Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Under the Weather

I couldn't decide if I wanted to blog tonight or not. I've decided to let my desktop go back though and will be unplugged until I can get a laptop. I figured I don't want to be any further behind than I have to. I hope to blog from my Mom's from time to time but no promises. If you notice I'm gone, never fear, I will be back....eventually!

Today has been very uneventful. Frankly, I have felt like pure crud most all day long. I woke up this morning around 9:00 and knew within just a few minutes that we would not be attending Day Camp. I had actually been debating if I wanted to take Lee or not. When I had first planned on taking her, I assumed Axle would be in school. This is his last week so I planned on him going everyday. My Aunt (his teacher) is sick and not able to go. Ax doesn't do well without her so we decided instead of forcing him to go and disrupting his routine at school, it would be best if I just kept him home this week. We will probably go up Friday and let him say goodbye to all his friends but pretty much school is officially over for him. While I could have taken him to Day Camp with us, I knew he was going to be out of his element and wouldn't participate. Last night I was up in the air as to if I wanted to do it or not but when I woke up sick, I knew it was a no go!

It was pouring the rain when we woke this morning and the kids and I were moving slow. They lounged around and watched cartoons while I laid around and tried to start feeling better. A Motrin and a few hours later, I felt like I might be able to make a trip to town. I dressed the kids and we waded through the water and mud to get to the van only to find that the battery was dead. This makes twice this has happened to me. While we could have rode Hubby's 4-wheeling vehicle, it was raining and since it has no top, I wasn't in the mood to get soaked. Luckily my Uncle Dave came to my rescue and boosted me. We finally got to town and ran our errands.

I had to drop off Anika's school excuses at school along with her Soccer Uniform. She forgot to take them with her last night when she went to Mom's to spend the night. I also had to run to the Dollar Store for some diapers. Ax had a boat he was determined to take to town with us and he packed in at the Dollar Store. I have no idea what his fascination was with it today.

We came home and nothing would do him but to bath with the boat so I put him and Lee in the tub. They fought the ENTIRE time they were in there. Lee kept hitting him with a cup which led to him screaming and crying at the top of his lungs. I finally gave up and made Lee get out. Wouldn't you know, within 5 minutes later Ax got out too. Kids, I will never understand them.

Lee was super hateful and having one meltdown after another. I had no clue what was wrong with her but I thought I'd see if she wanted to lay down. It was only 11:30 which was way earlier than her normal nap but she must have been really tired. She immediately went to sleep. I was so sick I couldn't hardly hold my head up so I shut up the house and laid down in my bed. Ax woke me every 10 minutes or so but I laid there for 3 hours! I dozed on and off. He was a pretty good boy, he watched cartoons and played with his trucks. He just woke me to check on me cause he knew I was sick. There was no way I could be mad at him for that!

When I woke I had to get myself cleaned up a bit and get the kids dressed so we could go pick up Sissy from school. Dustin came home with us today. He's going to be gone tomorrow and Thursday. The Senior Class is going to Cedar Point for their Senior Trip! I hope he has a great time, he deserves it.

I ran a few errands and then we came home. Anika and I did a little housework. We made it look liveable anyway. Sometimes I don't know what I'd do without her. I started supper and Hubby came home shortly after. In the midst of cooking, I realized I needed Italian Dressing and didn't have any so Hubby watched the kids and finished up supper while I ran and got some. We all ate and it was delicious.

Hubby and I spent some time in the camper this evening debating on if we want to add a larger bed in the back room or not. We are still undecided as to what we are going to do. After that we settled on the couch and watched several episodes of Storage Wars! I love that show.Before he went to bed we sat on the porch for awhile and chatted. Little Lee played in her swing and we watched a storm roll in. It was a beautiful night out.

My Mom picked up Dustin on her way back through from a meeting around 9:30 and took him home for me! I sure appreciated her saving me the trip.

Hubby went to bed and Anika took a shower. I cleaned up my kitchen, laid out the Hubby's work clothes and straightened on my living room!

It's now time for me to head to bed! I hope you all have had a good Tuesday. I'm looking forward to the weekend already. At least it's going to be a short week!

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