Wednesday, June 18, 2014

What a Wednesday

I'm going to go to bed tonight with dirty dishes in my sink, a messy house & nothing prepared for our tomorrow. I rarely do that but tonight I'm just plain tired. It's been a busy Wednesday and while it's been a great one, it's also been exhausting. Here's what today held for my clan!

* We ended up sleeping in this morning. We didn't actually mean to, we wanted to get up kind of early. It was Noon before I crawled out of the bed but I had a good excuse, I was up and down all night long. Plus, I had to get up and run Dustin to work at 6:30 am so my sleep was definitely not uninterrupted.

* Since I was out and about at 5:40 this morning, I decided to get myself a sandwich for breakfast from McDonald's. The first bite or two was good and then I found a hair. Needless to say after lots of gagging, that baby went in the garbage!

* Hubby marked an item off of his To Do List today. He put up the underpinning on the side of the house. It's been down for awhile because it was damaged in a storm we had this Spring. I wanted it fixed before the kids birthday party and he got it done this morning. It looks much better.

* The kids and I got ready and left for Kmart as soon as Hubby left for work. I didn't really have time to go but wanted to exchange my camera before the time to do it ran out. I hated the one I bought a few days and while my new one is more expensive, I LOVE IT!!!

* Of course I can't go to K-Mart and not buy anything else so I went ahead and got the kids some floats for the beach. Ax got some arm floats and a zebra ring float. I wasn't sure what to get Annalee but finally decided on this. I hope it works!

* Anika has been on a huge reading kick lately and just finished the book "Divergence". I let her buy the second book in the series today. She says she's going to read on the beach. Who am I to deny the girl of reading?

* I ran into the Dollar Tree while I was out and got a few things for our Bible School Class tonight. The store is going out of business and everything was 77 cents! I wish I'd had more time to look around!

* I also grabbed us a Hot & Ready Pizza and some Crazy Bread before we headed back home. Our time was limited and the kids were hungry.

* We only had about an hour and a half between getting home and having to leave for Bible School again! We ate, I changed the kids clothes and cut out all our stuff for our crafts. It was rushed but we did it.

* As we were preparing to leave, I realized my new camera took a Micro SD card. I didn't have one so I ran to Rite Aid and purchased one. I wanted to make sure it worked so I snapped a random picture. Now I have this random Rite Aid picture on my camera!!!

* Of course Anika had to try out the new camera too so I've got selfies to shares!!!

* Can you believe Anika is going to cut that pretty hair of  hers off? It's true, she is. She's got an appointment on Tuesday!

* We picked up the 4 kiddos that we take with us to Bible School and we headed to the Church. We got there about a 1/2 hour early as we always try to do. I like to help Mom get everyone in and things set up plus Anika and Dustin work the front door.

* We had a great evening at Bible School. The class we teach is 2-4 year old's and I think they all had a good time. We made two crafts with them tonight, sang songs and played a game with balloons. We also went to the sanctuary for singing and a skit & had dinner. My kids seem to be really enjoying it.

* By the time we took the other kids home tonight and I took Anika to the Dollar Store to get some batteries, it was after 9 when we got home. Annalee went to sleep immediately, she was absolutely worn out.

* I worked on my To Do List for tomorrow, got laundry loaded for the laundromat and called to tell my Mommy goodnight. Oh and I might have ate two Honey Buns because I'm so working on my beach body LOL!

* Anika and Dustin are watching Shutter Island. As soon as it goes off I'm putting their butts in the bed and I'm heading that way myself. Tomorrow is going to be another long and busy day so this Mommy needs some rest.

Hope you guys have had a nice day!!!



  1. Wow!! That was a busy day! No wonder you feel so tired! I love those floats! My niece and nephew both have those exact ones and they can pretty much swim around the pool unassisted because of the part that holds up their chest! I plan on getting Sam some as well when he is old enough!

    Hope your busy day today goes well! xo

  2. Yuck on the hair in your sandwich!
    Congrats on the new camera.
    I can't imagine sleeping until noon! That hasn't happened since I was in college.

  3. I always leave here tired, glad my kids are grown because I don't think I could do this anymore. BUT I did love it when I was doing it!!

    Good luck with the new camera!

  4. Congrats on your new camera. What kind did you get?

    I haven't taught at VBS in years! I did it for about 20 years but the church I currently attend doesn't have it. Have fun! Glad you kids are liking it so much.

    Get some rest. You are a busy, busy lady!