Tuesday, May 6, 2014

The Breakdown

Today has been a pretty typical day for us. Okay, I'm not sure we have a "typical" day BUT today was a pretty easy day to document so I decided to give you a breakdown of how things go down around here. I know there is a link-up for this type post and let me just say, I never do link-ups. My main reason is that they are complicated and I can't figure out how to get the button, how to get my text to turn into links and so forth. I'm pretty computer illiterate when it comes to things like that! I can only hope that using a post as inspiration for my own post isn't stealing in the blog world. If it is, I apologize in advance!

Hour By Hour

7:00 am Hour

* Woke up and Woke Axle. Anika was already up and getting ready
* Got Axle ready for school. It took Anika and I both to get him dressed
* Filled out a permission form for Axle's Field Trip this Friday- It's Family Day at the Park
* Talked to the kiddos for a bit and tried to convince Axle he liked school. He was NOT buying it
* Mom came- Axle had to be packed to her car because he refused to walk
* Had to sit down & compose myself after his raging fit. Let's just say I don't drink coffee but I still got my morning energy boost!

* Took my Morning Medication

8:00 am Hour

* Watched Property Virgins! I really LOVE that show. Come to think of it, I like most Real Estate Shows

* Mom called and gave me an Axle update. She said his tantrum this morning upon arriving to school was about normal. Nothing any worse than any other morning. That is a good thing!

* Ended up falling asleep on the couch!

9:00 am Hour

* I was sleeping so no picture, sorry!

10:00am Hour

* Hubby woke me up. Lee was already up with him
* Changed icky diaper
* Opened up front door- It was already a beautiful day outside

* Hubby went outside to finish cutting grass
* I called the Bridal Shop to check on Anika's Prom Dress (they said they would call the seamstress and call me back)

11:00 am Hour

* Called and ordered us some lunch at the Dairy Bar
* Called Mom to see if she had heard anymore from Axle, she hadn't
* Put on some clothes (sort of...if you count sweat shorts and a tee as clothes)
* Lee and I ran to town (she was still in her pj's) and ran errands
* Picked up our food and headed home
* Lee rode her scooter while I got our food plated up. She loves the scooter!


* Ate lunch with Hubby on Lee on the porch, my favorite. Food taste so much better outdoors
* Hung out and chatted with Hubby a bit while Lee played in the yard
* Hubby finished up the grass and put away his mower. He's such a hard working man!

* I packed up Hubby's bucket and got his stuff ready for work

1:00 pm Hour

* Hubby left for work and Lee threw her usual fit. She cries every single day when he leaves
* Lee and I went and picked up Bubby from school
* Met with his teacher about his OT Evaluation. They still have to score it but the OT thinks he did well
* Kids and I came home
* Hubby called- updated him on OT Report
* Called my Mom and updated her on OT Report
* Changed Lee's butt, gave her milk and put her down for a nap
* Gave Ax milk and turned on his cartoons
* Lee refused to nap, she's about to give up her daily nap. Lord help me!
* Ax fell asleep within a few minutes

2:00 pm Hour

* Even though Lee didn't nap, she was content playing in her crib so I grabbed some Internet Time!
* Was super excited to see on FB that our county has a Glo Run and Party Scheduled. I'm so going!

* Mom called and said the Bridal Shop called her and said Anika's dress was in. No idea why they called her but whatever. I was just glad it was finished :)

3:00 pm Hour

* Got Lee out of her crib and changed yet another smelly diaper
* Cleaned up my kitchen a bit
* Started some laundry
* Took out the trash
* Remembered Anika had a Poster and Reports due tomorrow for truancy. Called her cell and reminded her
* Straightened up my living room
* Filled out two school documents for Axle's teacher
* Rent to Own stopped by in regards to a computer payment. I paid the minimum to buy myself some time. I'm thinking about letting me desktop go back. This would mean being unplugged for awhile BUT for what I pay in 2 payments I could buy a cheap laptop. Decisions kill me. It's a nice computer but it's really probably not worth the money!

