Sunday, June 22, 2014

Sunday Funday

I'm writing surprisingly early tonight, it's only 10:00. My kids are all already tuckered out though. Ax and Hubby have been asleep a good 1/2 hour and Lee even a bit longer. Anika is still up but she's a night owl. Today has been an awesome day. While yesterday was spent focusing on productivity, today was spent on fun! Hey you can't have all work and no play, right?

The kids and I went to Sunday Service this morning. I wish Hubby would have went but I just couldn't convince him. I just know he's going to shock the pants off all of us and go one Sunday! Ax would go either, he says he doesn't like church. Ax doesn't like people and church contains people. I've been pretty easy going about it thus far but I'm thinking I need to start forcing him to go. He needs to grow up knowing that Sunday's are for worshiping the Lord. Annalee spent the entire Church service in Children's Church. She did so good on her own and even made the cutest fish ever! The service was wonderful today and very spirit filled. The singing was such a blessing to me and listening to everyone praise god for the VBS this past week made my heart smile. They are now discussing starting a Youth Group and I'm so excited about that. It would be wonderful for Anika and Dustin. I am so glad I got up this morning and went. I never leave the house of the Lord in a bad mood, it's just not possible.

After Church we came home, changed clothes, waited on Mom to get here and then hit the road to the lake. Poor Daddy didn't get to go, he had to work today. We met up with my Cousin and Her Husband plus a host of other family members for a Birthday Party on the water. There was pizza, swimming, tubing, a gigantic cookie cake, socializing, celebrating & tons of laughter. My friends, it was the perfect way to get refreshed for a new week ahead. I think it's safe to say that Danny, the birthday boy, had a great day too!

My Mom was in control of the camera most of the time because I was in the water with either Lee or Ax the biggest part of the day. These photos really are courtesy of her! I'm so glad she picked up my camera and started snapping, it's a day I want to remember.

I'll let the photos do most of the talking!!!

My Cousin Justin, His wife Mika and their son Tristan
Annalee LOVES Mika!

My favorite two guys!!!

My gorgeous cousin Brittany

My cousin Wesley- he's handsome!

That pretty red head is my Momma!

Mr. Chase- look at those eyes!

The water was the perfect temperature for swimming

There was a crew of us enjoying it too

My babies attacked me. They all wanted to swim with momma

Such fun times

Miss Annalee's very first time in the lake- She liked it too!

Brittany and her boy Chase plus Anika!!!

My Anika- This pic turned out cool :)

We couldn't convince Mika to swim with us :(

I told you I stayed in the water with the kids all day

Justin was our first brave tube rider. He fell off!

Anika & Brittany gave it a whirl

Hubby crashed them too

Danny tried- he couldn't stay on either

Anika and Dustin decided to give it a whirl

They were doing good at first

This happened though, they aren't professionals either

My Aunt Retha rode the boat and watched all the tubers

We hung out on the party barge and played while everyone took turns tubing

These two actually managed to stay on the whole ride

Daddy took it easy on his boy though :)

Tristan couldn't pass up a turn so him and his daddy rode

They did good for awhile but did get dumped at the end

Aunt Retha and her Son In Law! 

The gorgeous lake

We are so lucky to live so close and get to spend days like this

Mommy and Anika nearing the end of the day

My cousin Brittany on the bench with her first baby, her dog Allie

Dustin and Anika had a good day

Annalee did too. Have you noticed my kids love their daddy?

My Hubby and I with Lee Lee!! Look at my wild hair!

I love this! These are the three amigos!

After about 5 hours on the lake, we had to call it a day. We got loaded up and headed home. Lee Lee fell asleep before we ever got here. Luckily after a diaper change and bottle, she went right back to sleep. Ax didn't fight sleep too long either, he was busted. While we all needed a shower to wash the lake water off of us, it will just have to wait till tomorrow. We were none able to do it tonight.

Tomorrow is back to the grind for us. Hubby and Dustin both work in the morning so the kids and I will be hopefully marking more items off of our To Do List! It's only 5 days till we leave for vacation and to say I'm excited is an understatement.

Friends, I hope you had as wonderful of a Sunday as we did!!!

Wishing you all a great week ahead,


  1. what a great lookin' family.....looks like lot's of fun!!!!

  2. Looks like so much fun! Makes me want to go to the lake.

    When we were younger my parents made us go on Sunday whether we wanted to or not. They said that we needed to grow up knowing that Sunday is for the Lord, haha. It worked because now we all think it :)

  3. I miss weekends at the lake! Looks like you all had a great time!