Monday, June 23, 2014

Back to the Grind

Evening Friends...well I guess technically it is night time, not evening time! My evenings are always so full that I never get to actually post in the evening time. I do most of my "quiet stuff" as I call it late at night after the two little's have gone to sleep.

Today it was back to the grind for all of us. While it's not been a fun filled day, it's definitely not been a bad day! Here's a few good happenings on this Monday!

* I got to sleep in till 10:00 and you all know how I LOVE sleeping in. Pure bliss I tell you :)

* Hubby worked dayshift and dayshift weeks always make me happy!

* I got insurance put on my van finally and got a copy of the insurance card faxed to me. It's in the van and ready for the road.

* I also marked off my to do list "mail paperwork". While I technically didn't mail it, I did drop it off at the Courthouse and they are going to mail it for me. I should have done it a bazillion days ago. It's just one of those nagging tasks that I'm finally glad is completed.

* I got the laundry done up again! I should only have a load or two to do right before we leave for vacation.

* Laundromat Photos were taken. Doesn't everyone take photos at the Laundromat?

* My friend at the Store cashed a checked for me. Thank Goodness, without her I'd been in trouble today!

* I laughed my butt off at Anika, she was seriously a silly goose today. She was just amazed that the jail birds were in the grocery store shopping with the jailer. It doesn't take much to amuse her.

* We had sandwiches for lunch today with tomato- Ham, Cheese, Tomato and Mustard makes a nice sandwich!

* Lee Lee took a 3 hour nap

* I tried to nap but got woke up several times. I think I might have snoozed about 15 minutes tops. It's okay though, it did make me feel a little better.

* Anika got the van cleaned out and ready for our trip. Tomorrow we will vacuum it. We also got the kids strollers loaded into it. Vacation is getting close!!!

* I got the housework done today and fairly quickly! Once again, I just done damage control but it's enough to make it livable.

* I talked to a friend today that I hadn't heard from in forever. Seriously, it's been years!! She is my grandma's home health nurse and when she realized it was my grandma, she called me from her house. We are planning a lunch date in a few weeks and I cannot wait!

* I got some more stuff gathered up for our trip. The kids clothes are now loaded in the camper for when we return. Things are coming along slowly but surely.

* We had breakfast for dinner and it was absolutely the best. I'd much rather have breakfast in the evenings.

* When it cooled off this afternoon, I worked outside cleaning off the porch and cleaning up the yard. It looks much better out there now.

* I FINALLY put sand in the kids sandbox. While Lee was amused a short 15 minutes, Ax played with it for literally 3 hours or longer. He loves it.

* Hubby got brakes put on my van today. Another item to mark off his to do list. He also got the camper and boat hooked up and ready to go for when we get back! He's been quite productive this afternoon.

* Lee Lee might have walked away from her sandbox pretty quickly but this horse will ALWAYS be her favorite. She loves to rock!

* Anika spent most of her evening reading. She's such a bookworm. She takes it after my Daddy

* Hubby and I sat on the porch awhile and chatted about the next couple of weeks and how much we are looking forward to them. Such a blessing to have time with our family to relax and have fun!

* I made a list of items I still need to buy on Wednesday when we take a trip to Walmart. My list is long, much longer than I wanted it to be!

* Our AC has been going full throttle today- It's been so hot out

* Dustin worked from Noon till 9:30 pm today. He's making that extra spending money for our trip

* Ax caught lightening bugs tonight for the very first time ever. He had such a blast. I had to fix him a jar and lid to put them in and they are now sitting on his dresser. Such a sweet moment!

* Anika got her shower tonight so she wouldn't be rushed trying to get it done tomorrow morning. She is going with Mom tomorrow and they are leaving fairly early!

* I've got a list of things to mark off tomorrow and while planning this trip combined with a camping trip and a birthday party has been chaotic, I know it's all going to be worth it.

Really folks, that is all I have for you tonight. It's been a busy but productive day here in the Newsome household. Tomorrow we will be out and about part of the day and then tomorrow evening we will have some fun and enjoy my Cousin's Birthday Party at the pool!

Anika goes for a haircut tomorrow and is cutting a lot of it off. She's also changing the color. Be looking for the new Anika pictures tomorrow night.

I'm going to try and read a few blogs BUT my reader is acting stupid tonight so I might not get to many. Just know if I don't get to yours, I'm thinking about ya!!!!

Till Tomorrow,


  1. Sounds like you had a productive day and a productive day is always a good day :)

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