Thursday, June 26, 2014

In the Home Stretch

I had planned on doing a Goal Update & June Recap but then my daughter informed me that I didn't really NEED to do one. I brushed her off and later on started thinking about it. She's right, I don't need to do one. While it's usually something I do, we are extra busy right now with vacation. I've still got things left to do before tomorrow night & a blog recap and goal update aren't necessarily that important. Sorry friends, maybe next month I'll work one in.

Today was productive thank goodness. We are in the home stretch of being ready for vacation. Here's what we accomplished today and a little of the things that happened around here!


I Slept- Way later than I needed to. You know, I say this every single day. I guess I should just come to terms with the fact that I'm never going to be a morning person. I used to think that when I got old (like 80), I'd eventually grown into one of those people who got up with the chickens. As time goes on and I get older, I just don't see it happening. I think I'll always be a late riser.

I Wore- A pair of ragged denim bermuda shorts and the Hubby's tee. My hair was a mess & I wore no makeup. I'm sorry to anyone who had to see me!

I Appreciated- Dustin loading up all the dirty laundry for me so I could go to the laundromat

I Ate- Cereal for lunch! I'm not a breakfast person but a good bowl of cereal for lunch is fine by me

I Finished- The last of the laundry! I'll  probably have to do a load or two while on the road but for the most part, I'm done till after vacation.

I Picked Up- The rest of Anika's medication. Everyone has all their medicines for the trip now

I Talked- To my Momma like a bazillion times. She has spent her day playing with her new camera we got her for her Birthday. She NEEDS to be packing. They are leaving out on Saturday to join us.

I Listened- To the kids DVD Players the entire time we were running errands. Axle LOVES them and sits extremely quietly. Annalee on the other hand isn't so thrilled with them. I find them quite annoying but I guess (hope) by the end of this trip I'll learn how to tune them out.

Ax watching his movie and fake smiling for the camera

See, told you Lee Lee could care less about the movie!

I Ordered- Two more new tires for the back of my van. Hubby insisted we had to have them. I about choked out, that is $400.00 worth of tires in 2 days. I guess at least the van should drive good.

I Laughed- Until I literally cried. Axle yelled for me to come help him. When I got to the living room he had pulled his pocket on his shorts inside out. He looked at me so seriously and said "there is a sock in my pocket and I can't get it out." I spent the next 15 minutes explaining that it wasn't a sock but it was the lining of his pocket. I had to make Dustin pull his pockets out to prove it to him. Never a dull moment around here!

I Planned- On running into the courthouse really quick and licensing my car. Nothing is ever that easy. First, they informed me that because I bought it off a dealership, I had to go to the dealership and pick up the title. Why they didn't give it to me to start with is beyond me. I griped but then drove a 1/2 hour to pick it up. I went back to the Courthouse and was told it was out of State and had to be inspected. I got the Sheriffs office to inspect it and FINALLY was able to license it. What should have took 15 minutes ended up taking over an hour!!

I Bought- A few more necessities for our trip. I think it's safe to say we have everything we need now.

I Saw- My Sister in Law in town. I didn't get to talk to her but for a minute but I was glad I got to see her again before we left. I'm sure we will be chatting on the phone while I'm gone.

Dropped Off- Dustin at his Mom's. He went to visit his Grandma this evening. She is very sick with cancer and he didn't want to leave without seeing her.

I Made- One final To Do List for tomorrow!!!!

I Wanted- A nap but there just wasn't time :( 

I Officially- Finished packing all of our things and boy did we have quite a bit!

I Decided- To call our hotel and inquire as to if they had Pack n Plays available before I loaded Annalee's up. Luckily they did and they don't even charge. I'm sure glad I called, it saved us a lot of room in the van!

I Thought- I better clean out the fridge before we left. I didn't want to come home to a bunch of grossness!

I Hated- That Hubby had to work outside till after dark cutting grass and weeds. He worked all day and then worked around here 1/2 the night. It had to be done though to keep the snakes away!

I Adored- Little Lee's painted fingers and toes. Thanks to her big sissy, her fingers and piggy's are beach ready!!!

I Cooked- Spaghetti for was super easy and not much of a mess. Just what I was looking for. Ax LOVED it and ate 2 plates full. That is totally unusual for him.

I Enjoyed- A nice quiet bath. That is an unusual happening around here so it was a good moment. I even had time to shave my legs!

