Thursday, May 1, 2014

Thursday's Confession Session

Hello Everyone...I seriously just looked over at the clock and realized it's almost 11:30 pm. How in the world did it get so late so fast? Ah, time sure does fly by these days. Anyways, I wanted to get today's post up before I went to bed so I thought I better get busy. It's past time to get my butt in the bed!

I'm going to do a little confessions session for you today. Those are always fun, right?

I Confess: That I seriously did not think I was going to be able to drag my butt out of bed at 5 am today but I did. I spent too much time on Pinterest last night instead of sleeping. Seeing as how I'm up even later tonight, I don't assume tomorrow will be any better.

I Confess: That I was absolutely shocked Axle agreed to let me take a picture of him this morning. I'm so glad he did though, it turned out so cute!

I Confess: That I was really disappointed that I didn't get to hit up Yard Sales with my Mommy today. While the weather actually cooperated, my mommy was sick. She has a ruptured disc in her back that is laying on a nerve and it's about to kill her pain wise.

I Confess: That I went back to bed after Anika & Axle went to school and didn't get back up until 11:30. Yep, totally why I'm not sleepy.

I Confess: Annalee might just be the best baby in the world. When I woke at 11:30, she was just sitting in her playpen playing with a stuffed animal and jabbering away.

I Confess: That I absolutely LOVE turning my calendar to a new month. Something about a fresh new month just makes me happy. I also love seeing the slots partially filled up. That usually means we are going to be busy and I'm one that likes to be busy!

I Confess: That when I pulled into Ax's school today and saw several cop cars, a firetruck,, an ambulance and the Health Net Helicopter, I might have momentarily freaked out. Come to find out it was career day for the Elementary School kids and they were there to let them tour the vehicles and talk to them about their occupations!

I Confess: That I hadn't planned on Lee napping today but she insisted. I was sure she would skip her nap since we slept in so late but as soon as Bubby laid down and fell asleep, she grabbed her blanket and bottle and stood beside her bed waiting for me to put her in! I told you she was a good kid :)

I Confess: That I had to bath Ax before I sent him to school this morning. The boy has a bad habit of taking his Pull Up off at night. Last night he did and then he peed all in MY bed! Needless to say it didn't wake him so he pretty much wallowed in it the rest of the night. He stunk this morning!

I Confess: That the above caused my room to stink 1/2 the day. I ended up having to wash all the bedding and scrub the mattress. Thanks little buddy, Mommy loves extra work!!!

I Confess: That I was seriously happy to see Sunshine instead of Rain today!!!!

I Confess: That if I don't go to the grocery store soon, we may starve to death

I Confess: That I was super excited when the Tanning Salon called me to tell me I'd won their tanning lotion package they were giving away. I entered when I bought my sessions and never dreamed I'd win. I won the Snooki collection. Can't wait to try it out!

I Confess: That I'm really dreading taking the kids to the Doctor tomorrow. They are both past due on vaccinations and I know it's not going to be fun. Thankfully my Mommy is going with me.

I Confess: That at 2:00 today I could have easily went back to bed AGAIN!!! I have no idea why I'm so tired.

I Confess: That a part of me wanted to go camping this weekend and a part of me didn't. We decided not to go so we will be home this weekend!!!

I Confess: Nothing is sweeter than seeing Lee Lee hug and kiss her Bubby while he's sleeping. Melts my heart every single time!

I Confess: That I'm really hoping to buy my kids a swingset this weekend. We are going to look at them tomorrow evening.

I Confess: That it's ridiculous how unproductive I've been this week

I Confess: I left my key turned to far forwards today and I ran my van battery dead. Thank God that Mom was able to pick up Anika for me. The worst part, I had to call our neighbor to come jump my vehicle and he's only fifteen. I really should learn some auto skills!

I Confess: That I thought about losing my temper and yelling like a mad woman when Ax poured (accidentally) a whole bottle of Dr. Pepper out in my new van. I didn't though and just told him it was okay I'd clean it. Frankly, I felt bad because he spilled all his soda. He loves Dr. Pepper!

I Confess: That when I changed Lee's diaper today, I noticed her whole bottom half of her body was covered in glitter. Apparently she found some of our school stuff and had a glittery good time. I ended up having to bath her to get it off of her and then clean my bedroom floor because it was EVERYWHERE!!!

I Confess: That I am I seriously glad it's payday, we wore broke!

I Confess: That because it was payday, I ordered Pizza and Breadsticks for dinner. Yes, you can call me lazy!

I Confess: That my Hubby really pissed me off today asking me to drive 20 minutes to get him beer. I didn't like it but I did it. I treated myself to a piece of Strawberry Crunch Cake from our Dairy Bar on the way :)

I Confess: That my daughter is definitely one of a kind. Sorry for the blurry picture but I had to share. She has quite the fashion sense LOL

I Confess: That I spent way too long looking at Summer Ideas for the kids and didn't get to read any of your blogs tonight. Oops, sorry about that.

I Confess: That if I don't get my butt in bed, I'll never get up tomorrow!!

Goodnight Friends
Happy Almost Weekend!

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