* Got Lee cleaned up a bit for her First Steps appointment

4:00 pm Hour

* Brushed my hair and changed into some appropriate shorts. I just felt the ones I had on were a tad too short
* Finally got Maggie's gift bagged up and set on the bar. Hoping I can remember to drop it off to her tomorrow. It was her 1st Birthday this weekend and we missed it but I got her two cute outfits :)

* Straightened up my bathroom
* Folded a load of laundry
* Reloaded my Washer and Dryer
* Updated my Calendar. There is always something to add during the Spring/Summer months
* Lee was such a good girl the whole time. She just sat in her room and read books!

* First Steps came to see Annalee

5:00 pm Hour

* First Steps was here working with Annalee
* Axle woke up and was in a very good mood

6:00 pm Hour

* Took the kids outside to play
* I cleaned off my porch and then sprayed it down with the water hose. It NEEDED it!
* We finally got Axle's watermelon planted. I still need to pot his daisies

* We watched the cat in the process of killing a ground mole. I was so grossed out so the kids and I came back inside.

* Ax and Annalee were playing. It resulted in Axle falling and busting his mouth. I spent the next bit tending to a bleeding boy who was hysterical. Luckily it wasn't too terribly bad. I put ice on it in hopes of reducing the swelling.

7:00 pm Hour

* I started Supper
* Unloaded and Reloaded the Dishwasher. I love my Dishwasher!
* Did another load of laundry
* Straightened up my Bedroom and Axle's room
* Laid out everyone's clothes for tomorrow- such a time saver :)
* Changed out my purse. I bought this cute black and white one at a Yard Sale and am ready to carry it!

* Our neighbors stopped by for a minute so I talked to them
* I finished up supper

8:00 pm Hour

* The kids and I ate. We had fish sticks and macaroni and cheese. Ax ate a ton. He's finally eating better.
* Tried to blog read a little but it was a no go. My kids just weren't having it
* Put the kids in the tub and got them bathed

* Cleaned up the dinner mess while they were bathing. There was macaroni everywhere
* Got the kids out of the tub and dried off. Got Lee ready for bed
* Laid Lee down and she was out like a light

9:00 pm Hour

* Finally got to blog read a little while Ax watched cartoons
* Ax got scared so I quit reading and went in the living room with him & watched Peppa Pig
* Called to see when Anika was coming home. Dad said Mom had already left to bring her
* Took my night medication
* Watched some more Peppa Pig
* Wrote the Hubby a note updating him about or evening. We communicate a lot through notes :)
* Anika finally got home. Chatted with her a bit

* Reviewed my Bucket List- I love Bucket Lists. Okay, I just love lists
* Changed my FB Profile picture to my Mother and I in honor of Mother's Day this week!

10:00 pm Hour

* Started typing up this blog post
* Ax decided it was time for bed so I made him some milk and he went on to sleep
* Anika took a shower 
* I fought with a bug...darn touchscreen computer!

11:00 pm Hour

* Just now finishing up this post
* Going to head to bed soon!

In Other News:

* I'm totally stressing over money...like totally. If you know me, you know that never happens
* Anika got her Truancy stuff finished tonight. Hopefully that will keep us on the worker's good side
* Tomorrow evening I have to take Anika to pick up her Prom dress. We are both excited
* I'm missing my hubby..I seriously hate 2nd shift

Well friends..night night...this gal is going to bed
Catch up with everyone tomorrow



  1. I would vote for just buying a laptop. Those rent to own deals get you in the end.

  2. your days are long and oh sooooo busy....and they end much later then mine. i LOVE lists and labels and anika is gorgeous!!

  3. I'm a list lover as well.

    About Axle's crying when he has to go to school every day: I remember that happened with our oldest. She cried every day when going to daycare. For MONTHS. Then she finally stopped. Then I quit my job, took her out of daycare and stayed home with her. Then she cried every day WANTING to go to daycare!

    I think it is whatever their routine is. Kids don't like change - or at least mine didn't!