Thursday, July 31, 2014

No Brain Power

I don't have much brain power tonight my friends. My brain feels like a big ball of mush. I'm not going to try and piece together a well composed post for you tonight because frankly, I just can't. Instead I'll just share some Random Thoughts with you today.

* I slept in way late again this morning. While I should feel guilty about not climbing out of bed till 11:00 am, I'm enjoying it while it lasts. It won't be long and my little man will be back in school & then I'll have to get up early.

* I worked in a little blog reading this morning and then a little more tonight. While I'd love to sit up again tonight until 2:00 am and read, I'm too tired. I'll catch up just bear with me.

* My morning was lazy and very non productive. I felt nervous and anxious all day long. I took my medications hoping they would help but they didn't. I think it was just knowing I had to meet with the Board tonight about Anika's education.

* I did make a trip to town and grabbed some lunch for the kids and I. We had Taco Bell. It's not my favorite but it was what Anika wanted. I'm just not a huge Taco Bell fan.

* The kids and I made a run to the next town over for the Hubby. He was out of the non alcoholic beer he drinks. While some may think it sounds crazy, I always make sure we keep it in the house. He's drank heavily since we have been married (15 year) but the last few years it had been getting out of control. He decided about 3 months ago to quit altogether and he has done amazing! I'm so proud of him. He drinks the Busch N/A and it's really helped him immensely. I try to keep it for him.

* I did very little housework today. I did get a few loads of laundry washed, dried and put away. I straightened up the house but no major cleaning took place.

* I got dressed today and actually really liked my outfit. I even remembered to take a picture of it for you. This is the ONLY picture I took all day long.

* I was granted a special board meeting regarding my daughter's education. That meeting was this evening at 6:00. I went in as prepared as possible. I had written out my speech and presented it to 5 board members, a board attorney and the superintendent. Needless to say, I was a nervous wreck. I really thought they were going to be hardcore but they all voted to release her funds to an online virtual school for the 2014-2015 school year. It was such a relief that they decided it was in her best interest as well. That means she will be schooling from home this year via online courses. It's totally new territory for us and I'm nervous about it but know it's the best thing for her right now.

* My sweet daughter watched the babies while I attended the meeting. When I got home she had supper cooked. I swear she is such a wonderful and responsible girl. She had made Chicken Breasts, Rice & Baked Potatoes. Hubby's lucky, I probably would have fed him pizza.

* The Hubby went to a buddy's after he got home from work. Apparently they traded vehicles. If you have read my blog for any length of time you know that my Hubby is a trader. He can't help it, it's in his blood.

* Hubby trading means he will be working on his truck this weekend. Since he works Saturday that only leaves Sunday for him to tinker with it. This means I will not get to the lake again this weekend, Bummer!!!!

* Anika and Dustin went to Dustin's cousins to visit today. His cousin is in a wheelchair and Anika really connects with him. He gave her a coin collection today and she is so proud of it. I'm not just saying it because she's mine but she has the biggest heart.

* Hubby and I talked a little about Labor Day Plans. Initially we were thinking of a trip to an Amusement Park or Camping. We decided tonight we were due a little road trip. I'm excited to start working on the details. I love trip planning!!

* 1,100 Coal Miners in our area lost their jobs today. They are employed by the same company that my Husband is. It's a scary thing for us. While I know coal is a very controversial issue, these families could use your prayers. We live in "coal country" and if you don't work in the mines than you more than likely just don't work. There are no other decent paying jobs. So many families have already had to leave this area and it looks like many more will now. My Uncle as well as Anika's boyfriend's Daddy were two of the miners affected.

* I'm planning our August Date Night- my calendar is giving me fits because it's already so full for August. I'm determined to work that Date Night in though. I'm thinking a fishing trip might be fun.

* I'm also planning a girls day with Anika--- I'm thinking Pedicures :)

* Anika is going out and about with my Mommy tomorrow. She is getting her nails done and they are going to do a little shopping. She always enjoys that alone time with her Nan.

* The little one's and I will be staying home most all day tomorrow. I'm hoping to get the "junk" closet cleaned out and the laundry finished up. I also need to make a few phone calls!

* Tomorrow evening Anika, Annalee and I will be going to a baby shower! Hubby will be keeping Axle for me.

* The doctor told Ax at his appointment the other day that if he didn't quit drinking a bottle he would lose his teeth. Axle has been seriously worried about it. Not worried enough to quit the bottle but definitely worried enough that every bottle he drinks he asks "will my teeth fall out". It's really pretty hilarious.

* Hubby and Lee Lee are already in the bed so I need to head that way myself. Anika is drying her hair and Axle is STILL awake and playing with his cars. This night just needs to come to an end.

