Saturday, July 26, 2014

Saturday Alphabet Style

Saturday Stuff Alphabet Style

A- Anika has been so moody the last few days. One minute she's happy go lucky and the next minute she is seriously crazy! Teenage stuff I suppose. Poor Dustin has took the brunt of it though. He hung out with her this afternoon and I kind of felt sorry for him!

B- Bought all kinds of goodies today. We now have new kitchen curtains, a new tablecloth, paint, and a new light! Tomorrow will be kitchen redo day. Fun stuff :)

C- Church is on our list first thing tomorrow. I haven't been in weeks and I'm so looking forward to attending!

D- Dinner tonight was at Ponderosa. Hubby had to work so he missed out but the kids and I feasted like Kings and Queens. They have a great buffet.

E- Eating Noodles as we speak, it's a late night snack!

F- Fearing the weather will get bad tomorrow. We are under a severe risk for tornado's, high winds and hail. I hate storms. Praying it doesn't get too bad.

G- Got up this morning at 10:00- Ax got up at that time too but he lounged around forever. My boy is lazy in the mornings. He takes that from his momma :)

H- Hating that we can't go to the lake tomorrow. We have planned a lake trip for the past two weekends and the weather just won't cooperate. Hubby and I were talking today that we are about ready for a week long camping trip anyway so that might be on our agenda soon.

I- I have been battling stupid headaches for 2 weeks now. No clue what is up with that but I wish they would stop it already.

J- Just wish my son would go to bed....It's 11:25 and he's still awake. Help me!!!!

K- Kids definitely took advantage of the sunshine & warmth today. They love playing outside so much!!!

L- Loving that our new oven was delivered today! It makes me VERY happy to be able to bake again!!!

M- My daddy has been sick the last couple of days. I talked to mom today and she said he was some better. It seems like he gets sick so often anymore. I think it's where he stays tired from work all the time and it keeps his immune system run down.

N- Nothing can make my kids day like the Lowes Shopping Carts :) These suckers are like driving a semi through a store though. I don't enjoy them nearly as much as they do.

O- Other than Church and painting tomorrow, we have no plans. I'm sure that will be enough to keep us busy all day though.

P- Praying tonight for guidance in making decisions for my daughter

Q- Quiet time around here happens seldom but boy when it does I totally enjoy it

R- Ready for the Hubby to come home...I'm missing him

S- Still need to pay my electric bill before I go to bed. I should have already done it.

T- The television either stays on HGTV or Cartoons around here. Tonight it's on House Hunters which is better than Cartoons at least. This show makes me want to move like now!!!

U- Ultrasound showed my niece is having a girl. She's so excited!

V- Vaping is something I know nothing about but a boy at the gas station today suggested I try it to quit smoking. I might have to research it a little.

W- What we wore today- Yay for me, I got dressed!

X- X-tra excited about Labor Day Weekend coming up. I love holiday weekends. (Yes, I know I just totally cheated on X, so what)

Y- Yawning, I think it's about my bedtime

Z- ZZZZZ- Goodnight friends :)

Hope you all have a blessed Sunday,


  1. Love seeing what all you are doing!! Sounds like a pretty good weekend so far!!

  2. nice and encouraging blog, i found you thrue another blogger..i will certainly follow you
    dough my blog is in dutch ...i can read inglish...blessings