I Saw- Two rabbits playing at the end of my driveway. They were so cute. I didn't have my camera handy or I would have snapped a pic

I Talked Anika Into- Painting my toes and fingers! She did a lot of painting today between Lee and I. They look so much better too.

I was Reminded- By Anika that I hadn't ever took a pic of her beach nails so here ya go!

I Smiled- When Anika packed her Build A Bear for her trip. She's had the Bear for at least 13 year now and she has taken it on every vacation with us. I'm just glad she doesn't think she's too old this year!

I Was Ecstatic- When we FINALLY loaded the car! Things are getting real now folks

Prepared for Tomorrow- By making everyone get baths tonight. It will make our day go so much smoother tomorrow. Ax even got his haircut tonight and Hubby cut his too!

Let Anika- Color my hair and she did a good job. I don't have dye all over my head or anything. It turned out darker than I initially thought but I'm good with it.

Because I know you wanted to see a pic of me with 
hair dye on my head and no makeup!

I Watched- Bits and pieces of Kate Plus Eight. You know the one where the kids are all bigger now. I wish I would've had time to sit down and watch it all. I used to love that show.

Munched On- Too much chocolate cake, for real!

I Am Thankful- That God has blessed our lives so much. We sure don't deserve the gifts he gives us.

Tomorrow is finish up mode for us. I have a hair appointment, Dustin has college stuff to get done, I'm having two tires put on my van & there is some other assorted tasks that have to be completed. Tomorrow evening when the Hubs gets home around 6:00 he will shower and we will be off. Our first leg of the trip will be to Ashboro, NC were we will find a hotel and spend the night. I'm so excited to get on the road. I'm planning on trying to blog nightly while we are on vacation but we will see how that goes. 

Hope you guys have a fabulous Friday tomorrow!!!

Much Love,

Wednesday, June 25, 2014


Anyone who reads my blog very often knows I always have A LOT to say. Sometimes I think I write too much but then again I like to keep it real and our days usually consist of a lot! Today is no exception, it's been super busy and I have a lot to say. I decided that it was a good day for a little Confession Session!

Today I Confess

* That I should have gotten up early and stayed up but I was just too tired. It all turned out okay, I got done everything I had to anyway even with the extra sleep.

* That the reason I was so tired this morning was because I stayed up WAY too late last night. I posted my blog post and had every intention of going on to bed. When I finished my post, I was shocked to see my Google Reader was working. Of course I spent too many hours then reading blogs!!!

* That I did manage to wake up at 5:30 this morning and see the Hubs off to work

* That Hubs is getting excited for vacation- he told me this morning, only 3 more days!!!

* That after Hubs left I couldn't go directly back to sleep so I blog read some more. It wasn't until 6:30 when Ax got up wanting some more milk that I decided I better lay back down with him or I'd never function all day long....SMH- I really need to quit doing that!

* That it wasn't until 10:30 this morning that I actually rolled out of the bed for the day. I'm so lazy!

*  That Ax was over the moon excited when my Mommy called and asked him to spend the day with her. He loves his one on one Nan time!!!

* That Ax made her a birthday card before I took him and dropped him off & he was so excited to give it to her. When I let him out of the car, he sprinted to her front door in the pouring rain. Of course she doted over the card like it was the best thing since sliced bread!

* That I cracked up at Axle asking us not to surprise Nan with a party yet because he wanted to play on the computer first!!

* That  I was totally bummed when I went to the beer store and they only had 1 12 pack of the Non Alcoholic Beer the Hubby drinks. I was needing it for vacation. Luckily Walmart came through for us!

* That I went to the Dollar Tree today to find Princess Decor for Lee's Party. After searching high and low there and at Walmart, I gave up. There is none in sight.

*That during our shopping extravaganza at Walmart, I noticed Lee Lee did NOT have a diaper on. Apparently Anika forgot to put one on her when she dressed her this morning. Her dress was wet, the carseat was wet and all I could do was laugh. Of course Anika immediately took her outside to diaper her. Poor Kid!

* That I had to go buy 2 new tires for my van today. They were $100 each balanced and mounted. It about smothered me out. They do look good though & my van drives much better.

* That the guy at the tire place tried to convince me that I needed 4 new tires but I thought he was just doing it because I was a girl. Come to find out when Hubby checked them when I got home, the guy was right. The back two are dry rotted. Looks like I'll be putting on 2 more before we leave. Sucks!!!!

