Saturday, June 21, 2014

Saturday full of Productivity

Tonight's post is going to be pretty brief. Not because I don't have a lot to say, I always have a lot to say. Today was all about productivity around here though and I know that it isn't the most interesting topic to read about. Come to think about it, do I ever write about interesting topics? Sometimes I feel like I do the blog world a disservice by posting about my real life. I mean it's not like I have anything profound to say normally. I try to remember though that I blog for me, not for the blog world. Don't get me wrong, I love that you read BUT ultimately this space is for me to keep a journal of sorts about our life. Someday's I overwrite I'm sure but it's those days that I need an outlet. I need to jot down everything that is on my mind so that I can leave with a clear head. Someday's I probably seem ungrateful and a total debbie downer. I guess it's all part of REAL life though. I try to be as transparent as possible because when my children reach for these entries one day, I want them to see what our lives was really like. I don't want them to see the sugar coated version but the real deal. Anyways, I'm totally off topic. I am supposed to be dealing you about our Saturday which like I said above was focused primarily on productivity.

The days are getting near for our vacation time. We will be gone for 2 full weeks with the exception of being home a few hours Monday night and into Tuesday morning. That is a long time to be gone and a lot of preparations to be made. On top of that, the day after returning from vacation, we are hosting a birthday party for my two little one's. I may be shouting at the top of my lungs when all is said and done. I'm trying to be superwoman and frankly, I'm not real good at it.

My kids were up early this morning which is quite unusual for them. They hit the floor running about 9:00. Most mornings they sleep till at least 10:30. I sure didn't want to get up and probably wouldn't have because their daddy was already up but I knew I had a lot I wanted to get accomplished. I was determined to start crossing things off the gigantic list of things I have to do.

Hubby and Axle made a quick run to town first thing this morning. They were after a hose and wand for my dad's pressure washer. They found one for $70.00 and bought it. Their plan was to get the house washed down today. Unfortunately, it didn't happen. After getting the hose hooked up and stuff, the pressure washer wouldn't run. Hubby thinks it's because my Dad left it sitting so long. It hasn't been used in probably 2 year. He says the gasoline has probably gelled and stopped up the carborauter. I have no clue so I'm going to assume he's right. I guess he's going to take it to someone and have it worked on. Let's hope we get it back in time to wash the house before the kids party. It's in dire need of a good cleaning.

I focused on Beach Packing this morning. I must say, I think I have a handle on the clothing situation at least. All of our bags are packed with most of our items and what still needs to be packed is written down on a piece of paper and lying in the suitcase that the stuff belongs in. There was things like floats and swimsuits that couldn't be put away just yet. We have some water events this coming week. I also went ahead and laid out our clothes we would be wearing for the trip down on Friday and then our clothes for the trip on in to the beach on Saturday. These will be packed in a different suitcase since we will be staying overnight at a hotel about 1/2 way through the trip. The goal is to make it at least 1/2 way on Friday night and the rest of the way on Saturday morning. Breaking it up will hopefully help the kids with the ride!

Packing took up the biggest part of my morning. I did make time to make some phone calls though. I finally got our camping site reserved today and I got a hold of Lendmark about our loan payment. Those were two more items I crossed off.

Lee Lee gave out about 1:00 so I put her down for a nap. Hubby's buddy had showed up a bit earlier. He had drover here from about 2 1/2 hours away to get Hubby to help him work on his truck. I knew it would be an all day thing for them so I did some damage control to the house while Lee was sleeping and then ran to town. Ax didn't want to go with me so he stayed on the couch and watched cartoons. That is where he's stayed pretty much all day long. He's definitely not acting his normal self. I'm hoping he isn't getting sick. I think some of it is that his foot is still hurting from the sting he got 2 days ago. It's still swelled and he cries with it when he walks. It breaks my heart. He's constantly asking me to rub it. He says the pressure makes it feel better. I hate seeing him in pain.

I didn't cook lunch today, I was lazy. I just grabbed some Taco Bell while I was out. I had a Chicken Quesidilla. I really like them. I used to eat them all the time and then quit for awhile. I've started eating them again though and eat them often. Wonder how long it will take me to get burn out on them this time?

