Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Just a Quick One

I'd give you a big drawn out reason as to why I haven't blogged in several days but really, who wants to hear all that. Instead, I'll just do a quick post for you and catch you up on the happenings around here.

* Monday was a super lazy day for the kids and I. Anika made it to school but Axle ended up staying home with me. Frankly, the weekend had worn us out and we just needed the rest.

* I pretty much did NOTHING Monday other than had a few phone conversations with a couple good friends. Hey sometimes that is what the soul needs.

* Monday evening after school Anika and Dustin went to my Mom and Dad's so Dustin could work. Him and my Daddy got the privacy fence put up. Mom and Dad are getting new neighbors so they wanted to get the fence done before they moved in.

* On Tuesday Ax and Anika both went to school. That left Little Lee and I some morning time at home by ourselves. While I should have done a LOT of work, I didn't. Instead, I spent the majority of the morning vacation planning.

* Our day Tuesday was pretty uneventful right up until I got a phone call from school. Anika is having a problem. I won't go into detail here on the blog but let's just say it's consumed my life for the past two days. Prayers for her please.

* Tuesday evening I fixed a HUGE thing of Homemade Soup. It was so delicious. Everyone else must have thought so too because the whole kettle was consumed.

* Tuesday evening we got rain and lots of it. Here's what my yard looked like!

* Tuesday night our electric went off and we spent the rest of our time hanging out by lanterns. Needless to say we hit the sack fairly early.

* Today I let Anika and Axle both stay home. Frankly I just needed (wanted) them home with me. After our day yesterday, it made me feel better.

* Again, not a productive day at all. I've just been consumed with so many thoughts.

* MY SIL stopped by for a bit. While I should have taken all kinds of photos of Violet and Axle playing, I didn't. My mind has been too preoccupied.

* Hubby had a rough day at work today too so he went to bed at 8:00. He was exhausted.

While I have SO much more I'd love to talk about, I just can't tonight
Maybe tomorrow

Have a good night friends

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