Thursday, May 8, 2014

Two Days of Thoughts

Today your getting 2 days worth of my thoughts. Beware, this could be dangerous or boring. I'll let you decide!

I meant to blog last night but I just never could bring myself to do it. Frankly, my mood wasn't great. It's not that I had a bad day, I just let the stress of little things get to me. Anyway, I didn't get around to doing it and so tonight I'm making up for it. Are you ready for this bunch of randomness I'm about to throw at you?

* Our Wednesday started pretty much like any other weekday morning. I woke up and got the kids up for school. Actually, Anika was already up and getting ready when I woke. She's getting pretty good about hearing the alarm clock.
* Ax didn't throw too much of a fit when I woke and dressed him. It was mild compared to some mornings.
* Mom picked the kids up for school and this gal went back to bed. I really need to get out of the habit of doing that.
* Hubby ended up waking me around 10:30. He wanted me to gather him some stuff so he could make a run to town. While he was gone to town, I hit the shower with Annalee in tow. It's so difficult to shower with a 2 year old splashing water all over the floor from the outside of the tub.
* After Hubby got his errands ran, I ran to town to grab some stuff for lunch. I just got a Digornio Pizza to throw in the oven. Quick and Easy.
* I fixed lunch and then we all ate together out on the porch. I really need to build a small deck and get a patio set. We eat outside all the time. It's my favorite thing to do in the Summer!
* After we ate, Hubby and I chatted while Annalee played. Her and Ax both would rather be outside than anything else.

* Around 1:00 I had to pack Hubby's bucket and he got ready for work. Lee and I sure hated to see him go. She cried & cried. That has became the new normal for her everyday when he leaves. Daddy has to make money though.

* Lee and I loaded up & ran to the school to get Axle. His teacher said he had a good day. When I asked him how school was, he said "it was horrible." Typical Axle, he never admits to enjoying anything.

* We came home and both Ax and Lee napped. It's a blessing when they both nap at the same time

* I worked on bills, bills and more bills. This is the point in the day I started getting really stressed out.

* At 3:00 I had to wake Lee and Axle so we could go to the school and pick up Dustin and Anika.

* We had to make a trip to the next county over to try on Dustin's Tuxedo and Anika's Dress. They both came in and we did the final fitting. Thankfully they both were perfect. I paid another $130.00 for Alterations, a Bracelet and a Necklace!! The dress is here though and the tux is at Dustin's. I'd say we are pretty prepared for the big event Saturday.

* I ran Anika to the nail salon to see if they would sell us a tube of glue. They wouldn't, go figure. The lady said it was dangerous. I'm thinking I don't want nails put on anymore if it's dangerous. Let's face it, she just wanted us to pay to have them put on. Thanks but no thanks!!!

* We grabbed dinner at Little Ceasers. There are just days that there is no time to cook

* I dropped Dustin off at his house, ran home and changed Little Lee and then we headed to my friend Christie's. She's doing the kids flowers and needed to see the dress to match up the ribbon!

* We of course ended up staying forever and talking. Christie and I could chat endlessly for days. The kids (mine and hers) hung outside together. Matt (her soon) pushed Axle and Annalee around in a shopping cart him and his cousin made years ago. They thought it was the coolest thing since sliced bread. Can you say redneck?

* The kids enjoyed popsicles before we left! Talk about some messy kids, I had them!!!

* It was late when we got home so I washed Annalee down and Anika bathed Axle. Both kids went to bed fairly quickly. They were exhausted from all the outside playtime.

* I once again started in on the bills. Not a good idea! I finally just got frustrated enough around 11:00 pm to call it a night.

* I forgot to take my night medicine which was a VERY bad thing. I tossed and turned for hours. I stressed for hours. I finally realized my anxiety was kicking in overtime so at 1:30 I gave in and just got up. I read a few blogs to try to change my thought process.

* Hubby came home at 2:30 am. He and I chatted a bit and he ate some leftovers in the fridge. He said he was going to work out in his garage for a little while so I decided to lay back down and try it again. At this point I must have been totally exhausted because I fell right to sleep.

