Saturday, July 19, 2014

Saturday's are made for Date Nights

For Today: Saturday July 19, 2014

Outside my Window: It's dark and the temperatures are much cooler. It's really feeling like Fall around here these days. While I love the Fall, I'm not ready to see Summer end yet. I've got too many things I still want to do. 

I am Thinking: This "Date Night" thing I decided the Hubby and I was going to do once a month is going to be amazing. Tonight we had our "July" date and while we didn't do much, I enjoyed it so very much. I loved getting cleaned up and having uninterrupted time with my Hubby. I felt so refreshed and relaxed when I came home. We didn't have a sitter tonight so we enlisted Anika and her friend Katie to keep the little one's. We just went to town to eat at the Dairy Bar and then went to the movies. We watched "Tammy" and loved it. It was a very funny movie and kept my attention the entire time. Definitely a good choice. 

Ax wanted to be in the Date Night Pic

Then of course Lee wanted one

Finally, just the two of us

Apparently they were having Date Night too :)

The trust sitters :)

I am Thankful- For such a wonderful teenage daughter. She is always so helpful and usually never even minds doing it. Today alone she kept the two little one's so I could make a quick trip to town for pet supplies and household items. It's so much easier shopping alone than with them in tow. She even bathed them while I was gone. She kept them distracted while I got up, showered & got ready for Date Night and then she babysat for us while we went out. She's such a good girl with a heart of gold. I'm truly blessed to call her my daughter.

In the Kitchen: There is leftover pizza that I ordered for the kids while we were gone. I'm sure the Hubby will finish it off before the night is over though.

I am Wearing: My Date Night outfit minus the shoes (pictured above)

I am Creating: A plan for next week, it's going to be a busy one

I am Going: To bed when the Hubby comes in. He's outside doing some work on his boat. It had a minor glitch today & he's hoping to get it fixed so we can hit the lake tomorrow.

I am Wondering: How much money is in our bank account. I've totally lost track (complete wife fail) so Hubby is going to have to check the balance on Monday for me.

I am Reading: Lots of blogs these days! I so enjoy blog reading

I am Hoping: To take a little trip through Labor Day Weekend. I've already been looking at possible places!

I am Looking Forward To: Church in the morning and then a little trip to the lake tomorrow day. Family days are the best :)

I am Learning: To prioritize my life and to keep what is most important at the forefront.

I am Pondering: What I'm going to do with Axle this school year. I can't decide if I want to try Preschool again this year or just keep him home. 

Around the House: Things are needing straightened back up. Two teens and two little ones wreck havoc on a house. Every light and television is on. Apparently we think electricity is free. I'm blogging and then plan to fold a load of laundry before bed. SJ and Ax are outside working on the boat, Annalee is asleep and Anika is gone to her friend's for the night. Typical Newsome evening!

One of my Favorite Things Today: Date Night of Course & Watching these two play together. They really do love each other.

A Few Plans for the Rest of the Week: Well the week is over and the weekend is here! Tonight we had Date Night. Tomorrow I'll be attending Sunday Service & then hopefully we will be lake bound. Next week is going to be busy. Annalee gets her stitches out on Monday plus I have to tr and get her Homeschool stuff in order. Tuesday I'm hoping to go to a Consignment Sale. Wednesday we are hoping to go watch the Planes movie. Thursday will be an at home day & Friday we will be going to Mommy's for dinner & then I might attend a Glo Party and Glo Run!

A Peek Into My Day: The Zipline is still a big hit!

Happy Saturday Friends...Hope your Sunday is amazing :)



  1. You certainly keep yourself busy! So glad you enjoyed your date night, it's good to have some time alone together. Hope Anika has recovered from her fall from the zipwire.

  2. omgoodness, you certainly have a super fun family!! I LOVE your shirt!!!

  3. That zipline looks like so much fun! Yay for date night -- those are always my favorite nights! Hope you had a great weekend :)

  4. Aren't date nights the best? So glad you guys could get away and how great that your daughter is so responsible to babysit. I want to see Tammy, it looks hilarious!

  5. Date nights are so good for the soul, glad you had a great time and love your outfit!

    Your daughter is sweet! Love that she is so helpful like that.