Sunday, June 8, 2014

Sunday Stuff

What did our Sunday consist of, keep reading to find out!

* The kids and I went to Church this morning. It was an absolutely wonderful message. The regular pastor wasn't able to be there today and his fill in was a guy I've always loved to hear preach. I really enjoyed it.

* The Hubby worked all day on pulling a motor out of the new truck he bought. He has another motor ready to go into it. He's hoping to have it on the road by the first of next week. It's a great truck and he got a real good buy on it.

* He even had a helper during part of the process. She's such a daddy's girl

* I'm pretty proud of my Husband. He's not had a single drink of alcohol for 7 days now. He even told his buddies today when they offered him one that he was trying to quit. I pray that he can make it through this journey. It would be such a blessing for our family.

* I made lasagna today. I put it in the oven and after 30 minutes, checked it. It was then I realized my oven bit the dust :(

* Thankfully I had the camper oven to fall back on so we did finally get dinner!

* Not having an oven has made me crave a lemon cake with cream cheese icing all day. I didn't get one though. I suppose I could have used the camper oven but it was so hot outside and I didn't want to stay in the hot camper while it baked!

* I've actually gotten a few things done around here today. I finally got Lee Lee's room organized, her dresser moved in and all her clothes put away. It looks pretty good. Now I'm just on the lookout for her a Toddler Bed!

* I also got all the Hubby's clothes moved into his new dresser today. He's not going to know what to do with his own space. He's used to having to share with me all the time.

* I've worked on the laundry today. The pile I started with was massive. Luckily it's dwindling down some now!

* Dustin and Anika cleaned the yard for me. There was toys strung everywhere. I had to make them do it but the finished product was nice :)

* Anika made pancakes this evening about 8:00. Apparently she was craving something sweet too. Ax loved them, he ate two. That is the first bite I've gotten in him in 2 days. I have no idea how the child lives sometimes. He goes through spells where he eats nothing and then some days he eats everything in sight.

* Dustin hung out here with Anika till around 9:30 tonight and then his Mom picked him up. He works all week this week so it will just be the kids and I through the day.

* Hubby was late getting in bed, almost 11:00. He is on dayshift this week so he's going to be drained tomorrow.

* The kids and I have to run to the next town over in the morning. A friend of mine has a consignment shop and is going out of business. I've already asked her to hold these two pieces for me for Annalee. I'm going to pick them up in the morning and see what else she has for sale :)

* This is the kids first full week of summer (nothing school related). I'm pretty excited about it.

* What I'm not excited about, being unplugged. I made a decision to let my computer go back. I just can't justify paying the huge payment monthly on it that I do. I'm hoping to score a new laptop soon but until then, I'll be without. Makes me sad! Don't worry though, I'll be documenting our days and when I get back I'll have lots to share!!!

Friends...I'm going to finish up another load of laundry, pack the Hubby's bucket and head to bed
I hope you guys have a great week ahead.

I'll miss you but will be back ASAP!!!


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  1. ugh what a bummer about the oven. but lasagna sounds yummy, I might have to pull that one out of the recipe bin soon. My husband is going low carb though, so cooking just isn't as fun lately. mmm carbs.

    Super cute hanging out with dad and the engine!