Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Let's Hang Out

If You Hung Out With Me Today:

* You would have been so super proud of me, I got up early this morning. Well 9:00, that is early for me.

* You would have thought it was the cutest thing when Ax ran into mine & hubby's bedroom shouting "Get up, let's go see the sunshine."

* You would have gotten to watch my two little one's outside playing by 10:00 am

* You could have ate a bologna, egg and cheese on toast with us for breakfast this morning

* You could have said bye to my little guy as he left with Hubby. He took him to my Mom's for the day

* You could have seen firsthand that I got dressed yet again today. I could have used a pat on the back :)

* You could have went with Anika, Lee and I on our girls trip today. There was room, you could have sit in the back with this cutie!

* You could have went to the mall with us to the cupid sale (a huge consignment sale) and sweated your butt off in the building with a million racks and no air conditioner for well over an hour. I know, your sorry you missed it.

* You could have told me I wasted entirely too long in that hot building to only come away with these few items. I would have totally agreed with you.

"NEW" Victoria Secret Bra for Anika

Aeropostale Shirt for Anika

Shoes for Anika

Gymboree Dress and Socks for Lee

Jumping Beans Dress for Lee

"NEW" Shoes for Me!

Skirt for Me

* You could have laughed hysterically with us as we were sitting at a red light and the old man sitting beside us in his truck stuck his tongue out at us. Funniest thing ever!

* You could have joined us at Applebee's for dinner and dessert. I LOVE their Blondie's

* You could have pumped gas for Anika. She would have been more than glad to let you.

* You could have went to the liquor store with me to get my Husband some Non Alcoholic Beer and I would have told you how incredibly proud I am of him because he hasn't drank any alcohol in over 2 months.

* You could have shopped with us at Factory Connection and told me to try on my shirt before buying it. If you had I would have known it was itchy and left it behind.

* You could have seen how happy little things make Anika, like this $10.00 purse!

* You could have went to Walmart with me and browsed a ridiculously long time

* You could have convinced me that Anika didn't need three more bandannas because she really didn't

* You could have shared in Anika's excitement when she found a Coke Bottle that said Dustin (her boyfriends name). 

* Then you all could have taken selfies together in the new bandannas :)

* You could have helped me explain to Anika why we SHOULD move to New Mexico. I have no idea why but I think I'd love New Mexico.

* You could have went to Mom and Dad's with me to pick up Axle. They would have given you peaches, some pie, some meatloaf and some cookies. Trust me, they tried to load me up and I declined!

* You could have helped me declutter the bar this evening and decorate it with a few things I found lying around. You also could have shared in my joy that I now have a designated space for our daily medications and for ink pens. 

* You could have helped Anika and I do laundry, straighten up the house, take out the garbage & lay out everyone's clothes for tomorrow.

* You could have shared in my total disappointment when I realized the new owl tart burner I bought didn't work and then you could have figured out how to fix the box it came in back for me so I could return it. Since you didn't, it's my husband's job now.

* You could have listened to me threaten Axle for tearing down the blinds

* You could have laughed at me over the amount of joy that I got from filling out my new planner I bought today. It's not fancy but it's all mine!!

* You could have watched my kids romp all over the living room on their horse

* You could have reminded me to take my sleeping medicine way earlier than I actually remembered to.

* You could have listened to Axle's rock band he played which was way loud and annoying

* You could have told Lee Lee goodnight before she went to bed

* You could help me convince Axle that he needs to go to bed

* You could tell me I need to go to bed too. Of course I'd tell you I'm going to blog read first!

Yep friends, that is how your day would have been if you hung out with me
Maybe next time you can make it :)



  1. you have such a beautiful family. i sense you will always be very close!! dustin coke and the $ 10.00 bag....both big scores!!!

  2. What a super cute post! I just love the way you did this! Sounds like your day was productive and fun even if you did get stuck in a hot building and bought only a few things.