Lee Lee was still asleep after we had lunch so it was a good opportunity for me to sit down and get invites sent out to their birthday party. Thank goodness for Facebook and being able to create events. It makes getting invites out so much easier. I have a few that I will have to hand deliver but most of them I took care of right online. I guess that is a perk of technology. I sure was glad to mark that chore off my list. It's one of those that has been nagging me and I just hadn't taken the time to do it.

I also went ahead and sorted what dirty laundry we had. It's all in bags and ready to be taken to the laundry mat next week. I figured sorting it today would save me from having to do it later. Now all I have to do is load it up and take it to wash it. I'm planning on doing this near the end of next week that way when we leave most everything will be clean.

Hubby's buddy ended up being here till 5:00 or later. They got his truck fixed though so at least his trip was worth it. After he left Hubby took the kids outside for awhile with him. He worked some more on the pressure washer but had no luck. He decided to do some other projects like work on his truck (his heater was stuck on), charge the boat batteries and load some of his stuff into the camper. He's been pretty productive today too.

After the sun went down, I went out to the camper and took an inventory of what we already have in there. This coming week I'll start loading it down with stuff. I hope to have everything loaded and ready to go by Friday. We won't be using it till the following week but having it loaded will make life so much easier when we get back. Do you see a theme here? I'm trying to make life easier for myself!

I made some Buffalo Chicken & Chicken Fried Rice for dinner tonight. It's became a favorite at my house. I serve it with Ranch Dressing and everyone loves it. Lee Lee and Ax's chicken is cooked separately without the Buffalo Sauce. The sauce is just too hot for them.

Anika and Dustin spent the day with my Mom. They were gone like 10 hours total. They went and had Anika's nails done. She got a super cute design for the beach. They also went to Walmart and Peebles and out to eat at Bob Evans. Dustin got him some stuff for the beach and he bought Anika the cutest anchor necklace ever. I didn't realize that it had symbolic meaning but it does. She said her counselor told her that an anchor represents to keep holding on and every appointment she has with him he right Anchor on her arm. Apparently Dustin knew this so he bought it for her. She didn't know he bought it till they got home though and he surprised her with it. Now that is a good boyfriend. He also bought her two movie posters for her room. They decided that every movie they watched together they would hang a poster. Isn't that a cute idea? I wish I'd taken pics of the necklace and her nails but I forgot. Maybe I'll do it tomorrow.

I did work in some downtime for myself today. I got a nice hot semi-relaxing bath and shaved my legs. I swear my legs looked like a wild animal. I say semi-relaxing because I had two kids locked in the bathroom with me the whole time. I wouldn't exactly call that relaxing. I also took some time to read a few blogs. It's one of my favorite ways to escape. Thank you all for writing such awesome material :)

Mom brought Anika and Dustin home about 9:30 tonight. Thankfully Anika's eye looked better than it did this morning. Some of the swelling has went down but not all. It's still hurting her too. Here's what she looked like before she left.

I'm hoping with each passing day it continues to heal. I don't have a picture of what it looked like this evening but trust me when I tell you that it does look some better. If not, we would have had to made another visit to the doctor I think.

The kids were exhausted from shopping when they got home. Dustin went to bed around 10:30. He has to cut grass in the morning at 6:00 am and then he's going to go to Church with us. The one thing I can say about the boy is that he isn't lazy.

Anika showered and washed her hair before heading to bed. She said she didn't want to have to do it in the morning. I got some snuggle time with the Hubby before he went to sleep which was super nice. Snuggle time these days are very limited.

Tomorrow we will be going to Sunday Service and then going to the lake to celebrate my cousin Brittany's Husband's birthday! They are taking their pontoon and we are taking our boat. There will be pizza, balloons, presents, swimming, boating and tubing. Definitely my idea of a perfect Sunday!!!

With that said, I'm off to sleep. I'll never make it to Church if I don't get my rump in bed.

Hope you guys are having a great weekend so far
Everyone have a safe and wonderful Sunday
I'll be back tomorrow


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  1. i'm not a big fan of fast food, BUT i can always eat taco bell. then i do the walk of shame!!