* That I almost got us killed. I'm not even exaggerating. I went to do an illegal U-Turn (yes I know) and almost drove right out in front of a Trailblazer running 70 mph. Oh my god, I thought I was going to quit breathing it was so close. I'm so thankful the good Lord above was watching over us.

* That I spent too much money in Walmart today. I hate Walmart for that reason

* That I do LOVE my new beach bag I got from Walmart today. I mean I really LOVE it!

* That while we are still going to the beach (it's already paid in full), we are switching our vacation plans around a little. On the way down we will be stopping overnight and visiting the NC Zoo and then on our way home we MIGHT add a few nights in Pigeon Forge, TN instead of camping. Guess we will just see how it all plays out.

* That while at Walmart today I bought my kids a new set of DVD Players for the car. Their old set broke. At first I thought about just not getting them but then I decided that it might help Lee with riding a little better. Hopefully they are worth the money I spent on them.

* That Wendy's probably thinks I'm a crazy woman. Every time I order there I always order a Small Chili in a Large Cup. I do this so I can drive and eat!

* That I seriously worried Mom's DQ Ice Cream cake would melt before I got it home. Thankfully it did not.

* That my Grandma is getting out of control and we have no idea what to do with her. Her dementia is getting worse by the day and she is very hard to deal with. She is very hateful and mean most of the time. We don't want to put her in a nursing home until it's the very last option but she is very hard to care for. It's so sad to see that disease take her away from us.

* That I'm already dreading winter. I heard on the radio today that it is now officially 6 months till winter. This makes me want to move very far South!

* That my head thought it was going to hurt today but I battled it with Motrin. Take that you stupid headache!!!

* That I've got our overnight bag packed and ready for the road. My Beach Bag is packed too, just missing the sunscreen. It's getting real my friends.

* That my house is seriously suffering due to us being so busy the past two weeks. Oh well, it will be here when I get back I guess.

* That I wasn't going to make a hair appointment before the beach but broke down and decided to. I go Friday at 2:30 for a cut and to have my face waxed!!!

* That every time I let Dustin and Anika drive, I worry myself sick. I let them go to town to get milk and vacuum out the car today. I never let them drive unless it's daylight and I only let them go about 10 minutes from our house but still, I worry. I guess it's the mom in me.

* That Lee Lee is a great hider. In fact she is so great that sometimes it's very hard to find her. I don't know how many times I've went into a complete panic because she was missing. Not funny kiddo!

* That I have some of the best Aunts in the world. Today my Aunt Retha helped me plan Mom's party and buy food & then my Aunt Leanna brought Annalee two new beach dresses she got her. Seriously, I'm blessed!

 * That Mom's party was a hit. She had a blast and LOVED her new camera my family & daddy got her!

Anika and Dustin Chillin'

My Uncle Dave

My Precious Momma- The Birthday Girl

Momma and Lee

Ax not wanting his picture took

Chloe and Anika- Cousins!

Handsome Chase

Aunt Leanna and Cousin Chloe

Cornhole Game

Aunt Eva, Granny & Little Lee swinging

My Momma and Cousin Brittany

Uncle Dave being silly!

Yummy Ice Cream Cake

Mommy getting Happy Birthday sung to her!

Granny singing

Presents Time

Aunt Retha lounging

More Presents

Mommy loaded up

I thinks she had a wonderful day!!!

* That I LOVE Birthday Parties :)

* That I almost forgot to put my camera on charge and I'm so glad that I didn't. I'd be devastated if I didn't have these pictures to share.

* That I'm totally excited for vacation- 2 more days!

* That I'm going to blog read a little and then hit the bed. Tomorrow is yet ANOTHER busy day for us

My crew is all sleeping except Anika and I'm getting ready to put her tail in bed. Happy Wednesday Friends
Much Love to you all!


Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Happy List

Good Evening Friends...I hope this post finds all of you doing well. I'm blogging semi early for me tonight. It's not even 11:00 yet! My crew is all asleep though except for Anika and she's eating Fruit Loops and watching television. Today has been a busy day and for the most part a good day. You know, there was a slight setback or two but nothing to complain about really. I woke up drenched in pee this morning thanks to me 3 year old BUT a nice hot shower solved that problem. I took both little one's out and about today & by the end of the trip, they were melting down. No sweat though, a nap solved that. My biggest problem of the day was/is the fact that Blogger still isn't letting me read your blogs. My reader is only showing one blog (the most recent) and in order to see the others, I have to click on them individually. That is way too time consuming. After a quick google search, I found I'm not the only one having this problem so hopefully it will be fixed sooner than later! It's really annoying me!

