Monday, June 16, 2014

Monday Moments

Thanks for stopping by to read today. I have quite a bit to tell and no pictures. I hate when I have posts with no pictures but for some reason today, I just never reach for my camera. I guess I was just busy but I promise I'll try to do better tomorrow.

Today I thought I share with you some of our Monday Moments! Hope you enjoy!!

Monday Moments
Today I:

Woke Up- At 5:40 in the morning. Much earlier than I like to wake but I had to take Dustin to McDonalds to meet his ride for work. 

Was Surprised- By how warm it was out so early. I knew that meant we had a hot day ahead.

Felt Sleepy- By 6:30 am and decided to go back to bed. I knew if I didn't I'd be one hateful woman the rest of the day :)

Realized- When I actually got up for the second time at 10:30 am, that someone had peed in my bed. SMH, it never ends! Mr. Ax refuses to wear big boy pants (pull ups) but yet he has no nightly bladder control. I have no clue how we will ever solve this problem.

I Sent- The Hubby to town to run errands- We had a few things that needed done ASAP!

I Ordered- Burgers and Bread Sticks from the Dairy Bar for lunch. Hubby picked it up while he was up town. 

I Loved- That Hubby and Ax went to our neighbors and helped him spread concrete. Hubby had to work but decided to go help before he left for work. Our neighbor is elderly and has Parkinson Disease. I know he appreciated the help. My Hubby has such a big heart. One of the many reasons I adore him.

I Visited- With David, Lee's first steps therapist! He's such a nice guy

I Invited- Four of our neighbor kids to go to Vacation Bible School with me. For some reason God put it on my heart last night. They all four went and had the best time. I'm so glad I minded God and did what he was telling me to do. It was such a blessing for me.

I Checked- To see if Anika could play High School Soccer this coming season if I Home Schooled her. Sign ups were today. Unfortunately our County will not let her. I hate it, she loves Soccer.

I Finally- Saw a decrease in our cell phone bill. We have been adjusting and adjusting trying to get the bill lower. This month it dropped from almost $70.00. I was very happy about it.

I Listened- To my kids argue over everything under the sun. The biggest argument came at dinner time though. Apparently Annalee was trying to steal Axle's Breadstick and he wasn't having it!

I Remembered- To call in and pay my electric bill on my credit card. Good thing too....much longer and we would have been living in the dark!

I Cleaned- My house up a bit, just minor straightening & changed all the sheets on the beds. It's going to be a busy week. I doubt much housework will get done.

I Left- Annalee and Ax with Anika while I ran to town. Annalee was sleeping and Ax was playing a game. It makes for a MUCH faster trip when I can go alone.

I Bought- Groceries, Fuel, Diapers and Pull Ups & Toilet Paper. I hate having to pay for necessities. It's really not fun to shop for stuff you need!

I Snacked- On Chips and Salsa...I'm just going to pretend like I didn't finish off the whole jar in one setting...okay?

I Needed- To hunt our Portable DVD Players out. We will be taking them on vacation with us. It didn't happen though, maybe tomorrow.

I Showered- Very quickly so I could get in and out before Little Lee woke up.

I Wore- White Capris and a Headband- two things you won't see me wearing very often. I guess I was feeling rebellious

I Spent the Evening- At Vacation Bible School with my kids and a slew of others. It was so much fun. It was crazy hectic but I think it was because the turnout was much larger than anyone had imagined. I'm thinking there was between 80-90 kids today. Hopefully the crowd just keeps growing everyday.

I Wish- I had taken VBS pictures. Both my kids are in the same room (the one my Mom teaches) and they did some cute stuff. There was songs, snack, craft, a letter from Moses and more! I'll try to remember pictures tomorrow!

Mom and I Decided- That the VBS literature they sent her is way over the kids heads. Her age group is two to four. Tonight she put me in charge of finding simpler ideas for them the remainder of the week. I scoured the net and have tomorrow planned for her. I'm hoping it goes much smoother!

I Encouraged- Dustin to just let some things go. He's having a pretty rough time right now and I don't want him to get angry and burn bridges that cannot be rebuilt.

I Tried- Lemon Oreo's....if you haven't tried them you need to go buy some like RIGHT NOW!!!!

I Cooked- A pizza after VBS- I have no idea why I bothered, I was the only one who ate any of it

I Pondered- On if I wanted to take my camera back and exchange it for another or not. I'm not real sure I like it. I guess I'll decide later, I still have a few days to make a decision.

I Read- That Nebraska is getting hit hard by tornado's. Prayers for all those involved

I Think- I'll get ready for bed shortly. I'm exhausted tonight. I'm going to write my Hubby a letter (today makes 14 days of sobriety for him) and then I'm going to cuddle with my kiddos and go to sleep. Hubby is on 2nd shift this week so I don't get to see him at night :(

Tomorrow- Should be another busy day....We hope to attend Summer Reading at the Library in the morning if we can get up and get ready in time. I HAVE to start a list of stuff to do before we leave for the beach and a list of things to take to the beach. Anika, Dustin and Mom are going over to the college tomorrow at 3:30 to get Dustin all set up for the Fall Semester and then we have VBS again tomorrow night. Life as a mom sure is busy but it sure is a blessing :)

Dear Friends- Hope each of you have had a wonderful Monday. I'll be back soon- till then, take care!

Love Angie

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