Thursday, June 5, 2014

Our World

My house is as quiet as can be tonight. All my kids are sleeping and the silence is pure bliss. I love this chaotic place more than anywhere in the world but every now and then, peace and quiet is just what I crave!

Since I didn't blog yesterday, I thought I'd do a little catch up post for you tonight. Here's a little of what has been happening in our world.

Around the House- The washing machine has been in full swing. I took 8 loads to the laundromat today and have done about 3 loads here at home tonight. The pile is dwindling down for sure. Only a few more loads to go and I will have an empty laundry pile. That is such a nice feeling.

Outside- It's a very chilly night. Apparently yesterday's storms pushed a cold front through. I have so much work that needs done outdoors but it seems finding the time is impossible. Our house needs washed down desperately, my van needs a good cleaning and our yard needs cleaned up. Maybe we will get to it this weekend sometime.

I've been Sleeping- Less and less these days. It's really catching up to me too. Yesterday the kids and I went to my Parent's house for a visit. I ended up falling asleep on the couch and slept 2 whole hours. I kind of felt bad but at least everyone else fell asleep too so I wasn't alone.

I've Accomplished- Several important tasks the past two days. It feels good to get things marked off my list.

I Delivered: My Grandma's medicine to her yesterday and when I got there she was wanting a Strawberry Sundae. Granny is spoiled rotten so obviously I went and got her one :)

I've always Loved: Granny's house. I just think it's cute as a button. It's got a nice big back yard and is located right in the middle of town.

I Ate: Breakfast for Supper last night. My Mom fixed it and it was delicious! Today we did take out for lunch and Frozen Pizza for dinner. I'm just not much on cooking these days. I think it's because it's so warm outside!

Anika Finished: Her homebound up today. She took 3 finals and did a report. I did the research for the report and let me just tell you, Cambodia is not a fascinating country! I'm glad that her schooling is over for the year. I'm a little concerned about her Algebra grade but hoping her final she took today will bring it up.

Axle Loves: This Monster Truck my cousin Mike has at his house. Mike lives across from my Mom so when Ax is up there, he brings it up for him to ride. Ax needs one of his own, for real!

I'm Thankful: Our storms didn't get too bad around here last night. We had heavy rain but no wind. The next county over wasn't quite as lucky. They received some property damage. No one was injured though, thank God!

This Morning: As I drove to town, I snapped some pictures of the flooding that was going on around our town. The rain really brought the creeks out of their banks!

I Need: To do so much and yet don't know how I'll ever find the time to get it all done. There really just isn't enough hours in the day.

I was Happy: My Hubby got off work early last night. The power went off and he was home by 11 pm. That's always a nice surprise.

I'm Hopeful: That my Hubby's attempt to quit drinking is successful. He has switched over to Busch NA (which is non alcoholic beer). I'm praying it works for him.

Tomorrow: Is going to be a super busy day. Dustin (Anika's boyfriend) graduates from High School tomorrow night and we will be attending. After graduation we are having him a party at my parent's house. It should be lots of fun!

This Weekend: My Hubby works so I'm not sure we will get into much of anything. Anika will be going to an all night lock in called Project Graduation with Dustin tomorrow night. I'm sure by the time she gets home Saturday morning, she will be ready for sleep!

I'm Getting Excited: For a week at the beach- less than a month to go :)

Nothing makes me Happier: Than smiling kids!

I'm Ready: For bed, I wish the Hubby would hurry home

Friends...I'm off to do another load of laundry and hopefully get some shut eye soon. Hope you all are having a great week and Happy Weekend!!!


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