Friday, June 20, 2014

Fifty Things This Friday

I really want to type up this post and then spend endless hours reading your blogs. Truly, that is really what I WANT to do. I'm exhausted though, it's been a long week. My body says I NEED sleep and so after I finish up my post, I'm going to bed. Sometimes we just need to be smart and listen to our bodies and not our minds. Today has been another ridiculously busy day so I'm just going to share 50 Things with you about our Friday. Trust me, as much as we packed into day, coming up with fifty things will be a breeze!!!

1. I woke up fairly early this morning. Well, fairly early for me anyway. I think it was about 8:30 when I ventured out of the bed.

2. As soon as I woke, I realized Dustin didn't wake me to take him to work. Sure enough he was still sound asleep on the couch. Needless to say today ended up being a personal day for him.

3. I had these big plans of staying home today but they just didn't work out. Axle got stung yesterday while out in the yard. I'm still not sure what stung him. He was up and down last night crying with it and this morning he was swelled and all red. It's on the bottom of his foot. I figured I'd run him to the doctor and see what was going on. Then when Anika woke her eyes looked horrible. They started hurting her yesterday and by this morning they were swelled and red. I knew once I saw her a doctor's visit was a must.

4. Our wait time at the doctor was minimal. When we arrived, my friend Christie was there with her son Matt. They think he broke a bone in his hand or something but won't have the results back till Monday.

5. The doctor gave Anika some drops. He said that it was an infection under the eye lid. He of course used some fancy name that I now do not remember. As far as Ax, he said that it was just the tissue swelling and he gave him some steroid cream. It has seemed to help.

6. The kids doctor is also Anika's Soccer Coach. I was telling him how they said she couldn't play this year because I was going to homeschool her. He said he had read the rules and regulations and it was a county by county decision in Kentucky. Apparently the board members have to decide. I'm still debating about submitting our request to the board or not. I'm just not sure it's worth the hassle.

7. Not only did we have to go to the doctor today but we also had to go to the Truancy Office. The lady called yesterday evening and said we had to be there today at 11:00. Anika had done all her truancy requirements BUT the school had apparently misplaced the workbook and her service learning project she turned in. Luckily the lady knew she did it and isn't making her do it over. She just had to have us come in to amend the truancy agreement. It didn't take long but was still a chore I hadn't planned on having to do.

8. I picked up some new brakes for my van today. Hubby is going to put them on this weekend. It will be another item checked off the to do list. The van is almost road trip ready, we just need to put the tires on.

9. I was so excited about getting the kids DVD players hooked up in the van the other day. I even bought Axle some new movies at K-Mart. We have had the players for a few years now but only use them on long trips. Well wouldn't you know they tore up today. I'm still trying to decide if I should buy new ones or not. I'm thinking I probably need to, it will probably make the trip much smoother.

10. I actually cooked today. It's the first time in what seems like a long time. I guess it really hasn't been that long but we have been so busy we have been eating out a lot. I made burgers today and they were quite good. I get sick of eating out after awhile.

11. We discovered a not so good thing today. We had a hole in our hallway wall for sometime and Hubby patched it with drywall. Well apparently Hubby doesn't do very good patchwork because about 6 months ago it fell through. What once was a little hole has now been a BIG square for the past 6 months because he cut it out even in order to patch it. While I've planned on fixing it again, it's just slipped through the cracks and hasn't been done. Today Hubby told Ax to go throw his paper away and we noticed he took it into the hallway and come back without it. Upon questioning him, he explained he put it in the hole in the wall. I immediately got a flashlight and low and behold the hole has apparently been a throw away place for a long time now. It was stuffed completely full of food, clothes, toys, etc. I thought I was going to die. It's amazing we don't have rats the size of cats in the hole. I suckered Dustin into cleaning it out for me. It's not a job I wanted to do!!!!

12. Tonight is Hubby's last night of 2nd shift for three whole weeks. This makes me VERY happy. Next week he works dayshift and then the following two weeks he's off for vacation. He's also off this weekend. This girl is smiling!!!

13. My kids miss their daddy when he works second shift. The good thing about Summer is that he gets to hang out with them a little bit before he goes to work. Today they hung out and played the Play Station! He's a really good dad.

14. One of the things on Hubby's to do list was to take down part of our privacy fence. It had to be done before the kids birthday parties. Our yard was big enough for the slide I rented but where we would have had to put it, there was power lines overhead. I talked with the neighbors and they said we could use the portion of their yard right behind the fence so we took down a few pieces to make it accessible from our yard. I think it will work out well and am so grateful they let us use their property. Hubby got it done today and it doesn't look nearly as bad as I thought it would!

15. While Hubby was taking down the fence today, he killed another baby snake. This makes about three. I hate snakes!!! I've always been told where there is babies, there is a mommy. I am NOT happy about this. I'm buying some mothballs tomorrow to put under and around our house!

16. Annalee took a good LONG nap today and I should have been using my time wisely and marking off my to do list. Instead, I napped. It was a short 1 hour or less nap but still, it refreshed me enough to make it through the rest of the day.

17. Our beach rooms are paid in full as of today- Myrtle Beach, here we come :)

18. I really thought it was going to rain out the VBS Celebration for tonight. About 2 hours beforehand the rain was really coming down.

19. We got lucky though and the rain stopped in time for the Celebration. Tonight was the last night. While it's been an exhausting week, it's also brought me much joy. I was pretty sad to see it end.

