Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Making the Most of the Day

Hey Friends...It's going on 11:00 and I'm just now blogging. I'm hoping to be in the bed tonight before 1:00 am so I'm going to get this post up in a hurry and head that way. I've got to get into a better sleeping routine.
Today's post will be mostly photos because for some reason I took a lot today.
* This morning I didn't wake till 11:00 am, told you I needed to get in a better sleep routine
* We spent the first part of our morning lounging around and being lazy. I was getting somewhat irritated because I've been waiting on a phone call from a job possibility & they have yet to call. I decided since the temperatures were cooler today (much like Fall), it would be a good day to get out and about.
* Tasha (Anika's friend) was here so we all got cleaned up and I ran her home. I even managed to wash my hair and shave my legs today.
* We dropped her off and headed to a little walking trail that is in our town. You access it from behind the courthouse. It's a short trail and runs along the creek. It's paved and perfect for little legs that tire easily. We saw and fed ducks (we took our own bread), walked the bridge which Axle thinks is the coolest, took lots of pretty photos, found some bird feathers and climbed on things that looked like slides but were actually drains. All in all, the kids had a blast!

* After a walk, you always build up an appetite so eating was our next stop. I wanted to go to the Dairy Bar because I LOVE their cheeseburgers and shakes but their was a church group there and I knew we would be forever getting our food. That isn't a good thing with two little kids. We decided to head up to Giovanni's instead, they have a fun party room full of games that I knew the kids would like. I was right. Axle and I split a spaghetti and Anika and Lee split a Chicken Alfredo. The food was good and the kids had a blast playing!

* Ax wanted icecream so on the way out, I ordered him and Lee one. We ate them on the picnic tables outside!

*Since it was already so late in the afternoon, I grabbed Hubby some McDonalds for his dinner and we fueled up the Mini Van before heading home.
* Anika and I did some housework while the two little one's romped. My washer has been working overtime today and will be tomorrow too. I'm going to use it like crazy for the next 30 days since it came with a 30 day warranty :)
* After we got everything in order around here, Anika packed her clothes to go to my Mommy's for the night. Hubby came home and ate & then we spent the rest of our evening hanging outside.

* As Hubby and I were talking, we got on the subject of a Zipline I won about 6 months ago from a Sweepstakes I entered. We decided to tear it open and see just how hard it was to put together. Luckily, it was a breeze and before dark we had the thing up and ready to play on. Everyone had a blast on it. Annalee is still too little and Ax is too but can do it with help. Anika wasn't home but I bet you anything when she gets home she will put it to good use!

* It was well after dark when we made it inside tonight. Hubby took a quick shower and then we changed Annalee's bandaging on her foot. It's looking much better! The boys grabbed a quick snack and then Hubby and the kids were off to bed.
* I haven't shared on the blog yet but my birthday was July 8th. I turned 35 years old. After some major soul searching and thinking, I came up with a list of 20 things that I wanted to live by during my 35th year of life. One of those things was to "Make the Most of Each Day" and today we did that. It feels good going to bed knowing that we made memories on an ordinary day!!!
* Friends, I'm off to bed now. I have a conference call early in the morning regarding Anika's Homeschooling. Hoping it goes well.
* I'll catch up with y'all tomorrow! Until then!


  1. Angie! That looks like so much fun! Note to self, we need a zip line... And trees to hang the zip line to! Ha! Looks like a fun day

  2. My sleep schedule is way off too. I'm not sure how I'm going to get it right again before school starts. BTW love the zip line. My kids would have so much fun.

  3. Making the most of each day is a fantastic approach to living. I may have to follow your example!

  4. What a fantastic day you had! I love the zip line. I would have so much fun with that.