Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Appointment Day

It's been a long day my friends. I was up before dawn this morning. Literally, I was up at 4:30 am. That is just insane early. How my Hubby gets up that early every morning is beyond me. He's a tough guy.

I packed his bucket this morning and got him off to work. Then I settled down on our new couch, which I'm loving by the way, to do some blog reading and news watching. It was definitely a chilly morning. Our temperatures broke records this morning. Here where I live it was in the low 50's. That is insane for July. 

By 7:00 am I had to start getting ready. Axle and Lee both had a doctor's appointment with their pediatrician today and his office is over an hour away. Luckily Anika and Axle spent the night with Mom last night so I only had Lee Lee and Myself to get ready this morning!

My OOTD- It was cardigan weather out!

Look at that Bed Head- She doesn't do mornings

Bath Time with a Bottle

All squeaky clean

Dolled up- She was obsessed with this dress
It has shoes on it :)

We were supposed to leave by 8:00 am BUT my Mother who is constantly griping at me for being late was late getting Anika and Axle dropped off. Apparently it's not as easy as she thought! I had to stop for gas because we were already running late but I knew there was no way we would make it if I didn't. 

Why I love Teenagers- they pump gas!

By the time I actually got left out of town it was almost 20 minutes after 8:00. That meant I had to drive 80 mph the whole way to the doctor. No need in lying, I really did.

Axle and Lee's visit went well. We didn't have to wait long at all to see the doctor and that is always nice. Axle weighs a whopping 43 pounds now and Lee is 38 pounds. Of course she was overweight according to their charts but Axle was right on target. He was ranked in the 98th percentile for height which amazed me. I didn't think he was that abnormally tall! The doctor did tell me to throw away the bottles and I know he's right but oh my god, I dread it.

Both kids had to get shots today. Ax had to have his school shots which resulted in him getting three. Annalee had to have her regular shots and had to have four today. Can I just tell you that Ax cried 100 times harder than Lee. Like seriously, the boy was so upset. Lee did cry but quit pretty quickly afterward. I always hate shots, I'm always worried they will have a reaction. So far though they both seem to be doing okay with them. Ax is walking a little funny but I think his legs are just sore.

Waiting on the doctor- those smiles didn't last

Ax showing his boo boo!

As if carrying a screaming Axle wasn't bad enough, we got to the van and got everyone buckled in only to find the battery was dead. Seriously, I thought I might cry. Luckily I had a set of jumper cables in the back and some nice lady gave me a boost. I have no idea what is causing my battery problems but Hubs needs to figure it out ASAP!

We decided to just stop on the way home for lunch. Both kids were tired and cranky by this point. I grabbed some Ham n Cheese Sandwiches & Fries from Hardees, Anika had a Baked Potatoe from Wendy's and the little one's had Happy Meals from McDonalds. Please tell me I'm not the only one that has to stop at 3 different places for food!

We did stop by the thrift store close to our house today before coming home. Both kids did well, no crying. I didn't find a lot in the way of clothes. I got a dress and I got Anika 2 shirts I think. I did find this cute sign to hang on my front door. My Mom said it was insulting but I thought it was cute.

I also got a Guess Purse for me and we hit the Shoe jackpot. I think Ax got 2 pair, Lee got 2 pair and I got 4 or 5 pair. Hubby even got 3 new pair of swimming trunks. Not bad for $20.00 total :)

Flats for me!!!

Shoes for Axle 

Shoes for Me

Shoes for Annalee

By the time we got home, I was zonked. I'm telling you, I have no idea how Hubby makes it all day long. It was Annalee's nap time to so her and I laid down. Anika played on Pinterest and Axle watched cartoons. I have no clue what time Lee woke because Anika got her up and let me sleep. I ended up sleeping till Hubby got home. We are talking a 5 hour nap folks. Is that really even considered a nap?

When I finally drug my butt out of bed, I talked to Hubby for awhile. We let the little one's go out to play and Anika & Dustin went to Subway to get them something to eat.

I was in the process of changing sand 
She didn't mind, she used it for a seat instead

He thinks he's so cool!

I made some pizza for dinner tonight, the frozen kind. It was a total easy meal. Mom came and got ALL the kids and took them to the park for about an hour and then they stopped and got snow cones. Usually Annalee doesn't get to go on their outings so she was over the moon happy.

Hubby and I didn't know what to do with ourselves for a whole hour without kids. We ended up talking about Labor Day Plans, Snuggling and Watching American Pickers. Yes, we are so exciting!!!

When the kids got home it was almost 9:30. Dustin had went on home so he could work tomorrow. I got the little one's ready for bed & Hubby went to bed. Lee Lee thought she was going to sleep in Bubby's bed tonight, she was wrong. I'm thinking it's almost time to get her a big girl bed though!

Look what a big girl she looks like

They all went right on to sleep. Apparently today wore them all out! Anika meandered around the house awhile and talked on the phone while I did a quick straightening of the place and some laundry. She then went on to bed. I spent the next hour composing my speech for the Board tomorrow night. Prayers would be appreciated that they will help pay for her schooling this year. I'm a nervous wreck.

Now that I'm finished with this blog post, I'll probably have a late night snack and read a few blogs before turning in. I'm really not tired because I slept all evening but I have another busy day tomorrow and need some sleep!

Midnight Snack

Hope you guys had a great Hump Day. Just think, only a couple more days and then it's the weekend again!!!



  1. Glad you made it to the appointment and it went well.

  2. Happy you made your appointment with the kids!! I live in New Jersey, I have never pumped gas, your daughter looks adorable pumping!