Saturday, June 7, 2014

Much Needed Slow Saturday

FOR TODAY: Saturday June 7, 2014

Outside my Window: It is an absolutely beautiful night. As I was driving home from picking up Anika at Dustin's, I was telling her how I'd love to be camping tonight. It's just a perfect camping kind of night.

I am Thinking: About some money issues we are having. I know it will all work out and I'm trying not to stress to bad. It's just hard to breathe and push on through. It's a lesson I'm trying to learn, I'm just a slow learner!

I am Thankful: For the 3 hour nap the kids and I took today. I was just exhausted. This past week was a busy one and I think we all just needed rest. 

In the Kitchen: Nothing has been going on. The kids and I had Subway for lunch today & this evening we ate Pizza that Dustin's Mom sent to us! 

I am Wearing: What my Hubby refers to as my Granny shorts- they are capri length and he laughs every time I wear them. Apparently he just doesn't find them sexy!

I am Creating: Nothing at the moment- the creative juices just aren't flowing

I am Going: To try and finish the rest of the laundry up tomorrow and get my yard cleaned. It's looking like a jungle outside!

I am Wondering: How much it would cost to get my house exterminated. I'm seeing tons of ants and all sorts of unknown bugs (some that flies). I'm totally not digging it! 

I am Reading: Blogs from time to time but that is about it

I am Hoping: Our loan check comes by Monday- I'm impatient when it comes to waiting for money

I am Looking Forward To: Lots of things actually....Father's Day, Vacation Bible School with the kids, Vacation, Birthday Parties and Summer Fun :)

I am Learning: That sometimes life sucks but you just have to pull up your big girl panties and go on.

Around the House: Things are clean, the massive pile of laundry on my table is now put away and I have the dresser's now moved into the correct rooms. Tomorrow I hope to finish up the dirty laundry and start sorting clothes into the dressers. I really need to declutter majorly around here but it probably won't be happening anytime soon.

I am Pondering: On the many things needing done outside the house! We need to pressure wash the siding and by siding for the right part of my home that was destroyed by Spring storms. We need to get the porch painted and the yard needs a good cleaning. The grass needs cut too. Lots of work and not enough time.

A Favorite Quote for Today:

One of my Favorite Things: These two photos I was tagged in on Facebook today. The first is Anika and Dustin's Grandma. Dustin's Grandma has cancer and is terminal. Her and Anika love one another bunches. The second is a picture of me and my Aunt Retha who is the absolute best!

A few plans for the rest of the Week: Well the week is over. Tomorrow is Sunday and the kids and I will be going to Sunday Service. Hubby has plans of working on his "New/Used" truck all day tomorrow and I'm hoping to get my housework finished. I'm thinking a water balloon fight might be a fun thing for my kids tomorrow too. Next week doesn't appear to be too busy. Annalee has 1st Steps but other than that, the week looks okay (for now). 

That pretty much sums up our Saturday. Other than a few errands, a nice nap and some housekeeping, it's been a pretty slow day. We NEEDED a slow day though after the hectic week we just had. Hope you and yours enjoy your Sunday!

Much Love,


  1. oh angie, you have such busy days, i could never keep up. i know i did it once, a long time ago....but as for now, i could never keep up!!

    lots of fun stuff (well not the laundry.....or $$$ issues)....naps are good!! that's a great picture of you!! you look happy!!!!

  2. I'm a big fan of 3 hour naps!

    I'm like you - looking forward to all the good things that Summer brings.