Dear Friends- Hope you all have a FABULOUS FRIDAY!!!!


Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Appointment Day

It's been a long day my friends. I was up before dawn this morning. Literally, I was up at 4:30 am. That is just insane early. How my Hubby gets up that early every morning is beyond me. He's a tough guy.

I packed his bucket this morning and got him off to work. Then I settled down on our new couch, which I'm loving by the way, to do some blog reading and news watching. It was definitely a chilly morning. Our temperatures broke records this morning. Here where I live it was in the low 50's. That is insane for July. 

By 7:00 am I had to start getting ready. Axle and Lee both had a doctor's appointment with their pediatrician today and his office is over an hour away. Luckily Anika and Axle spent the night with Mom last night so I only had Lee Lee and Myself to get ready this morning!

My OOTD- It was cardigan weather out!

Look at that Bed Head- She doesn't do mornings

Bath Time with a Bottle

All squeaky clean

Dolled up- She was obsessed with this dress
It has shoes on it :)

We were supposed to leave by 8:00 am BUT my Mother who is constantly griping at me for being late was late getting Anika and Axle dropped off. Apparently it's not as easy as she thought! I had to stop for gas because we were already running late but I knew there was no way we would make it if I didn't. 

Why I love Teenagers- they pump gas!

By the time I actually got left out of town it was almost 20 minutes after 8:00. That meant I had to drive 80 mph the whole way to the doctor. No need in lying, I really did.

Axle and Lee's visit went well. We didn't have to wait long at all to see the doctor and that is always nice. Axle weighs a whopping 43 pounds now and Lee is 38 pounds. Of course she was overweight according to their charts but Axle was right on target. He was ranked in the 98th percentile for height which amazed me. I didn't think he was that abnormally tall! The doctor did tell me to throw away the bottles and I know he's right but oh my god, I dread it.

Both kids had to get shots today. Ax had to have his school shots which resulted in him getting three. Annalee had to have her regular shots and had to have four today. Can I just tell you that Ax cried 100 times harder than Lee. Like seriously, the boy was so upset. Lee did cry but quit pretty quickly afterward. I always hate shots, I'm always worried they will have a reaction. So far though they both seem to be doing okay with them. Ax is walking a little funny but I think his legs are just sore.

Waiting on the doctor- those smiles didn't last

Ax showing his boo boo!

As if carrying a screaming Axle wasn't bad enough, we got to the van and got everyone buckled in only to find the battery was dead. Seriously, I thought I might cry. Luckily I had a set of jumper cables in the back and some nice lady gave me a boost. I have no idea what is causing my battery problems but Hubs needs to figure it out ASAP!

We decided to just stop on the way home for lunch. Both kids were tired and cranky by this point. I grabbed some Ham n Cheese Sandwiches & Fries from Hardees, Anika had a Baked Potatoe from Wendy's and the little one's had Happy Meals from McDonalds. Please tell me I'm not the only one that has to stop at 3 different places for food!

We did stop by the thrift store close to our house today before coming home. Both kids did well, no crying. I didn't find a lot in the way of clothes. I got a dress and I got Anika 2 shirts I think. I did find this cute sign to hang on my front door. My Mom said it was insulting but I thought it was cute.

I also got a Guess Purse for me and we hit the Shoe jackpot. I think Ax got 2 pair, Lee got 2 pair and I got 4 or 5 pair. Hubby even got 3 new pair of swimming trunks. Not bad for $20.00 total :)

Flats for me!!!

Shoes for Axle 

Shoes for Me

Shoes for Annalee

By the time we got home, I was zonked. I'm telling you, I have no idea how Hubby makes it all day long. It was Annalee's nap time to so her and I laid down. Anika played on Pinterest and Axle watched cartoons. I have no clue what time Lee woke because Anika got her up and let me sleep. I ended up sleeping till Hubby got home. We are talking a 5 hour nap folks. Is that really even considered a nap?

When I finally drug my butt out of bed, I talked to Hubby for awhile. We let the little one's go out to play and Anika & Dustin went to Subway to get them something to eat.

I was in the process of changing sand 
She didn't mind, she used it for a seat instead

He thinks he's so cool!

I made some pizza for dinner tonight, the frozen kind. It was a total easy meal. Mom came and got ALL the kids and took them to the park for about an hour and then they stopped and got snow cones. Usually Annalee doesn't get to go on their outings so she was over the moon happy.

Hubby and I didn't know what to do with ourselves for a whole hour without kids. We ended up talking about Labor Day Plans, Snuggling and Watching American Pickers. Yes, we are so exciting!!!

