Thursday, May 1, 2014

Random Wednesday Stuff

I know I posted this morning but I wanted to post tonight too. I try not to double post in one day BUT I like to post my posts on the day they pertain too. I'm sure none of you notice if I'm posting something that happened 3 days ago but honestly, it drives me crazy. I guess it's just a pet peeve of mine.

Today has been another pretty uneventful day. It's rained pretty much the entire day so we have had to stay in. Here's a little of what what we have done today though.

I woke: At 7:20 this morning. Yep, I almost majorly overslept. Thankfully I didn't though and both kids managed to get to school and on time.

I read: Several blogs this morning. I'm so loving getting so much time to blog ready. It's pretty awesome!

I adore: The way my Lee Lee stands and bounces in her crib smiling from ear to ear saying momma when she first wakes up. It's so precious.

I enjoyed: Listening to the birds chirping this morning!

I remembered: That it's time for an April recap so here you go. Here's the main things that made up our April 2014! Some good and some bad but all just a part of life.

* My Aunt Debbie passed away. We attended her Visitation and Funeral

* I had a severe Omnicef reaction & had to go to the Urgent Care

* Axle had has 1st School Field Trip & Lee and I got to attend!

* Anika got a new boyfriend and luckily we really all like him

* I hit up the Thrift Stores several times and scored some awesome things

* We went camping THREE times!!! So much fun :)

* The stomach bug hit our house hard. Everyone ended up with it except for me

* I made a new 101 in 1001 list & have been making some progress on it

* I finally got my kitchen cabinets stripped down

* We have spent lots of time outside

* We had two fantastic cookouts at my parent's house

* Axle flew a kite for the very first time & loved it

* Axle and Annalee both caught their very first fish

* We had our first experience on an actual Row Boat

* We celebrated my cousin Wesley's 10th Birthday at a party at his house

* We had snow flurries and I thought I might cry

* We reserved our room for our beach trip in July. I'm so seriously excited!

* Anika participated in a community clean up with her Youth Group

* Axle had an Easter Party at school and Lee & I went with him

* I ended up with Salmonella Poisoning and thought I might seriously die

* My kids dyed Easter Eggs

* The Easter Bunny ran at our house

* My kids and I attended Easter Sunday Service

* We had a cookout and egg hunt at the park with all my family on Easter after Church

* I traded my car in for a new Van!

* We bought a boat and took our first boat ride of the year

*Annalee FINALLY got accepted into the First Steps Program

* The kids got a new Sprinkler and had crazy fun in it

Definitely a wonderful month! Let's hope May is as good to us :)

* I heard: Axle did awesome at school today. They said he participated in Circle Time, Sang Songs and even did the Hand Motions. This is huge progress for him!

* I reviewed: My bucket list today and read about 10,000 other people's bucket list. Tell me I'm no the only one who finds them super interesting.

I was thankful: Mom picked Axle up for me today so I could attend a meeting at his school. He had a great time too. They got a milkshake and then went to the walking trail by the creek and fed the ducks. He calls it the "Duck Pond"

I hate: Rolling change...I took my loose change to the bank but apparently they were too busy to run it through the machine. This meant I had to bring it home and roll it. Can I just tell you that if I had to do it for a living I'd probably starve to death!

* I wish: My kids hadn't missed their nap today. I had a meeting though and it couldn't be helped. Trust me when I tell you, I paid for it dearly!

* I wonder: If it's ever going to quit raining. I sure hope so, Mom and I wanted to go out to some Yard Sales tomorrow!

* I ate: Deep Fried Mozzarella Sticks for lunch. I can only imagine how unhealthy those are

* I received: Anika's hair piece that she is wearing for Prom! I'm LOVING it.

* I should: Buy floor mats for my van soon or I'm going to ruin the carpet

* I attended: An IEP (Individual Education Plan) Meeting for Axle today. He's made some progress with his speech but still has some oral motor issues. He will be receiving speech therapy again next year in Preschool. He also has some fine motor and sensory issues. Next year he will also receive Occupational Therapy on top of the Speech Therapy. 

* I've felt: Exhausted, Frustrated and Blah today. I'm blaming it on PMS and the Rain!

* I cooked: Sloppy Joe's and Fries for dinner

* I'm proud: That Anika and Dustin are attending Youth Group every Wednesday even if it means I have to run him home at 9:00

* I was glad: To see my Hubby pull in today. I've missed him something terrible this week

* I though: My kids were going to cause me a nervous breakdown before bedtime tonight. They were wild!!!

* I want: To attend a Revival in our community before it ends. I think it lasts till Sunday

* I'm hopeful: That I'll do much better on my May Goals than I did my April ones. Let's review, shall we?

April 2014 Goals Update

* Stay on my Bedtime Routine- I've definitely done better about this one but still not great!

* Take the kids to see their Pediatrician- This is scheduled for this Friday so I'm saying Completed!

* Get our Side by Side Running- Hubby actually sold it :(

* Get my Hair Trimmed & Brows Waxed- Failed- I so need to do this though

* Start Tanning- I gave this an effort and burnt myself up. Hoping to start back next week

* Keep up with Meal Planning- Epic Fail- I need to jump back on the bandwagon

* Start taking Lee to Storytime- Another epic fail. It's almost over and Summer Reading will be beginning so I think we will just wait on it

* Continue with my Cleaning Schedule- This was a joke, it lasted about 2 days. I'm just not good with schedules

* Finish my Home Management Binder- Fail- I haven't even touched it again

* Visit my Grandma more often- Fail again- I so need to make this a priority


* Stay on my Bedtime Routine
*Get my Hair Trimmed & Brows Waxed
* Start Meal Planning again
* Visit my Grandma more often
* Schedule a Yearly Pap for myself
* Pay at least $500.00 on our Beach Rooms
* Buy my kids a Swing Set
* Make lists for all upcoming events (Vacation, Memorial Day, Birthday's, Etc)
* Take my kids to the Zoo
* Continue Tanning

* I'm Going: To bed now! Sorry this post was so long and bless you if you read it all. I had a lot to fit in tonight between my monthly recap, monthly goals and our day to day stuff. I didn't mean to bore your socks off. 

I'm hoping for some sunshine or at least no rain tomorrow. If it pans out, this girl will be found scoping out some Yard Sales!

Have a nice Thursday Friends


  1. Sorry you all have been sick.
    I am hoping to go to a big flea market this weekend - luckily it's inside, so no worries if it rains.
    Ha - I often post stuff that happened weeks before ;-)

  2. Salmonella?! Oh my gosh are you okay?! And buying a boat, that's amazing! I am green with envy. Boating in the summer is pretty much my favorite thing ever, but we're those people who mooch off our friends who have boats, rather than buying our own. ;-)