Sunday, June 15, 2014

Father's Day 2014

It's Father's Day and while I have a whole host of important men in my life, I won't bore you all with the details of each and every one of them. Let's just say that I'm blessed beyond belief when it comes to influential fella's that I've known or know. I hope each of them had a wonderful Father's Day!

As for our family, we started out our Father's Day by waking up early and surprising Hubby with his gift. The kids woke him up to show him what they got him. They got him a new reclining camping chair that he just loves. It will be perfect for all our lazy camping trips! I think Annalee loved it too, she stayed in it most of the morning!

Anika made everyone Toast & Jelly for breakfast and then we got ready for Sunday Service. While I wish that I could have convinced Hubby to go, I didn't push. That is something that hopefully he will come around to doing with us in his own time. Of course Axle didn't go either. Trying to get that child to go anywhere is like pulling teeth!

It was a great service with lots of beautiful singing! My parent's were there along with my Grandmother. Annalee acted like a wild child so about half way through we took her into Children's Church. I'm happy to report that she did just fine with it. That might be where she hangs out on Sunday's from here on out.

After Church, I dropped off Dustin at his house so he could spend the day with his Step Dad and Grandpa. I ran an errand or two and then grabbed some KFC to bring home for lunch. I was hoping to come home and Hubby would have figured out what was going on with the truck he's been working on and it be up and running. Instead, I came home to three guys staring under the hood of it. It seems it is puzzling most everyone.

We ate some lunch and then Hubby informed me that he decided to trade off the truck for another one. Yep, it defeated him and he even admitted it! While I hated to see it go after he had invested so many hours of work into it, part of me was relieved that he would just have something up and running & we might get to see him a little this week. Him and his brother got everything loaded up while Ax played in the garage and then they pulled the non running truck to his brother's house. Axle of course went along for the ride! He doesn't miss anything that has to do with vehicles!

When I came back inside Anika and Lee Lee were both sound asleep. I took advantage of the quiet time and done some blog reading. It was SO NICE to read in absolute silence. One of the little joys of the day!

Awhile later, Hubby and Ax came back with the new (used) truck we now own. I must say, I'm not impressed. Good thing I don't have to drive it!

We hung out for a bit and Hubby checked out his new ride. Then he took a quick shower while I woke the girls. We got cleaned up just a little, picked up Dustin and went to my Parent's house for a Father's Day Celebration!

Mom outdid herself as usual, there was tons of yummy food. I ate so much I thought I might be sick.

Daddy opened his gift from us which was just 2 pairs of shorts and a few new T-Shirts. He needed beach clothes so that is what he got!

We hung out, chatted, laughed and told stories the rest of the evening. My Grandma was there with us and the neighbor (our cousin) walked up to visit. It was definitely a very nice evening. Daddy had a great time and that was the ultimate goal!

When it was time to leave, Ax cried because he wanted to stay longer and play on the computer so Mom let him stay as well as Anika and Dustin. Hubby, Lee and I left and took my Grandma home, then we came on home. Hubby spent about 2 hours outside working on his truck, vacuuming it out and so forth. Lee and I straightened up the house and just hung out.

Lee hit the bed around 9:30 and Dad brought the kids home around 10:00. Hubby and I watched a great movie on Lifetime but was seriously disappointed in the ending. After it went off, he ventured to bed with Axle! Anika was already asleep by this point too.

I decided to type up this post before heading to bed myself. You know me, I like to write about our events the same day they happen. I'm just weird like that.

Tomorrow Hubby starts a week of 2nd shift which I hate but I'll deal with it, I always do. The kids and I don't have too much planned this week or so it looks right now. It seems our schedule changes and we end up having more than we think at the start of the week. Tomorrow night does start Vacation Bible School at our Church so we will be there every evening from 6-8 pm. Anika and Dustin are working and I'll be hanging out there with my kids. It should be fun for all of us.

I'm counting down the days till we are BEACH BOUND- Only 10 more to go :)

Hope you all had a great day celebrating those special guys in your lives!!

Happy Almost Monday- AGAIN!


  1. sounds like a wonderful fathers day celebration!!!

  2. what a great day!!

    happy almost beach vacation!

  3. Sorry about the truck, but good he has a working one now.. though yes it seems like a couple of trucks put together or something :) Glad you had a nice father's day.