Sunday, May 4, 2014

What Makes a Perfect Weekend

Good Evening Folks,

Just wanted to drop in before bedtime and catch you all up on the happenings around here this weekend. It's definitely been one PERFECT weekend! Here's what a perfect weekend is made up of in my opinion:

* Spending Friday out hitting up Yard Sales with my Mommy and two little ones! We scored some fantastic deals! Way too much to photo but here are two of my favorite finds!!

Cute stools for the kids- $1 Each!

Amazing Diaper Bag- $5.00

* Being so thankful that I didn't send my son to school Friday. They had a chemical reaction explosion. No one was hurt except the cleaning lady who is still in Intensive Care. I would have totally panicked though. Prayers that she pulls through it with no long term damage.

* Lunch at Charlie's Grilled Subs- It's the best!!!

* Hanging out with my Momma for awhile at her house and snapping these beautiful photos of her yard!

Mom's beautiful Ferns!

She has pots of plants everywhere

Hummingbird Feeders- She has several of these

Swinging with their Nan Nan!

* A trip to K-Mart with the Hubby & Kids! We finally bought the kids a swingset :)

* Hubby being off work on Saturday

* Hitting up MORE Yard Sales on Saturday with Mom, Anika and Annalee. Another great day of great scores!

* Having lunch at Dee's Drive Inn- It's been years since I ate there and the food didn't disappoint. It's totally cool to have your food brought to your car on a tray too!

* Hubby and Ax getting the swingset put together. It looks great :)

* Lounging around outside- What a gorgeous Saturday it was!!!

* Grilling up Burgers Saturday Evening and enjoying eating them outside. A bonus, my Dad stopped by for a visit and he had dinner with us too!

* Anika having a friend over to spend the night. We hadn't seen her in forever so it was good for all of us to visit with her. She's actually our cousin and we just love her to pieces!

* Snuggle time with my Hubby...that just can't be beat :)

* Sunday Morning Service with my Mom, Anika, Little Lee, Holli and Dustin. I'm one blessed Momma for sure. I couldn't talk Ax into going but he sure wanted in the photos!!!

* Taking the kids out in the hills. We LOVE being outdoors. 

* Dropping by the In Laws for a visit and Axle getting to take his first REAL tractor ride. He was one happy boy :)

* Taking the time to Photograph my Hubby's Grandparent's Old Homeplace. They have both passed now and the plan is for some of the family to tear down the house soon. I thought today would be a wonderful day to get some photos.

* Late dinner at Taco Bell

* Being at Home Sweet Home on a Sunday night with all those that I love dearly

Definitely not a weekend to complain about friends
Let's hope next week is just as good to us
Hope you all had a great weekend too!!!



  1. It does sound perfect!! That Axel looks like one happy little boy with that fantastic swing set! HE had a great weekend too it seems! Loved your mom's house! So she lives nearby? Here's hoping your week is as wonderful as this weekend was!!

    1. PS....I loved your chaise lounger. I used to have one like that! I re-webbed it many, many times.....I loved it!

  2. Your moms place is just beautiful, I really love a front porch!! Looks and sounds like the family had a wonderful weekend!!