20. I snapped these pics of my Mom and her Sister's tonight at the celebration- don't they look alike?

21. The Celebration ended up being a huge hit. This week we have had over 100 kids every night of VBS except for one and then it was 80 some I think and that was the first night. So many young people learning about God. Tonight the kids sang their songs for their parents, ate hotdogs and tons of desserts & played on inflatables. It was definitely a good time for all!

22. The kids are supposed to sing in Church on Sunday. They are letting all VBS kids sing the songs they have learned this week. I'm not seeing Axle doing that anytime soon. I must say today though he did stand up and do the motions. It's the first time this week. I was super proud of him.

23. As soon as the celebration was over, the rain set it. God was super kind to us for sure :)

24. I've never been so annoyed with a pharmacy as I was today. I dropped Anika's prescription off early this morning and this evening when I went to pick it up they informed me they couldn't have it till Monday. Really, she wouldn't even be able to see by Monday. It was that point that I left, went to the new pharmacy that opened in town and had all my prescriptions transferred there. I hated to leave Rite Aid but they have gotten so doodless. I hear rave reviews about this new place so hopefully it was  a good switch.

25. My house still looks pretty good tonight. I did some minor straightening this evening. I have clothes piling up again that need washed but that is never ending around here.

26. Anika and Dustin made a white cake with chocolate icing tonight and it was THE BEST!!!! I don't know if it is the PMS that is making me crave chocolate like a mad woman or what but right now I can't get enough of it.

27. I got a surprise in the mail today- a check for close to $200.00. Yay for money we didn't know was coming!!!

28. My kids were all in the bed by 10:30. This week has exhausted them too.

29. I packed most of Little Lee's stuff for the beach tonight. What I couldn't pack, I made a list and put on top of her suitcase so I'll know exactly what I need to throw in there when I can. I think I'll work on Mine and Axle's tomorrow.

30. Hubby and I plan on pressure washing this house down this weekend. It needs it and it's a must do before the kids birthday party.

32. I went to my Brother in Law's house this evening to pick up a title for the Hubby. His driveway is crazy rutted out and I felt like I was four wheeling in my mini van. I spent my tires for what seemed like forever trying to get out of it. It scared poor Lee to death. She cried and cried. My Brother in Law laughed at me of course and said "woman drivers"!!!

33. We thought about going to the lake Sunday but not sure if we will or not, we have so much other stuff we need to get done.

34. My Uncle called today, he's selling his Pontoon boat. He wanted to know if I could help him list it online. He's supposed to stop by tomorrow and let me help him.

35. Hubby is supposed to help a buddy of his from work fix his truck tomorrow.

36. My poor Aunt fell today and broke three bones in her leg. They will be doing surgery on her Monday. Praying all goes well and a speedy recovery for her. She isn't a young woman and the surgery is going to be very hard on her.

37. I need to shave my legs something terrible. I've been too busy this week to get around to it. It's the first thing on my list for tomorrow.

38. Speaking of tomorrow, Anika and Axle are going to go shopping with my Mom and Anika is going to get her nails done. I hope to get a lot accomplished while Mom has little man. It's always easier with one kid than it is with two.

39. Next week is going to be another busy week. I have tons of packing, planning, etc to do plus we have two birthday parties to attend!! I'm exhausted just thinking about it.

40. Speaking of birthday's, mine is coming up on July 8th. I'll be celebrating mine at the lake since we will be camping. I'm thinking I deserve steaks for dinner that night!

41. I emailed and confirmed the slide tonight for the kids birthday party. We will be getting it from 11-8:30 which is a big span of time. Annalee wouldn't have anything to do with the Inflatables tonight so I'm not sure if she will play on it or not. Ax on the other hand loved the one's tonight but wanted someone to go with him every single time. I'm thinking once he gets used to the one here he will have a blast. He's already made me by him goggles for it though. He doesn't like water in his eyes!

42. I don't think I'll buy them a present for their birthday. I know that sounds terrible but they will have two weeks of fun between the beach and camping plus they are having a big party. I think that is more than enough.

43. Anika has already informed me of what she wants for her Sweet 16- Most kids want a car, my kid wants to go to Disney. I'm totally okay with that since it falls through our Christmas Vacation. I'm thinking Christmas at Disney sounds amazing :)

44. I wanted to take a cruise in March with the Hubby. We were talking about it the other night and how we were going to do both in a few months apart of one another. Then it dawned on me, income tax! I'm hoping to use our income tax for our cruise. Yes, I love to travel and no I don't have money but what money I do have, I don't mind spending it to travel. Mom and Dad will never understand me. They would rather have nice things in their home and so forth. Me, I'd rather make memories!!!

45. Have I told you lately that my life is good? It is, it really is. I feel beyond blessed most days. I'm happy and like really truly happy :)

46. I'm so proud of my Husband, he still isn't drinking. If he can make it through this weekend he will be going on 3 weeks. That is pretty darn good in my opinion.

47. Speaking of Hubby, I can't wait for him to get home. I miss him when he's away :(

48. This post has turned into nothing but me rambling. I guess I had lots to say tonight. Sorry if I've bored you to death.

49. With that said, I'll close now. I'm going to bed

50. I'll leave you with this thought for the night!!

Goodnight Lovelies
Enjoy your Weekend!

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  1. Not bored, just exhausted!! And when you said 50 things, I didn't think there would really be 50!!! I think I read about half!!