Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Monday & Tuesday Stuff

There is just NEVER enough time to do everything I want to do. I had planned on doing a ton of blog reading tonight & while I did catch up with a few of you, I didn't get to read nearly as much as I wanted to. I guess that is just how it is in the busy life of a mommy & wife!

I didn't blog yesterday because frankly, my attitude was very bad. I woke with a headache thanks to PMS and I felt stressed to the max. I literally could just feel my skin crawling. We spent most of the morning just lounging around the house. Around noon we got up and all got cleaned up for the day. Anika and Annalee were going to spend the day with my Mother in Law. Anika dressed Annalee up in her little baby yoga outfit and she looked so cute but so tubby :)

I took the girls and dropped them off even though I was worried about them. My Husband and his family just recently started associating again and my kids don't know them very well. There was no way Axle was going to stay and I didn't force the issue with him so he hung out with me for the day. Anika wanted to go visit though and I knew Little Lee would be fine as long as her Sissy was around. She did cry a little when I dropped her off but Sissy said she did fine within just a few minutes.

Axle & I went to the store after we dropped the girls off and he did some shopping. He bought himself a candy bar & some chips, his kind of shopping. Afterwards, we headed home.

While I should have used my time wisely & cleaned, I couldn't muster up the energy to do it. My mood was just too foul. I guess I was having myself a little pity party. I spent my time blog reading and making lists instead. Maybe not super productive but definitely what I wanted to do.

I did manage to get the kids playroom cleaned up. It was piled high of things from their birthday party. I got all their gifts put away and all their new clothes hung. Some progress is better than none I suppose.

I had actually forgotten that the kids both got McDonalds gift certificates for their birthday. My in laws got them each $50.00 gift cards. That's a lot of chicken nuggets and ice cream. A very useful gift!

After I got done cleaning, Axle came and asked me to snuggle with him while he watched cartoons. Initially I wanted to say no because I had more work to be done BUT I decided that the work would be here later and off to snuggle I went. It was thundering and raining, the perfect snuggle time. He actually fell asleep and I think I might have dozed off for a few minutes.

The Hubby came home from work and boy was I glad to see him. After having him home for 2 weeks, I missed him yesterday while he worked. He and I chatted for awhile about some things I'd been thinking about and honestly, that talk time did make me feel a little better. I had picked up some steaks so he grilled those up for us for dinner. I sure love that man of mine.

After we ate it was time to go get my girls and honestly, I couldn't wait. As much as I say I need a break from my kids, I sure miss them when they are gone. Hubby and Ax decided to stay home and shower while I was gone but didn't waste no time requesting icecream to be brought back to them. The girls (Annalee at least) was happy to see me. We got loaded up and stopped at DQ for some sweet stuff and then headed home.

We all sat around and chatted for a bit longer & then turned in for the night. Well everyone else turned in for the night, I sat up way too late as usual.

Today I woke in a MUCH better mood thankfully. It was pouring the rain and I slept so good. I didn't want to get up when I did but it was after 11;00 and we had places to be so I gave in and crawled out of bed. Anika got herself cleaned up and helped me clean up the babies. I typed up a resume and emailed it and then cleaned up myself. After that, we hit the road.

Anika had an Orthodontist appointment in a nearby town so I took her to the office and dropped her off. While we waited on her to get finished up, the kids and I ran in a consignment shop that was located next door. I got some cute stuff!

Anika's appointment went well and we don't have to go back till October. I'm so happy that she is pretty much done with Ortho treatment!

I used some gift cards we had and grabbed us some lunch at Subway. The little kids had McDonalds! We ate on the ride home. The car ride both ways was pretty peaceful. I attribute it to the fact that we put DVD players in a few weeks ago!

I ran a few other necessary errands once we were back in town and then we headed home. Anika and I did a quick straightening of the house before Hubby got home from work. When he arrived, the kids were ecstatic to tell him about the two new kittens that were lingering around our yard when we arrived at home today. Looks like they found a new home. Their names are Pedro and Cymba!

While I'm not thrilled about the kittens, how could I turn them away? I might be more thrilled if I hadn't picked up a stray dog this past weekend and drug it home. I really like it though. It's name is Lucy and she's a very smart girl.

I had loaded up the van full of clothes to take to the Laundromat tomorrow & Hubby decided it was high time we break down and buy a washing machine. He and I ran to town to an appliance place and found a washer for $200.00. We bought it and it's now tucked into my laundry room. It will be working overtime tomorrow. The only downfall, I now have to unload all the laundry out of my van!!!

The rest of our evening was spent outdoors with the kids. Dustin (Anika's boyfriend) came down and our neighbor Cody stopped by too. Axle and Annalee played outside with poppers & their new bubble machines I bought them for their birthday. I finally remembered to get them some batteries for them today! Hubby grilled us some burgers and hotdogs. We hung out until it got dark. It was a nice evening.


Shortly after we came inside, Hubby and the little one's went to bed. Hubby has another early morning tomorrow. Anika has a friend spending the night and they are in their room playing Uno. I'm getting ready to call it a night myself. Tomorrow will be housework all day long. I'm hoping to get to Church tomorrow night too.
Hope you all are having a nice week


  1. That yoga outfit is so cute! Does it make me sound weird if I say I love chubby children? I mean that in a non-creepy way--they are adorable!!

  2. You are definitely having a good summer. Glad the kids are getting to know the other side of the family.