* My sweet Hubby knew that I'd never get up this morning so he ended up staying up the remainder of the night and woke me around 6:15 this morning. His garage was spotless, he had burnt all the garbage, he had fixed the lights on his blazer, painted Axle and Lee's car & showered. I know he was exhausted. He's quite the guy :)
* When I got up, he and I talked for a bit before he went to bed. Actually having a morning conversation with him was nice.
* Anika got up as soon as her alarm went off and I woke Ax shortly after. He actually did really well today getting ready for school. Mom said he didn't do so well once they pulled into the parking lot though :(
* I went back to bed as soon as the kids left this morning. I was still totally exhausted. This girl cannot go on 3 hours of sleep!
* I didn't wake until 10:30 when Lee woke up. Thank God she's such a good sleeper. I got her up, changed her butt and dressed her. Then we did her normal routine, I fixed her some milk and she watched cartoons.
* While she was occupied, I got dressed and then we headed off to town. I had to run to the store.
* When we got home Hubby was still asleep so I put the groceries away, cleaned up my kitchen and started lunch.
* I finally woke him at Noon so he could eat. We had Taco Salads today.
* He and I got about an hour to hang out & talk before he had to go to work. It sucked but I guess that is just life. Lee of course cried like she was dying when he left. Poor girl loves her daddy.
* Her and I loaded up and went to school to pick up Bubby. He had a surprise for me today. He made me this for Mother's Day. I SERIOUSLY adore it!!!!

* He had also saved Lee Lee a cookie from his snack. She was one happy camper. Isn't that the sweetest thing? I'm so glad he loves his sister so much.

* We came home and both of them napped again today. Score for this Mommy!!!

* While they napped, I called and talked to my Sister in Law awhile. We were talking about her upcoming baby shower and ideas for it. She's having her first boy. She already has 3 girls so they are pretty excited.

*  I also worked on a Summer Schedule some more. It's still a work in progress but coming along.

* Finally at 3:00 I woke Lee and Ax & we went to the school to pick up Anika and Dustin. The High School had a mock car accident today and the cars were still sitting in the grassy area turned over. Axle thought it was so cool. They did it because of prom this weekend. It was a lesson on not drinking, speeding or texting while driving. It was a great idea I think and Anika said it was actually a very good program.

* Dustin had a hair cut appointment so I dropped him off there and then ran Anika to her Counseling appointment. The kids and I didn't have anything to do so we thought we would use our free time and go visit Granny.

* Granny was glad to see us. We sat on the porch with her for awhile and then the kids played out in the yard. She even had to open up the old storage building behind her house so Ax could see what was in it. I told her they would keep her on her toes if she'd let them.

* Annalee pretty much yelled dog the entire time we were there. Annalee is NOT a fan of dog although this has actually became a new thing. Mama has a mini pincher which really looks more like a bear. It's seriously obese. She's going to kill it but you can't tell her anything. Don't believe me? I took a picture of it to prove it.

* We ended up hanging out about an hour and then headed back out to get the other kids. We picked up Dustin first, his hair looks MUCH better. Then we went and got Anika. I stopped by the store (yes again) on the way home.

* I promised Ax he could ride his car today and the temps were 90 degrees so I couldn't not let him. I figured since I do SO much for Anika and Dustin, they owed me one. I sent them outside to watch the babies while I cleaned.

* I got my house picked up and my kitchen and living room floor mopped. I'd call that progress.

* The kids had a blast outside. Axle LOVES the car and he loves the fact that it's white now and not pink!

* After I got my cleaning done, Anika and Dustin walked up to the neighbors to help him change out the beds on his truck. They ended up hanging out up there for awhile. I made my Little's come in so I could start cooking. I think they were ready though.

* I made up a big pot of spaghetti and then called for Anika and Dustin to come home. We all ate (except for Axle) and then I ran Dustin home. My little's were wiped out needing to go to bed.

* By the time we finally got in for the night, it was after 9:00. Ax and Lee immediately went to sleep. They both needed baths but I guess they will get them in the morning.

* Anika has been trying on clothes and getting her stuff ready for tomorrow. I think she's finally about ready for bed.

* Tomorrow is going to be busy. Hubby, Lee and I will be attending a Family Picnic for Axle's school tomorrow. It's going to be at the park so the kids should enjoy it. Tomorrow evening we are taking Anika and Dustin out to the railroad tracks for some Pre-Prom Photos! I'm hoping to get some of my little two as well. It's going to be a long day.

* The weekend isn't looking much calmer, between Prom and Mother's Day, we are going to be busy.

* With that said, I NEED to get my butt in bed ASAP! I'm going to need my rest.

Happy Almost Weekend Friends!!

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