When the kids got home it was almost 9:30. Dustin had went on home so he could work tomorrow. I got the little one's ready for bed & Hubby went to bed. Lee Lee thought she was going to sleep in Bubby's bed tonight, she was wrong. I'm thinking it's almost time to get her a big girl bed though!

Look what a big girl she looks like

They all went right on to sleep. Apparently today wore them all out! Anika meandered around the house awhile and talked on the phone while I did a quick straightening of the place and some laundry. She then went on to bed. I spent the next hour composing my speech for the Board tomorrow night. Prayers would be appreciated that they will help pay for her schooling this year. I'm a nervous wreck.

Now that I'm finished with this blog post, I'll probably have a late night snack and read a few blogs before turning in. I'm really not tired because I slept all evening but I have another busy day tomorrow and need some sleep!

Midnight Snack

Hope you guys had a great Hump Day. Just think, only a couple more days and then it's the weekend again!!!


Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Summing up our Tuesday

For Today: Tuesday July 29, 2014

Outside my Window: The temperature is so cool. It feels much like a Fall night. I had to put a sweater on earlier to just sit on the porch. Speaking of porch, Hubby cleaned it off this afternoon. The kids sandbox has been on it pretty much all summer but the sand that gets tracked inside the house is killing us. Hubby moved it to the yard today. They will just have to play out there from now on.

I am Thinking: About how good my living room is going to look once I get it painted. I also plan to change out the curtains in there, decorate some, hang some family photos, get a larger television and buy new rugs and a ceiling fan. Lots of work to be done but it will be so worth it. Our new couch came today and I'm in love. It matches the color scheme I'm planning perfectly and it's unbelievably comfortable. I'm a happy gal!

I am Thankful: That the Board Members have agreed to give me a Special Hearing regarding Anika's schooling. Now I just have to prepare what I want to say to them.

In the Kitchen: Things are still looking great. I'm in disbelief that it's really the same kitchen. The redo really changed the looks of it. I used my new oven today too. I made Cheeseburgers and Fries! It worked perfectly. It was so nice not having to go to the camper to fix dinner.

I am Wearing: A blue and white paisley nightgown. I did get dressed today though, I just forgot to take a picture. 

I am Creating: This blog post, nothing more nothing less! I used all my creative juices yesterday on the kitchen, my brain is taking a break today.

I am Going: To go to bed soon, tomorrow is a busy day for us and I'm exhausted

I am Wondering: Why I'm having these random dizzy spells. They happen out of the blue and only last a few moments. It almost feels like I'm going to pass out and then it's over. It happened to me today at the pharmacy while I was waiting to pick up Anika's medication. I probably should talk to my doctor about it. 

I am Reading: As many blog posts as I can. This week has been a tough week so far to get time to read. I'm trying to keep up but not doing a great job. I will catch up friends, I promise!

I am Hoping: For no rain this weekend. It's rained the last two weekends and it's not making me happy!

I am Looking Forward To: Getting my Living Room finished- Anika's room will be next on the list.

I am Learning: That there are just some people who will take the smallest thing and run with it- people (some) like to take something minor and turn it into something major. Why do they do this?

Around the House: There is complete silence. Hubby & Lee has already went to bed for the night. Ax and Anika are spending the night at my Mom's. I miss them but this peace and quiet is amazing :)

I am Pondering: On if I want to work or not. It's such a hard decision for me. I'd love to have the social interaction but by the time I pay a sitter, I'd be working for almost nothing.

A Favorite Quote for Today: 

One of my Favorite Things Today: This Yankee Candle I bought at the Pharmacy. Oh my god, it smells delicious :)

It's called Summer Scoop
If you haven't tried it- GO NOW and get one!!!

A Few Plans for the Rest of the Week- Wednesday (Tomorrow) my kids have a doctor's appointment over an hour away. While we are down that way we will probably hit up the park! Thursday I plan on painting early in the day & then I'll be attending a Board Hearing that night. Friday I will continue painting and then I have a Baby Shower to attend that evening. Saturday I'm hoping to take Axle and Lee to a fair in the next town over and Sunday will be Church and a lake day if the weather cooperates :)

A Peek Into My Day: Axle had Preschool Orientation this morning. He is now enrolled and ready to start his 2nd year. As we were leaving, the kids got goody bags. I figured they would be so disappointed since they were full of pencils, paper, cups, etc but no candy. I was wrong, they LOVED them!!!

In Other News: I took Anika to the doctor today, she has a severe Urinary Tract Infection. Hopefully the medicine will make her feel better very soon. The Hubs went and visited our neighbor today and helped him do a few things around his house. Our neighbor had a stroke and doesn't have any use in one arm. Hubs is a good friend!

