Wednesday, July 23, 2014


I woke this morning in a terrible mood. While my anger and frustration lessened throughout the day, it has been present. I'm not sure why. It seems lately I've been angry and frustrated more. Nothing is going on in my life any different than before, it just seems that I'm letting the little things get to me. Maybe I'm needing my medicine adjusted. Nevertheless, I have a post for you tonight. Don't be expecting anything fantastic because today has been quite a low key day. Even low key days are blog worthy though!

Here's a few letters for you to read this Wednesday- Enjoy!

Wednesday Letters

Dear Mornings- I'm still not loving you but I'm trying very hard to tolerate you. Today I met you at 10:00. While it wasn't as early as I wanted to, it was definitely progress over the days I don't even see you because I sleep till noon.

Dear Husband- You are amazing even if you were a grump butt this morning. I know your tired from working all night & then you get up the next day and do things like cut our backyard before you go to work again. We are so blessed to have you and we love you to the moon and back!

My Man mowing the grass :)

Ax and Daddy worked hard so the took a break
Annalee of course had to join them :)

Dear Dead Snake: I'm so happy my Hubby found you hiding out in my back yard. I'm even more happy that he chopped your head off. I just wish you could go back and tell your other snake friends that I bought mothballs today and they need to vacate the premises ASAP!

Dear Medication: You keep me sane, You take away my headaches & You help me sleep! Thank you!

Dear Fashionistas: I got dressed today in what I'd call my "Mom clothes". I wore denim jeans and a white tee, no makeup and greasy hair. Yeah I was a hot mess and I totally forgot to document it for you. On the bright side, I did get dressed so that counts for something!

Dear Appliance Store: I'll be visiting you soon. Having to go to the camper every time I need to use the oven is for the birds. A new oven is on my list!

Dear Family Dollar: Could you please tell me how I spend $60.00 and only get things I NEED....absolutely nothing I want!!!

Dear Babies: Watching you all play together makes me smile. Your mommy loves you!

Dear Rite Aid Lady: I seriously cannot believe you don't know what a tart warmer is. Am I the only one that finds that crazy?

Dear Axle: Please behave better tomorrow. I'm not sure what your deal was today but you literally about drove your mommy insane. Your dad is going to die when he comes home and sees you tore the curtains down and the brackets out of the wall. Son we love you but sheesh, cut as a break!

Dear Telephone: I know I used you like a mad lady today but I got so many appointments made that needed to be done. Your a luxury I take advantage of for sure.

Dear Self: Get excited about your hair appointment on Friday. You deserve the pampering :)

Dear Organization: Two more areas are complete as of today. It may not seem like much organizing a thing here or there but it really adds up to look much better! 

This shelf is in my kitchen. It now houses my Toaster Oven
The basket I picked up today. It will hold all the kids eating utensils, cups, etc.

The top of my Fridge is clutter free
It showcases my Apple Decor
Tucked in the back is a basket that holds nothing but batteries

Dear Camera: You gave me quite a scare when my lens wouldn't come out. You aren't very old so thank you for not tearing up. I would have died without you

Dear Dustin: Anika was very glad to get to spend a few hours with you tonight. Glad you got to come down.

Dear Laundry: Your killing me...enough said

Dear House: Your looking pretty spiffy these days if I have to say so myself.

Dear Anika: Seriously, your too cute. I hope you know that!

Dear Heart and Mind: Why have you all of a sudden gotten this intense desire to move far away from here. Yes, it sucks here and I hate it but the urge to move is almost unbearable these days.

Dear Busch N/A- You are the best thing ever invented. My Husband is rocking this sobriety thing and we owe some of the credit to you :)

Dear God: I planned to come to Church tonight, I really did. I had a major personal problem arise though that was very time consuming and had to be taken care of immediately. Forgive me.

Dear Annalee: Your nails look so cute. Sissy did a good job. Mommy just wishes the picture of them turned out better.

Dear To Do List: Today I rocked and marked off almost every item on you. Hope I have as much success tomorrow

Dear Odd People Standing in Front of my House: Leave please, it's creepy

Dear Nice Hot Bath- Thank you for the relaxation & the smooth legs :)

Dear Tomorrow: Let's make it a good one- Okay

Dear Bed: I'm coming for you soon but first I'm going to blog read a little and throw some food in the crockpot for tomorrow

Dear Blog Friends: Hope it's been a nice Hump Day for you. Tomorrow is Thursday, we are getting closer to the weekend!

Take Care,


  1. I've had a lovely day today, thanks. I'm doing the same as you, getting areas of my house organised. Little bits at a time make me feel tons better about everything and will help, I know, to keep the depression in check. I now have a drawer for batteries (same as you), pens & pencils & writing paper etc. are all kept together and easy to find, band music is organised (sort of) and separated from my own music and all the paperwork for my tax return is now organised and up to date - the plan being to do it weekly so it isn't such a big chore at the end of the tax year.

    Are you still on school holidays or is it term time for you? Take care of yourself and don't forget to show us the new hairdo!

  2. Love the letters, such a great way to post!

    Your lil ones are so cute :)!

  3. Dear Angie, You rock. You get so much done and still have a positive attitude in spite of not feeling well. Hope the rest of the week is awesome for you.