Monday, July 28, 2014

All About Monday

All About Monday

I woke: At 10:00 am which was a good thing seeing as how I had a lot to do today. Anika slept till 11:00 and wouldn't have gotten up then but I made her.

I drank: A nice cold Mountain Dew as soon as I got out of bed. It's what I do every morning and it's usually done while Blog Reading :)

I dreaded- Getting started on my kitchen today. Day 02 of remodeling is always the worst! The excitement has worn off by the second day!

I was Happy- It was a nice cool dry day out. My kids ran in and out all day. It kept them occupied while I worked on the kitchen.

This cloud freaked Axle out- It was one big dark cloud
He made me come look!

I Appreciated- All of Anika's help today. Without her, I would have never finished up this project.

I Cleaned- Well Anika and I cleaned all the appliances today & hand mopped the floor. I can tell it tonight too, my back is killing me.

I Loved- The new curtains and my sink area. Such a big difference from before. The curtains are cozy I think and my little stand over my sink added a nice touch.

I Scheduled- A doctor's appointment for myself today. It's a female appointment and I'm so dreading it. I've been having some pain though and know I need to go get it checked out.

I Talked- To tons of people on the Board for our School System. I now believe we might just live in one of the most corrupt school districts ever. They are killing me.

I Laughed- When I realized Anika and I hung the cabinet doors upside down. I needed a good laugh though because those cabinet doors were getting the best of me.

I Ate- Ramen Noodles for lunch. My kids LOVE those things, all three of them.

I Didn't Want- To take a selfie but Anika insisted! I was so glad you couldn't see my skanky clothes I was wearing. It didn't matter though cause Lee Lee decided she wanted a picture with Mommy too and then it showcased my pajama pants!!!

I Gave Up- On hanging the kitchen cabinet doors. For real, I'm not handy when it comes to things like that. I broke down and called back up. Thanks to Dustin, they all got put back up.

I Went- To town and grabbed a few finishing touches for my kitchen. I also grabbed some stuff for dinner!

LOVE this clock
It Says (Cherish Yesterday, Dream Tomorrow, Live Today"

This water fountain is now sitting on my bar!
It has real running water and puts off a pretty glowing light!

Three new prints I hung today
They match my color scheme exactly!

I Ordered: A new couch today and I can't wait till it gets here! I've already threw the old one out the door. For now we are sitting in camping chairs :)

I Cracked Up: Watching my kids use the couch and chair as a bounce house type deal. They had the BEST time playing on them. Kids are so easy to please!

I am so Pleased: With the way my kitchen turned out. I really truly love it!

I Managed: To get dressed today. Anika calls this shirt my old woman shirt. I have no idea why, I kind of like it!

I will Never: Be as stylish as Anika. It just isn't going to happen.

I Enjoy: Having Lucy around. I rescued her as a stray and it might be the best decision I ever made. She is such a great dog and so good with the kids. Annalee calls her Lou, it's so cute!

I Talked: To the Hubby about weekend plans...we still haven't decided on anything. I'm thinking it might be a good weekend for a Date Night, just sayin'

I'm Thankful: My Hubby is so handy around the house. He hung my new kitchen light for me tonight. I'm in love with it. It was just the finishing touch my kitchen needed!

I Fixed: Taco Salads for dinner tonight. They were so yummy! Hubby said it was a great meal. Score for me in the wife department.

I Treasure: The little moments with my kids. Watching them sit and eat their dinner together melts my heart.

I'm Thinking: About paying someone to design my blog for me. I'm just not sure if it's worth it. I love blogging and I do it as a daily record of my life. I don't do it for sponsors, followers, etc. What do you all think?

I Hate: That Anika seems to have a bladder/kidney infection. She was in a lot of pain this evening.

I'm Missing: My Anika, she went to a birthday party with my Mom and then spent the night with her

I Missed: My Cousins Birthday Party tonight. I hated too, I really did. I just had to much to do to go

I'm Fortunate: That my Hubby is such a good daddy. Annalee fell asleep on his lap this evening. It was too sweet. Of course, you can't take a picture around here without Axle wanting to be in it too :)

I'm Hopeful: That this board matter will be over soon, it's starting to really stress me.

I'm Needing: To call my Sister in Law. I've missed her calls the last few days.

I'm Looking Forward To: Redoing my Living Room...I'll be starting very soon

I'm Feeling: Exhausted and need to go to bed

Tomorrow: I've got to take Anika to the doctor and have her checked out. Also, Axle has Open House at his Preschool tomorrow. Another busy day for us.

Dear Friends, I hope you all have a wonderful week



  1. I like these prompts. You guys have a lot of house stuff going on!

    If you feel you want a more personal design, I say go for it.

  2. This is such a great idea for a blog post ... I have to copy!

    You and Anika did a great job on the kitchen! Love the curtains!

    Your old woman shirt looks fine to me, haha.