Sunday, July 20, 2014


Another glorious Sunday is coming to an end. It's been a easy going day around here so I don't have too awful much to tell. I thought I'd do you a little "Currently" post. Here is what is currently going on in my life!


Wishing- I hadn't overslept for Church this morning. I really wanted to go. When Mom told me a lady I know and her group sang today, I was even more frustrated. I hadn't ever heard them sing and would have loved to of been there for it.

Feeling- Really full, dinner was delicious. Anika & Dustin made Potato Soup and then made a Strawberry Cake for dessert. It was wonderful but I'm full as a tick.

Noticing- That all my pictures I took today look off. Apparently I have a setting wrong. Sorry about that. I'll try to fix it later.

Wanting- Peace & Quiet so I can type up this blog post. It's not going to happen though. Lee Lee is running through the house yelling Mom and Axle's television is blaring. I need a secret hideaway.

Wondering- If Dustin has to be home by dark. If so, he's in trouble. Him and Anika walked up to the neighbors house to play basketball and they aren't back yet. It's already dark.

Thinking- About a million different things. One thing that has weighed heavy on my mind today though is that I need to learn to be more content with what I have and where I am at.

Reading- Just blogs, you know me, that is all I ever read

Pondering- This hairstyle. I think I really like it, color and all. Hubby isn't so sure about it. I might make an appointment and go for it. I mean really, it's just hair!

Needing- To go restart another load of laundry. I've been kicking butt on laundry today but I'm still not finished.

Wearing- An old ratty T-Shirt and Striped PJ Pants. I did get dressed today however and here is what I wore.

Smelling- Urine...yes you read that right. My kids pee in the bed (even with overnights they leak). I need a new mattress desperately but see no point until they quit bed wetting. I know gross, sorry!

Planning- To do some major work around here. I must start with purging though. This place is overcrowded with useless junk. I wish I could afford a professional organizer.

Debating- On who to give these baby monitors too. I won them in a sweepstakes the other day and they are a super nice set. I have 3 showers coming up and cant figure out who I think would like them the most.

Praying- For my daughter & her continued progress health wise. For my Husband and strength for him to continue on his journey of not drinking. For the family of a wonderful man here in our community that passed away.

Loving- That today was a semi productive day. There was housework done along with laundry and Hubby got the garage cleaned out. While the lake would have been fun, the rain just wouldn't allow. At least today wasn't a total waste.

Remembering: What Ax said to me this morning. It was raining and he said "Mommy, if our house didn't have a top it would fill up with water." That folks is four year old logic :)

Looking: At these pics I snapped today. Figured I might as well share

Sissy came home from spending the night with a friend
Lee was happy to see her

Somebody loves to finger paint in the tub

You got to get outside time every day :)

Hubs put a new battery in my van- Thank You Hubby!!!

Getting Ready To: Run Dustin off, Change out some laundry, Put the leftover soup in the fridge, Put the kids to bed & blog read a little. My goal is a 10:30 bedtime tonight...let's see if I make it!

Hope you all have a great Sunday. I'll be taking Lee to have stitches removed in the morning & then the rest of our day will probably be spent at home. I really like easy Monday''s a good start to the week!

Till Tomorrow,


  1. So great someone else made dinner! AND it was yummy! :) Sounds like a good little sunday!

  2. love, love, love that hair style!! i think it would look awesome on you!!!!

  3. It's always a blessing to have someone else make dinner!

    I love that hair style. Why not give it a try, you can always grow it out.

  4. I say GO for that hairstyle! It looks so YOU!!
    Loved hearing about your day.....

  5. I think that hairstyle looks fabulous and would be hot on you! Go for it, you are right, it is just hair!

  6. Potato soup is my favourite - I might need to make some tomorrow since the forecast is pretty gloomy for the rest of the week

    LOVE that hairstyle - I say go for it!

  7. You are such a busy mom! Bless your for making it out of pjs bottoms today ;) I hope the school board gives you a break. It seems like it would be the right thing to do. Politics are no fun!