Okay, I didn't come here to complain today though. Actually, I came here for quite the opposite. I wanted to to share my happy with you all & so here is today's happy list! Enjoy!

Happy List for 06-24-2014

* Sleeping in until 10:00 am and yes you will always find this on my happy list!

* Getting to take an uninterrupted bath today. I know, such a small thing but seriously it makes my heart smile. Thanks Anika for keeping the babies occupied!!!

* Anika's before and after hair! She got it cut and colored today. Oh my word is it not only drastic but super adorable on her. Here, see for yourself.



* The cozy Maxi dress I wore ALL day long. It seriously felt like I was living in my pajamas

* This picture of Annalee. It was an attempt to show you her cute pig tails today but ended up being an epic fail. She had her head turned so you couldn't see them. When I downloaded the picture, it was priceless. I haven't ever saw a funnier expression and if you look real hard you can see a naked brother hiding in the background and he blends in with the floor.

* Laughing till my side hurt while on the phone with my Mommy over the above photo.

* A very long conversation with my Sister in Law today on the phone. I love her dearly.

* Getting MOST of our stuff bought for our Beach Trip at the Dollar Store today. My Walmart list is now much shorter.

* A seriously awesome family physician. I can't say enough good things about him

* Getting all our medications lined out for our beach trip. We are going to be gone awhile

* The new pharmacy I switched too last week. I'm sorry Rite Aid but I'll never be back. They are amazingly quick, friendly and accurate plus they are cheaper :) 

* Rice Krispie Treats- it's a family thing

* A Yummy Cheeseburger from the Dairy Bar, they are the best

* Axle singing Little Lee a lullaby in the car because she was crying. He can seriously be the sweetest thing ever when he wants to be

* Air Conditioning- It's hot out folks

* The fact that my kids can manage to entertain themselves endlessly by laying on a blowing air conditioning vent

* 3 more days till Vacation- Woo Hoo!!!!

* Finding my Husband 3 new shirts that he will actually wear. He's picky when it comes to clothes. Don't try to ease him out of his comfort zone, it won't work.

*  New "Disney Cars" swimming trunks for Axle on clearance for $3.00. I love a good deal

* Axle still loving his sand table even though I'm NOT really loving having sand all over my house

* Lee Lee taking a 3 hour nap right after a major meltdown. This momma needed her to go to sleep

* Finally finding Mom a cake for her birthday. I have to pick it up tomorrow

* Sunshine even with the heat. It beats the heck out of winter anyday

* My Uncle offering to feed the cat while we are away. One more thing I don't have to worry about

* My Husband- I adore him and I really adore the fact that he's almost made it 1 whole month with NO ALCOHOL!!!!

* Attending my Cousin Chloe's swimming party today. She turned 10 years old. My kids had the best time.

My Momma, Aunt and Cousin

Cutest baby ever

Val and her gal :)

This little girl was so cute

Birthday Girl got a new bike

Look at all those presents

Yummy Cake

My Lee loves to Swing

How cute is she?

Ax loves to swing too

My cousin Britt and Chase on the slide

My boy

Swimming Time

Lee Lee is ready

I think I was trying to pose!

My Handsome Daddy

Anika couldn't swim, she just got her hair colored :(

Me and Hubs swimming with the babies

Such fun

Look at her smile

My cousin Tristan

My cousin Chase and his daddy

I love family time

Dustin doing the honors of hanging the pinata

Pinata fun

My nieces Madeline and Violet

Present Time!!!

* Getting to hang out with my Sister in Law- You all know how much I love her :)

* This adorable outfit my Sister in Law made for Annalee for the 4th of July!

* Getting to go to bed before midnight and with that said, I'll bring this post to an end

Tomorrow is another busy one for us. We will be going to Walmart for our last shopping trip before vacation. Tomorrow evening we are celebrating my Mom's Birthday at her house. July is a month of celebrating for us and I LOVE EVERY MINUTE OF IT!!!!

I hope you all have a great rest of the week
I'll be back tomorrow with more party pictures

Night Night