Saturday, June 14, 2014

Saturday Favorites

Happy Weekend Folks- It's been a very good Saturday around here. Hope you and yours have had a good one as well! Here is some of my favorite things from today!!!

Saturday Favorites

* Brunch with my Parent's- Our local Tea Room makes delicious lunch & dinner. I order there quite often. The other day when I was in there, I noticed that they had started serving Brunch on Saturday mornings. Seeing as how tomorrow is Father's Day, I thought it would be a perfect way to celebrate with my Daddy. We met my Mom and Dad at the Tea Room at 10:30 and had some amazing food! We took time to talk and laugh, just enjoying each other's company. It was so nice! I'm so blessed to have both my parent's still here on Earth with me and I never want to take it for granted!

* Axle spending the day with his Nan and Pa- After brunch this morning, Axle asked if he could go home with my parent's. Mom told him sure. It's not often he gets one on one time with them. They ended up keeping him until 9:30 tonight. He had the best day. He got to cut grass with papa, string peas with his nana, take a walk down their road, get a good hot bath and he even took a short nap. He was so excited to come home and bring Lee Lee cookies he got her! He's getting to be such a sweet boy and I'm glad he got to spend the day hanging out and playing at Mom's. He deserves undivided attention from time to time too.

* Laundry, Mission Complete- Even though I hate going to the laundry mat, I must admit that I enjoy having all my laundry clean at one time. Today I hit the laundry mat up and washed everything that was dirty in the house (which was a lot). I even brought it all home and got it all put away. It's just a chore now that I won't have to worry about this upcoming week and that is a good thing since it's going to be a busy week!

* Yard Sale & Lemonade Stand- A family we know had a Lemonade Stand and Yard Sale setup in their front yard today. We initially stopped to buy Lemonade off of their little boy because I mean really, who can pass up a kid selling lemonade. As luck would have it, I found a gazillion things at their Yard Sale too. Annalee could wear pretty much every single thing their daughter outgrew. I got some of the cutest summer stuff ever. Anika also snagged some adorable dresses and tops. I spent more than I had planned but got a great deal and some great lemonade to boot :)

* Visiting my Aunt and Uncle- I actually ran down to my Aunt and Uncle's because I needed to take something down to them. We ended up staying way longer than planned and enjoyed our time sitting on the patio and visiting with them. Annalee enjoyed the fact that the icecream truck stopped by while we were there. They have the most peaceful patio in the world. I told my Uncle I was going to use it as my stress free place and anytime I was stressed, I was going to come hang out on his patio. I really do need to visit them more though, I love them both dearly.

* Anika's 1st Car Date- As many of you that read my blog know, Anika has been dating a boy named Dustin for awhile now. I've never actually let them go anywhere together without me driving them to and from wherever they were going. This evening I allowed them to drive my vehicle to town to the movies. I don't remember the name of the movie they watched but it was a Disney Production. Anika really enjoyed it and I think Dustin did too. I made them call when they got there and call when they left. Maybe I was being a bit overprotective since it was only 10 minutes from our house but still, I worry. I had to take a photo to document the event, I am a blogger ya know :)

* Truck Progress- While some may wonder why this makes me happy, the answer is simple. I want my Husband back!!! He's been in the garage all week changing the motor in a truck and I'm starting to miss him. Today things started looking more promising though, the motor went inside the truck. I can only hope by tomorrow that it's up and running. I need some hubby time!

* Hubby's Sobriety- Since we are on the topic of the Husband, I thought I'd share how he's doing with his attempt to stop drinking. Tomorrow makes him 13 days alcohol free and I could not be any prouder of him. It's amazing the difference it's made in him and our marriage. I pray daily that the Lord will help him continue to battle this addiction. 

* A Semi-Clean House- For the past few days I've really been concentrating on trying to keep things semi-clean around here. I have to be honest, with 3 kids it's not easy. I must be doing a fairly good job though because my Mommy actually complimented me on how clean my house was this afternoon. If you knew my Mom, you would know that she doesn't had out compliments easily when it comes to clean houses. She's a very tidy person!

* Uninterrupted Bath Time- Yes, sometimes it's just the little things. Today though while Ax was at Mom's and Anika was watching Lee Lee, I got a bath without interruptions. A nice hot soaking bath and it was so nice!!!!

* Painted Toes- Anika painted my toes the cutest peach color today and I'm loving them. Every time I look down they just make me happy. It's a fun summery color! I meant to take a photo but I forgot. Sorry about that!

* VBS Next Week- Vacation Bible School starts next week and I'm ecstatic. It's always such a good time for my kids. We can't wait to get started.

There you have it friends, my favorite's for this Saturday
Tomorrow is Father's Day and my crew and I will be attending Church
Our plans after Church are still undecided yet 
What I do know is that it will include time with my two favorite men, My Husband and Father!!!!

Hope you and yours has a wonderful Father's Day Sunday

Much Love to you all,


  1. My boys do VBS next week too.

    Glad your husband is 13 days going strong. hope it will continue for him.

  2. awesome news about your husband, something you will all be proud of forever!!

    love the pics, you have a beautiful family!!!!