Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Happy List

Good Evening Friends...I hope this post finds all of you doing well. I'm blogging semi early for me tonight. It's not even 11:00 yet! My crew is all asleep though except for Anika and she's eating Fruit Loops and watching television. Today has been a busy day and for the most part a good day. You know, there was a slight setback or two but nothing to complain about really. I woke up drenched in pee this morning thanks to me 3 year old BUT a nice hot shower solved that problem. I took both little one's out and about today & by the end of the trip, they were melting down. No sweat though, a nap solved that. My biggest problem of the day was/is the fact that Blogger still isn't letting me read your blogs. My reader is only showing one blog (the most recent) and in order to see the others, I have to click on them individually. That is way too time consuming. After a quick google search, I found I'm not the only one having this problem so hopefully it will be fixed sooner than later! It's really annoying me!

Okay, I didn't come here to complain today though. Actually, I came here for quite the opposite. I wanted to to share my happy with you all & so here is today's happy list! Enjoy!

Happy List for 06-24-2014

* Sleeping in until 10:00 am and yes you will always find this on my happy list!

* Getting to take an uninterrupted bath today. I know, such a small thing but seriously it makes my heart smile. Thanks Anika for keeping the babies occupied!!!

* Anika's before and after hair! She got it cut and colored today. Oh my word is it not only drastic but super adorable on her. Here, see for yourself.



* The cozy Maxi dress I wore ALL day long. It seriously felt like I was living in my pajamas

* This picture of Annalee. It was an attempt to show you her cute pig tails today but ended up being an epic fail. She had her head turned so you couldn't see them. When I downloaded the picture, it was priceless. I haven't ever saw a funnier expression and if you look real hard you can see a naked brother hiding in the background and he blends in with the floor.

* Laughing till my side hurt while on the phone with my Mommy over the above photo.

* A very long conversation with my Sister in Law today on the phone. I love her dearly.

* Getting MOST of our stuff bought for our Beach Trip at the Dollar Store today. My Walmart list is now much shorter.

* A seriously awesome family physician. I can't say enough good things about him

* Getting all our medications lined out for our beach trip. We are going to be gone awhile

* The new pharmacy I switched too last week. I'm sorry Rite Aid but I'll never be back. They are amazingly quick, friendly and accurate plus they are cheaper :) 

* Rice Krispie Treats- it's a family thing

* A Yummy Cheeseburger from the Dairy Bar, they are the best

* Axle singing Little Lee a lullaby in the car because she was crying. He can seriously be the sweetest thing ever when he wants to be

* Air Conditioning- It's hot out folks

* The fact that my kids can manage to entertain themselves endlessly by laying on a blowing air conditioning vent

* 3 more days till Vacation- Woo Hoo!!!!

* Finding my Husband 3 new shirts that he will actually wear. He's picky when it comes to clothes. Don't try to ease him out of his comfort zone, it won't work.

*  New "Disney Cars" swimming trunks for Axle on clearance for $3.00. I love a good deal

* Axle still loving his sand table even though I'm NOT really loving having sand all over my house

* Lee Lee taking a 3 hour nap right after a major meltdown. This momma needed her to go to sleep

* Finally finding Mom a cake for her birthday. I have to pick it up tomorrow

* Sunshine even with the heat. It beats the heck out of winter anyday

* My Uncle offering to feed the cat while we are away. One more thing I don't have to worry about

* My Husband- I adore him and I really adore the fact that he's almost made it 1 whole month with NO ALCOHOL!!!!

* Attending my Cousin Chloe's swimming party today. She turned 10 years old. My kids had the best time.

My Momma, Aunt and Cousin

Cutest baby ever

Val and her gal :)

This little girl was so cute

Birthday Girl got a new bike

Look at all those presents

Yummy Cake

My Lee loves to Swing

How cute is she?

Ax loves to swing too

My cousin Britt and Chase on the slide

My boy

Swimming Time

Lee Lee is ready

I think I was trying to pose!

My Handsome Daddy

Anika couldn't swim, she just got her hair colored :(

Me and Hubs swimming with the babies

Such fun

Look at her smile

My cousin Tristan

My cousin Chase and his daddy

I love family time

Dustin doing the honors of hanging the pinata

Pinata fun

My nieces Madeline and Violet

Present Time!!!

* Getting to hang out with my Sister in Law- You all know how much I love her :)

* This adorable outfit my Sister in Law made for Annalee for the 4th of July!

* Getting to go to bed before midnight and with that said, I'll bring this post to an end

Tomorrow is another busy one for us. We will be going to Walmart for our last shopping trip before vacation. Tomorrow evening we are celebrating my Mom's Birthday at her house. July is a month of celebrating for us and I LOVE EVERY MINUTE OF IT!!!!

I hope you all have a great rest of the week
I'll be back tomorrow with more party pictures

Night Night


  1. Hope you have a great vacation! Thanks for all your kind comments on my blog! :)

  2. Anika's new hairstyle is so lovely, it really suits her. Lovely to read your happy post - you sound really upbeat. Hope you all have a lovely holiday.

  3. Those are great pictures!

    If you use Bloglovin' then you won't have the issue with Blogger Reader. I hope this helps.

  4. Anika's haircut is adorable!

  5. I don't know how you can blog so late! I'm not a night person at all so if I tried to write a blog post that late, nothing would make since. lol. I wake up at 5:30 to start on my blog stuff :)

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