Sunday, July 13, 2014

Birthday Bash for the Kiddos!

It's been a busy few days and I haven't gotten around to blogging. Tomorrow my Hubby returns to work after being home with us for 2 whole weeks of vacation. I'm seriously sad to see him have to return. We have loved having him home. I know he has to work though and getting back into somewhat of a routine does sound a little appealing to me.

There is so much to tell that I don't even know where to begin. I guess I'll just give you the highlights of the past few days.

Friday I was super busy because I was in the party planning zone. I had 1 day left to get everything ready for the kids parties and I was definitely feeling the time crunch. Anika, Annalee and I made a trip to Walmart for last minute supplies and of course our quick trip turned into a 3 hour trip. That just seems like the way it always happens. While we were gone the Hubby worked his little butt off getting everything done around the house. He set up the tent, moved all the chairs, cleaned up the grill, washed down the house and so forth. He really pulled the outside all together for me. He's such a good man! We had Fazollis for dinner because frankly I was just too lazy to cook. I made numerous trips to my Mom's for this and that and Anika and I worked our butts off getting the house cleaned up some. It was late before I got in the bed but it didn't take me long to go to sleep because I was exhausted.

Saturday was party day. We worked on pulling everything together, hanging banners, blowing up balloons and all that fun stuff. The waterslide showed up at 11:00 that morning & of course Hubby and the kids hit it wide open as soon as it was set up and ready to go. While I didn't need to play on the slide, I must admit, I couldn't resist. When everyone showed up for the part, my hair was a damp mess but oh well, I had a good time! The party went well and I'm fairly certain everyone had a great time! It was supposed to last from 6-8 pm but most people ended up staying till 9:00 or later! Axle and Annalee enjoyed the day and that was what mattered the most :)

The Birthday Banner

Birthday Boy trying out the waterslide

Dustin is a big kid!

I can't believe he is 4 Years Old!!!

Pirate Party for the Birthday Boy

Princess Party for the Birthday Girl

Birthday Girl getting her stitches covered so she can play

My Uncle and Hubby

Cody our Neighbor

My Momma and My Uncle Dave

Aunt Eva and her grandson

The Party Group!

Little Cousin Maggie Mae
Dustin, Anika and Tasha

Tristan being goofy

My baby girl

Anika and Tasha

My girl LOVED the slide

My Niece Kelsey


Pretty Girl Cupcakes

Pirate Cupcakes!

Axle and Annalee's NEW RIDE!!!

Definitely their favorite gift

The boys didn't mind the little one

My Daddy

Mr. Wes

Fun Stuff
After the party was over my friend Christy and her husband Brandon ended up staying until 2:00 am. Christy and I chatted while the guys hung out in the garage and the kids played. I ended up with 4 teenagers spending the night & they had a good time. They built up a bon fire, hung out in the yard and didn't go to bed till 4:00 am. I ended up staying up till about 3:30 am so I didn't end up getting to church today. That made me sad. I must admit though I needed the girl chat time I got last night. It was fun!
Today has been all about cleaning up. This place looked like a disaster area. The Hubby did take a few minutes and ride to the lake with his buddy to help him with his boat. Other than that, we just hung around here today & stayed pretty busy. The kids all played outside and the weather was perfect for it! We ordered pizza for dinner and then just chilled this evening. I wrapped Lee's foot up and gave her a good bath. She needed it. I've been sponging her trying to prevent her foot from getting wet but today I gave her a long bath with hair washing and all. After her bath we redressed her foot. Her stitches are looking good.

It's going on midnight now and while I SHOULD be in the bed, I'm watching this stupid Naked and Alone show or whatever it is. It's actually a pretty good show although I'm still not sure why they have to be naked!!

Everyone else is asleep so I'm going to finish up watching this silly show and go to bed myself. Tomorrow starts a new week and I hope it starts by us getting to sleep in.

I hope to start recapping our vacation tomorrow so be watching for that!!!!

Until then


  1. A princess & pirate party - how fun!!! That water slide looks awesome too!

  2. what a wonderful party...i enjoyed all the pictures!! it sure does look like everyone had a great time!!!!

  3. Awesome!!! I wish I had been there. That slide looked like so much fun! It's a lot of work to throw a party, but totally worth it.

  4. That party looks like a huge success! That slide looks like so much fun, would totally love it and yes I would have gone on it too :)