Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Mommy Camp Wednesday

Happy Wednesday is Hump Day and that means the weekend is drawing near! I'm already ready, how about you?

I thought I'd just do a quick post for you tonight before bed. I'm making it a goal to be in the bed by 11:00 so let's see if I can get this post up and headed that way.


The Hubby- Almost overslept for work. I literally woke to his riding buddy ringing the phone off the hook because he was sitting in our driveway waiting on him. Thank goodness he was here to wake us!

I Shouldn't Have- Went back to bed this morning but I did. Will I ever learn?

We Finally- Got up around 10:30 and it was a much later start to the day than I wanted

For Breakfast- I fixed the kids fried bologna and scrambled eggs. Axle ate like a champ. He had 4 pieces of fried bologna

I Introduced- The kids to what I'm calling Mommy Camp. It's part of my Summer Plan. Pretty much it's like Tot School but based more on outdoor activities, trips, etc.

I Made: This cute sign and had the kids hold it this morning. I plan on making a scrapbook at the end of summer with our Mommy Camp stuff in it. It's a tradition I hope to do every summer with them.

We exercised: By taking a short walk this morning. Ax complained the entire time. I told him to get used to it, we were doing it EVERY morning!

I Photographed: This tree on our walk. This is in my neighbors yard. My Mom and Dad used to live in the house and it used to be their yard. Anika and my parent's planted this tree when Anika was a little girl. It was so tiny, just like her. Now look how big and beautiful it is.

I Fixed: This beach countdown for the kids. Every day we will mark off another day by a sticker. I can't wait to go the beach but I'm not anymore excited than Axle. He's standing on his head ready to go.

I Planned: Several morning activities for the kids but since we got a late start we didn't get to work them in. Instead we just ran to town and had Milkshakes on the picnic table at Dairy Queen. They both really enjoyed it. The fresh air really does us good. Ax waved at every single car that went by. He also talked the entire time. He talks a lot when he's excited.

Naptime- Went okay today...Annalee went down like a pro and slept almost an hour and a half. Ax decided to buck up and not sleep. He was in and out of my room asking a million questions but he was fairly quiet at least.

I Talked- To my friend Christie today on the phone. It's been awhile since I've talked to her so it was good catching up.

We Went- To pick up Anika around 3;30 today and then made a run to the store. I got caught in a terrible thunderstorm. I couldn't see a thing!

Outdoor Activities- Weren't completed around here this evening. I had plans but the rain knocked us out of them. For my sanity and the kids, they did go out and play in the puddles once the storm passed though!

I finished- Several loads of laundry today...I'm finally making some progress, I think!

Anika Went- To Youth Group tonight. She seemed to really enjoy it.

The Kids Snacked: On cheesies today. They both love them!

Hubby and I Watched: Several episodes of Pawn Stars tonight. I love that show and I love TV time with the Hubby even if it is interrupted by kids every 10 minutes.

Anika Worked On: These bracelets tonight. It's a project she's doing for a Final Exam in one of her classes.

For Dinner- I fixed Spaghetti and Garlic was good!

I'm Praying: For direction in dealing with my teenager

I'm Feeling: Still under the weather. My throat is still so sore and I'm living off Motrin about every 6 hours.

Tomorrow: The kids and I will be doing Mommy Camp and our focus will be on Watermelons. Anika has counseling after school and we will be visiting with my Grandma for awhile.

Everyone: Has turned in for the night here, guess I should too. I missed my 11:00 deadline by about 10 minutes, not to shabby.

Night Friends

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