, we sat around and chatted for awhile before getting up and getting the day started. We hadn't been up long when Hubby walked across the road to the bathroom. Ax and Lee followed him in their little Power Wheels car and that is where the day took a turn for the worst.

While Hubby was in the restroom, Ax and Lee were supposed to be sitting by the door in their car waiting on him. At some point, Lee decided to get out and stand beside the door instead. When Hubby opened the door, her foot got caught underneath. He came carrying her to the camper yelling for me to get him something. I looked out and all I saw was blood, I thought I might faint. Obviously, he was shaken, he didn't know she was there and sure didn't mean to hurt her. Once we got the cut cleaned on her foot, it was obvious a trip to the ER was a must. Luckily the ER was onl about 15 minutes away and they saw her as soon as we went in. Poor Lee ended up having to be strapped to a board while they put 5 stitches in her foot. As a mother it was so heartbreaking watching her scream and cry & not be able to pick her up. I survived though and so did she. Just luckily it was on the top of her foot and not the bottom so she can still walk.

After we left the ER we picked up some pizza to take back to camp. We all ate a bite and the Lee took a nap. All the events had worn her out.

We decided that more than anything. Lee needed rest so we spent a few hours packing up camp and then we headed home. Little Miss was in much better spirits on the car ride home. She even thought it would be cute to stick her tongue out at the camera.

Axle was missing his Nana so I took him up there and dropped him off so he could visit awhile before we came on home. This afternoon the kids and I unpacked a few things and straightened up the house. Hubby worked outside till after dark mowing all the grass and doing all the trim work. He's trying to get things ready for the kids birthday party this weekend.

We had some steaks on the grill for supper tonight since that is what I had intended to fix at the campground. They were already marinated and ready to go so it was easy peasy to throw a meal together. I went up and picked Ax up from my Mom's around 9:00. He was ready to come home. The boy likes to visit but he doesn't stay away from home very often at all.

We ended our night by playing with the sparklers I had bought the kids. They BOTH loved them and wouldn't you know I was the only big dummy that grabbed the wrong end and burnt their finger!

Everyone is tucked soundly in their beds now. Both kids have had a dose of pain reliever so I'm hoping they both get a good nights rest. As for this mommy, I'm just about tuckered out!

I promise that I'll get up all the details and photos of our vacation real soon. Just bear with me! I have a birthday party to get through first.

Happy almost Weekend Friends!!!!



  1. There is absolutely no place like home!! I'm happy you enjoyed your trip, I don't "do" camping but I adore the beach!!

  2. So sorry about poor little Lee. What a shame when a little one gets hurt. At least it was at the end of your vacation and not the beginning.

    Looking forward to seeing all the pictures. Have fun at the party!

  3. Sorry about the ER trip. Never fun. I can remember my mom having to take my brother to the ER on vacation once. Glad you had some fun anyhow!

  4. ohhhh no, sorry about the ER! I would probably have fallen into a completely useless mess if I saw Aria being carried back all bloody. So scary! Glad it wasn't anything tooooo crazy and on top. Sounds exhausting for everybody. All tucked in bed sounds like the way to go ha.