Friday, July 25, 2014

Friday 7-25-14

Whew, what a Friday it's been. I'm just happy it's almost the weekend. I'd be even happier if Hubby didn't have to work tomorrow night but he does so I'll just look forward to Sunday with him. Here's my Daybook Entry for the night! Hope you enjoy :)

For Today July 25, 2014

Outside My Window: It's dark, it's now going on 10:30 pm. My porch is covered in sand from where the kids played in their sandbox this afternoon. I guess I'll be adding clean my porch to my To Do List tomorrow!

I am Thinking: Sunday might be a good day to paint my kitchen. It's supposed to rain all day. Maybe I could recruit my Husband to help. I'm doubting it but it's worth a shot!

I am Thankful: For scoring some good deals at Goodwill today. Anika, the girl who hates Goodwill did some serious shopping. I think I've converted her.

Anika's New Robe- $3.00

Anika's Dress- $5.00

Anika's High Waisted Jeans- $5.00

Anika's Sweatshirt- $3.00

Anika's Dress- $5.00

Anika's Shirt- $3.00

Anika's Shirt- $3.00

Anika's Shirt- $3.00

My Coat- $5.00

My Shirt- $3.00

My Skirt- $5.00

My Shirt- $3.00

My Sweater- $3.00

My Bra- $3.00

My Sweater- $3.00

In the Kitchen: There is Blueberry Muffins on the stove that Anika made tonight. She's getting to be a real Betty Crocker these days!!!

I am Wearing: The same thing I wore all day today.....I really want to put my pj's on.

I am Creating: Lists, Lists and More Lists!!! Have you all gathered how much I love lists yet?

I am Going: To get myself a Motrin for this horrible headache I have. It's like seriously pounding!

I am Wondering: How the Board Meeting will go next Thursday. I really hope they rule in my favor so I can get this Homeschool thing underway.

I am Reading: Nothing at the moment although I've been thinking about buying myself a book. 

I am Hoping: That there is some sunshine tomorrow. I'd like to hook the sprinkler up for the kids and maybe go get icees. They love being outdoors so much. They took full advantage of the sunshine this afternoon.

I am Looking Forward To: Labor Day Weekend- I'm already making plans :)

I am Learning: That stress and drama is always present. No matter how much you try to avoid it, sometimes you just can't. Not a lesson I'm enjoying.

Around the House: There is dirty dishes that need done, there is sand in my floor and there is laundry in the dryer that needs folded. It isn't happening tonight though. On the bright side, my house smells so good from the new tart warmer I bought today :)

I am Pondering: When to schedule next month's date night for. As it stands,  Hubby will be working almost every weekend. That is always subject to change though so I'm crossing my fingers. I love our date nights :)

A Favorite Quote for the Day: 

One of my Favorite Things Today: Getting to go shopping with my babies. We were going stir crazy in this house :)

A Few Plans for the Rest of the Week: Not really sure what the weekend will hold. Thinking about painting my kitchen but not totally sure yet. Next week we have Axle's Open House at School, A Doctor's Appointment for the kids & A Board Meeting. Oh yeah, we have a Birthday Party too :)

A Peek Into My Day:

My Girl all dolled up

Axle LOVED this chair he found in Walmart

We shopped him to sleep!!!

Selfie Queen :)

Friends I'm off to do some blog reading and wait on the Hubby to get home

Happy Weekend!!!

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  1. I love lists too - don't know how I'd manage without a list!!