Well, that sums up my Tuesday- Hope you all have had a good one. It's up and at it early for me tomorrow morning!


Monday, July 28, 2014

All About Monday

All About Monday

I woke: At 10:00 am which was a good thing seeing as how I had a lot to do today. Anika slept till 11:00 and wouldn't have gotten up then but I made her.

I drank: A nice cold Mountain Dew as soon as I got out of bed. It's what I do every morning and it's usually done while Blog Reading :)

I dreaded- Getting started on my kitchen today. Day 02 of remodeling is always the worst! The excitement has worn off by the second day!

I was Happy- It was a nice cool dry day out. My kids ran in and out all day. It kept them occupied while I worked on the kitchen.

This cloud freaked Axle out- It was one big dark cloud
He made me come look!

I Appreciated- All of Anika's help today. Without her, I would have never finished up this project.

I Cleaned- Well Anika and I cleaned all the appliances today & hand mopped the floor. I can tell it tonight too, my back is killing me.

I Loved- The new curtains and my sink area. Such a big difference from before. The curtains are cozy I think and my little stand over my sink added a nice touch.

I Scheduled- A doctor's appointment for myself today. It's a female appointment and I'm so dreading it. I've been having some pain though and know I need to go get it checked out.

I Talked- To tons of people on the Board for our School System. I now believe we might just live in one of the most corrupt school districts ever. They are killing me.

I Laughed- When I realized Anika and I hung the cabinet doors upside down. I needed a good laugh though because those cabinet doors were getting the best of me.

I Ate- Ramen Noodles for lunch. My kids LOVE those things, all three of them.

I Didn't Want- To take a selfie but Anika insisted! I was so glad you couldn't see my skanky clothes I was wearing. It didn't matter though cause Lee Lee decided she wanted a picture with Mommy too and then it showcased my pajama pants!!!

I Gave Up- On hanging the kitchen cabinet doors. For real, I'm not handy when it comes to things like that. I broke down and called back up. Thanks to Dustin, they all got put back up.

I Went- To town and grabbed a few finishing touches for my kitchen. I also grabbed some stuff for dinner!

LOVE this clock
It Says (Cherish Yesterday, Dream Tomorrow, Live Today"

This water fountain is now sitting on my bar!
It has real running water and puts off a pretty glowing light!

Three new prints I hung today
They match my color scheme exactly!

I Ordered: A new couch today and I can't wait till it gets here! I've already threw the old one out the door. For now we are sitting in camping chairs :)

I Cracked Up: Watching my kids use the couch and chair as a bounce house type deal. They had the BEST time playing on them. Kids are so easy to please!

I am so Pleased: With the way my kitchen turned out. I really truly love it!

I Managed: To get dressed today. Anika calls this shirt my old woman shirt. I have no idea why, I kind of like it!

I will Never: Be as stylish as Anika. It just isn't going to happen.

I Enjoy: Having Lucy around. I rescued her as a stray and it might be the best decision I ever made. She is such a great dog and so good with the kids. Annalee calls her Lou, it's so cute!

I Talked: To the Hubby about weekend plans...we still haven't decided on anything. I'm thinking it might be a good weekend for a Date Night, just sayin'

I'm Thankful: My Hubby is so handy around the house. He hung my new kitchen light for me tonight. I'm in love with it. It was just the finishing touch my kitchen needed!

I Fixed: Taco Salads for dinner tonight. They were so yummy! Hubby said it was a great meal. Score for me in the wife department.

I Treasure: The little moments with my kids. Watching them sit and eat their dinner together melts my heart.

I'm Thinking: About paying someone to design my blog for me. I'm just not sure if it's worth it. I love blogging and I do it as a daily record of my life. I don't do it for sponsors, followers, etc. What do you all think?

I Hate: That Anika seems to have a bladder/kidney infection. She was in a lot of pain this evening.

I'm Missing: My Anika, she went to a birthday party with my Mom and then spent the night with her

I Missed: My Cousins Birthday Party tonight. I hated too, I really did. I just had to much to do to go

I'm Fortunate: That my Hubby is such a good daddy. Annalee fell asleep on his lap this evening. It was too sweet. Of course, you can't take a picture around here without Axle wanting to be in it too :)

I'm Hopeful: That this board matter will be over soon, it's starting to really stress me.

I'm Needing: To call my Sister in Law. I've missed her calls the last few days.

I'm Looking Forward To: Redoing my Living Room...I'll be starting very soon

I'm Feeling: Exhausted and need to go to bed

Tomorrow: I've got to take Anika to the doctor and have her checked out. Also, Axle has Open House at his Preschool tomorrow. Another busy day for us.

Dear Friends, I hope you all have a wonderful week