Tuesday, June 3, 2014

It Can't Rain Forever

It's been a few days since I've blogged so I thought I'd do a post for you tonight. I've had to remind myself time & time again these past few days that it  "Can't Rain Forever."  It's been a tough week or so. Anika is doing some better but definitely not well yet. I have some personal matters going on in my life that are really taking a toll on me. To top it off, my Grandma fell today. Thankfully she didn't break anything but she is pretty sore. While I feel pretty hopeless tonight, I know there are brighter days ahead. I just have to stay positive. I could write this post and complain about all that is going wrong...I don't want to do that though. I decided it would be much more productive for me to write all about what is going right. What better way to find the little blessings than a Thankful Post! Here you go, Thankfulness ABC Style!

I am Thankful For:

A- Anika having better days. Taking her out of school this last week was a very wise decision. She seems happy and her happiness makes my world a better place. While I know we have a long way to go, every baby step is important.

B- Beautiful Summer Days that allow the kids to get outside and play!

C- Cookies from the mall. Mom & Anika brought me a 1/2 dozen Sugar Cookies from the Great American Cookie Company today. They are by far my favorite!

D- Dustin Graduating and all the fun it's brought for all of us. Dustin is Anika's boyfriend and we couldn't be more proud of him. He graduates High School this Friday night and we are all so excited to go watch him. Sunday our Church recognized him with a medallion and card. It was super nice of them. Yesterday Anika and I went to the mall & had his hat airbrushed for him. We also picked up his Graduation presents. Anika got him a very nice bracelet with their names engraved in it and a pair of Nike Swim Trunks. My Parent's got him a Bible with his name engraved on it and I'm giving him money. We will be having him a Graduation Party Friday night and then him and Anika will be attending his Project Graduation lock-in.

Dustin's Bracelet Anika got him

Class of 2014

E- Eating dinner at the Olive Garden with my Mom and Kids! I had the most delicious plate of Ravioli ever. It was a nice evening, we need to get out together more often.

F- Flowers in bloom. I don't have a green thumb but I LOVE flowers. Today I took photos of my Grandma's flowers. They were just beautiful, especially the lilies. 

G- Grandparent's who love my children just as much as they love me. My Mom and Dad go out of their way to help and support my kids. There are so many kids who don't have that in their lives and I realize just how blessed mine are!

H- Hope....without Hope we have absolutely nothing

I- Innocence of my Children. Life is tough and the older you get, the more you realize it. While I feel like our life is being turned upside down right now, I watch Annalee and Axle go through their days without any knowledge of it. I watch as the biggest problem in their day is who is going to swim first. Unfortunately Anika is older and most of that innocence is gone. I hate how she now sees life for what it is, the good and the bad. I realize it's part of the growing up process but it's definitely a hard part of it. Having two little one's who sees all the good in the world is refreshing. It helps keep a smile on my face.

J- Jesus and always having him walk with me. During all trials in my life, he is who I turn to. During blessed periods of my life, he is who I owe my praise to. I know that no matter where life takes me or what decisions I make, wrong or right, he will not leave my side. That is a comfort that you can find no where else.

K- Kindness in my heart- While sometimes I feel as though it's a flaw, I know it really isn't. I am too forgiving and too compassionate sometimes but I know that I was made that way for a reason.

L- Luck and my Mom is thankful for it too. I was told several times this week I should play the lottery. I don't really consider myself overly lucky but I must admit when it comes to drawings and raffles, I do pretty good. This week I won a beautiful wreath from a local drawing. I knew my Mom would love it and I was so right. It's now hanging on her front door!

M- Mall fun for the kids! While our trip to the mall and dinner was enjoyable for us adults, the kids enjoyed it too. They rode the quarter machines and played in the play yard!

N- Night silence and being able to sit down and relax. The days are hectic here and with 2 little one's I sometimes feel as though I'm living in a zoo. Just having my night time hours when everyone is asleep and the house is all mine is such a blessing!

O- Outdoor adventures with the kids! I love being outdoors and enjoying the simple things, my kids love it just as much. It's amazing to see the beauty all around us.

P- Patience that I've gained with age. It's incredible how patient I can sometimes be with my children. Poor Anika never got to experience that with me when she was younger. I was 19 when she was born and patience was not one of my strong points. I can honestly say that having more patience is one of the perks of having small children later in life.

Q- Quotes that are very inspirational. They sometimes make me do my deepest thinking.

R- Realizing that I am in control of my life and emotions. While I must admit, medication has been a huge help with this, lots of it comes from my mind. I think at some point you have to take control of your life and lately I've been very proud of myself for doing just that.

S- Sunday Services with my children and parent's. I always receive such a blessing when I get up and go

T- Time that I get to spend with the ones I love the most. Although there never seems to be enough time, the older I get the more I realize that any time is a precious gift.

U- Unconditional Love and Support. I am so blessed beyond measure to have a wonderful support system of family and friends. No matter how tough life can be, I know they always have my back.

V- Visits with my Grandma. I am an only Grandchild so her and I have always been very close. While her personality has changed so much due to strokes and dementia, our bond is still as strong as ever. Her health is deteriorating rapidly and I realize how precious every visit and conversation is. That woman will always own a huge piece of my heart :)

W- Watching my boy at his Headstart Moving Up Ceremony. While Mr. Axle was nervous and anxious, it was still a blessing to watch him. He may not have walked out on his own (okay his dad carried him) or he may not have participated in the songs BUT I was still a super proud mom. He's quite a fella!

X- X-Rays that showed no broken bones from Granny's fall!

Y- Years passed and wisdom gained. It's so true that wisdom is gained through experience

Z- Zero days of school left for the summer. It's officially Summer Break for our family and that makes us happy people!

There you have it friends....it's amazing how much we have to be thankful for. It sometimes may take a little soul searching but if you look deep enough, you will find so many blessings.

Hope you and yours have a great rest of the week.
I'll drop in again when I can


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  1. What a great list! I hope Anika continues to do better, and I am so sorry to hear about your grandma's fall. It is so scary when that happens :( Sounds like you have a lot to be happy for!