Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Memorial Day Camping Trip!

I started typing up this post last night and just couldn't finish it. I was too exhausted. Here's how we spent our Memorial Day Weekend!!!

Our trip started off pretty rocky. We had everything loaded up and ready to go when Hubby hit the ignition switch and bam, the starter broke. I had to make a run to Advance and get a new one. Luckily Hubby is pretty handy and got it fixed rather quickly.

Of course what time he was fixing the starter was a great picture opportunity

We finally got on the road and thought all was well. We thought wrong. Within a 1/2 a mile from the house the Camper had a tire to blow out. I was convinced by this point that we needed to skip the trip and head to TN or somewhere. Hubby was convinced we needed to get a new tire, so we did!

Believe it or not, we finally did make it to the campground. Our first order of business was getting camp setup!

Us adults relaxed for awhile and let the kids play! They were ready to burn off some energy

We were hungry so we had a little snack

Then we headed out on the boat and cruised the lake. It was fun while it lasted but it did not last long. Annalee had missed her nap and she was in TOTAL meltdown mode!

We decided to head back to camp! Annalee and I took a walk and looked at the pretty flowers

My Mom and Dad showed up so we spent the remainder of the evening hanging out with them. The kids played and we all had a good time!

We even saw a very cool parachute thing fly over us. I so think I want to ride in one of them now. It flew right over our campsite. The kids were amazed!

Mom and Dad left to go home so I fixed a quick and easy dinner of Hot Dogs, Potato Salad and Chips. We then took the kids for a walk and to the playground.

After a LONG day, we were all worn out. We ended our night hanging out and relaxing.

We turned in early because we were all so beat. Unfortunately NONE of us got much sleep. Annalee had a rough night and cried pretty much all night long. I still have no idea why!

The next morning we slept in till about 9:00. The kids were up and at it as soon as their feet hit the floor!

Hubby made us some Pancakes for breakfast. He is the BEST at making pancakes

We hung out at the campsite and the kids played. Around noon I laid down with Annalee so she would nap. I ended up napping too! When I woke my Mom and Dad had made it and had brought my Granny G with them! This was Granny's first trip to the lake in probably 5 year or longer!

She wanted to take a boat ride so we all headed out to the lake!

It was such a warm gorgeous day that we couldn't pass up the opportunity to play in the water for awhile!

By the time we had soaked up the sun and lots of water, we were starving. We headed back to the campground, hung out and ate a huge dinner!!!

Mom, Dad and Granny left around dark. We built up a bonfire, made Smores and Ax played with the sparklers I bought him!

Little Lee started getting cranky so I took her inside the camper and put her to bed. Of course, I fell asleep too. It seems like I always do when I lay down with her! Hubby and Bub came to bed shortly after. Anika and Dustin sat by the fire for awhile and then came to bed. I think we were all asleep before midnight.

Luckily, the kids slept much better the second night. When we woke on Monday morning, Hubby, Ax, Anika and Dustin all decided to take the boat out for awhile. I decided to stay at camp and pack up with Little Lee. She had enough sun for the weekend!

They gang came back from the water and it was time to say goodbye and head back home. It was such a good time but sure didn't last long enough.

We came home and unpacked everything. Little Lee went right to sleep when we got home. I think she missed her bed! I made some sandwiches and we just hung out. Anika and Dustin went to Mom's to help them paint their fence and Anika spent the night up there. We had some friends stop by with their kids so we visited with them for awhile and then decided to grab a pizza and go to the park so the kids could play. Our evening lasted until almost 9:00.

I was exhausted by the time I hit the bed BUT the weekend was well worth it. We all had a blast!

Hope you all had a great weekend as well
Now it's Tuesday...time for a new week
At least it's a short one :)


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  1. What a crappy beginning but looks like you had a fun time! We are planning to take our little man camping this summer - but we don't have a camper or anything so will really be roughing it!