Monday, July 21, 2014

High's and Low's

Hello Friends- Hope this post finds you all doing well on this Monday Night. As for me, I'm trying to get things settled down here for the night. Ax is in his bed watching television and Lee is screaming her lungs out in her crib. The girl has SERIOUSLY started fighting sleep. I pray it's a phase that passes sooner than later.

For you today, I have a Highs and Lows post! Let's be honest (most) normal days aren't perfect. There is good and bad in them. That was the way today was, full of goods and full of not so goods! All in all, I'd say it's been an average day :)

Let's start with the Lows shall we?

Today's Low's

* I slept in too late again. I know, story of my life. I am going to justify it by saying that I stayed up till 1:00 am with the Hubby watching Naked and Afraid. It's rare we get television time so it was worth it to me :)

* Hubby is on 2nd shift this week. I hate 2nd shift!

* I met with the Superintendent of our Schools today. I asked to have a form signed so that Anika's money our school would normally receive for her attendance be given to the Homeschool Program we are enrolling her in. This would save me $3,000.00. He said he would put it before the board but wouldn't recommend them to sign it. Thanks buddy! Now I have to be at a Board Meeting next week to plea my case. I feel like I'm fighting a losing battle. What frustrates me the most is the all seem to understand why we aren't choosing public school this year and even more they seem to be in agreement with me. If that is the case, why wouldn't they want to help us do what is in her best interest. It all boils down to money and the bottom line is that even if they don't sign this form, I'll probably just pay the tuition cost anyway and they will still lose the funding. Ugh, frustrating to say the least.

* Ax has quit napping most days. While he isn't a problem through the day, night time with him his rough. He's over exhausted and just plain wild!!!!!

* Ax has also started wetting himself. I have no clue why. I can tell he needs to go potty because he holds himself but then by the time I call him out on it, he's already had an accident. This is new for him. I'm not sure if it's a phase or what but it's really stressing me.

* The local thrift store was closed today & I wanted to stop- bummer :(

* Cartoons are on all day every day around here. They drive me insane. Today I just wanted to watch some real television.

* Hubby has to leave early tomorrow. He has a meeting about dust pumps before work. I hate that he has to leave early because I miss him and because he already puts enough hours in. He's salary too so he doesn't even get paid for it. Real life problems I guess

* Lee was asleep when her Therapist came today. We never wake her because she is just uncooperative anyway so it does no good. This makes 4 weeks of no therapy for her.

* Dirty Diapers- Really I usually don't complain about them but geeze it seems it's all I've done today. Girl has belly problems I guess.

* Still not heard from the job I applied for. I've about given up. I know if I don't get it that it's because it's not where I am supposed to be BUT not making that kind of money is a hard pill to swallow.

* Bathing with 2 kids splashing their hands and toys in my water drives me crazy. Yes, I deal with it but I don't have to like it.

* I forgot to take my sleeping pill till around 9:30 tonight. I'd planned to take it at 8:00. Hope it doesn't make me sleep all day tomorrow.

* I've had a headache and shoulder pain all day. I'm thinking it might be coming from my teeth. Not good seeing as how my dentist passed away a few months ago and I don't have one now.

* I've really felt the need to figure out how to find a balance in my life the past few days. It's nagging me to death. No matter how much I read and research, I just can't figure out what will work for me.

* Anika being gone with Mommy all evening. I'm missing her. She is supposed to be home in about 20 minutes though!

And now for the High' know, the good stuff!!!!

Today's Highs

* Checking our bank account and realizing we had more money than I thought. That never happens!

* Actually getting dressed today. I'm not sure I am crazy about the outfit but I did look half pulled together!

* Annalee got her stitches out today! The nurse took them out in about 15 minutes and Lee didn't even shed a tear. Such a relief for this mom!

* Sunshine and Warmth- It's back and I'm loving it. While the Fall days were wonderful, I'm just not ready to give up my Summer  yet.

* This cute girlie because she always makes my days better!!!!

* Hubby grilling up some chicken while I was gone to the doctor with Lee. It made getting lunch done before his work time so much easier! He's the best :)

* Lee napping 2 hours. I don't care what they say, one kid to care for is easier than two.

* Suddenlink deciding to drop my bill by $60.00 a month just by me calling and complaining. Don't ask me why, I didn't question it.

* A busy week ahead to pass the time quickly. Second shift sucks, remember.......

* Mom volunteering to keep Axle while the girls and I go to a consignment sale tomorrow. The boy does not like shopping and it will be nice to have a girls day.

* Getting underneath my bar cleaned out and organized. I'm hoping to purge/organize something every single day. I must say, I threw 1/2 a garbage bag full of stuff away from under there so I'm off to a good start.

* Getting the IPhone fixed. It's Anika's old one and I've decided to use it. While on vacation I erased everything on it and then I couldn't get it to reset. It was locked or something. Anyway, I figured it out today. Now I just need to find the charger for it.

* Having Potato Soup leftovers for dinner. No need to let it waste & also no need for me to cook!!!!

* Ax eating 2 bowls of cereal for dinner. Yes, I know it's just cereal but the boy eats nothing. Anything is progress!!!

* Having everything laid out for the morning. It makes life so much easier around here

* Clean Babies- They both had baths tonight

* Planning- I love to plan, it gives me something to look forward to. Right now I'm planning my Daughter Date with Anika for August, Date Night with the Hubby for August and our Labor Day Weekend Plans!!!!

* Marking most of my To Do List off today. That always feels nice!

* Anika's pretty nails thanks to her Nana- Mommy took her to get them done today. Mom keeps her in style for sure.

* Anika just walking through the door- my girl is home :)

Folks, that does it for me today!! Tomorrow we are headed out for some shopping so stay tuned, I'll be back with all the details from that tomorrow night.

Have a good Tuesday Friends


  1. So much in one day!! Yay for more money!

  2. You certainly aren't bored! I could never do so much in one day. Hope everything gets worked out with the school.