Tuesday, May 20, 2014


Hello Everyone...I decided to drop in today and do a little confession session for you. Those are always fun, right?

I Confess

* That I didn't blog at all yesterday because I just wasn't feeling it. Normally I beat myself up for not blogging everyday but yesterday I decided I'm not doing that anymore. Blogging shouldn't be a chore. I do want to keep a recap of our days for my own reference and for my family BUT it's okay if they only get posted every couple of days or once a week. No more blogging for me unless I WANT to!

* That maybe my lack of motivation to blog is for the simple fact that we haven't had too much going on. When you don't have a lot to blog about, I guess it's harder to blog!

* That my Annalee got up at the crack of dawn yesterday morning. This is so UNLIKE her. She's usually a wonderful sleeper. I snapped a picture of her because her morning bed head was too cute. Every time I look at this picture, I laugh. I told Ax she looks like a wild woman!

* That I didn't make Axle go to school yesterday. He wouldn't get out of bed and I just didn't feel like fighting with him. He only has 8 days left so it's really just not worth it to me. Maybe we will try it again next year!

* That Ax hurt his knee on Sunday and as of yesterday morning he was refusing to bath. He was worried it was going to hurt him. Hubby finally convinced him to bath but only by bribing him with a trip to town. Hey, whatever works :)

* That Lee Lee and  went grocery shopping by ourselves yesterday. Hubby took Ax with him to the car wash while her and I went to the store. It's much easier to shop with one kid than it is with two kids!!!

* That Axle, Lee and Anika are all OBSESSED with Rice Krispie Treats these days. They seriously eat 3 or 4 every day. Axle calls them Ice Treats :)

* That Annalee is very difficult to get a good picture of. While she is super beautiful, she is NOT photogenic. I was so happy this one I took in the car turned out so cute!

* That I made spaghetti and garlic bread for supper yesterday and it was so good. I'm not normally a spaghetti fan but for some reason I really enjoyed it.

* That my kids are LOVING being able to play outdoors. They get at least some outside time every single day. My yard looks like a playground but who cares :)

* That I am STILL loving the fact that Annalee and Axle both nap at the same time. I'm hoping this trend continues through the summer.

* That I realize my couch looks terrible. I bought it knowing it was faux leather. I DID NOT know that it was going to peel all to pieces. I need to purchase another but it just isn't priority right now!

* That while my kids napped yesterday, so did I. Don't worry...I set an alarm and wasn't late picking up Anika! I learnt my lesson on that one last week.

* That I let Anika's friend Torie spend the night last night. Our kids were out of school for Election Day today so I figured why not. Of course Dustin also came and hung out till about 9:00.

* That Anika and her teenage attitude kills me sometimes BUT I still love her to pieces!

* That I tore into my closet yesterday evening. I tossed a ton of stuff, bagged up a ton to give away and packed away a ton of winter items. It was a BIG job but it looks so much better.

* That I now have this stack of stuff sitting in my room that I have to find something to do with. I guess I need to purchase a crate with a lid and store it away. This is my Winter Stuff. I'm so weird though, I hate not having it handy just in case I need it!

* That while cleaning out the closet I found the zipline I won over the winter. I'd totally forget about it. I am going to make the Hubby put it up ASAP! The kids will love it!

* That while cleaning out the closet I also found Tristan's birthday gift. I need to get it wrapped and to him. It also reminded me that I still need to buy Addison one and get it to her! 

* That I ordered the kids pizza for dinner last night. I was just too lazy to cook.

* That Hubby ended up getting home last night around midnight. The stacker belt at his work went down so they knocked off early. I was already in the bed BUT he woke me when he came in so I got up and talked with him awhile. Needless to say I couldn't go back to sleep so it was almost 3:00 am when I finally laid back down!

* That sleeping in this morning felt so good. With the kids having no school, we all slept till after 10:00

* That Torie and Anika made us all pancakes for breakfast this morning. They are pretty good gals.

* That Annalee and Ax hung out in the garage with Hubby today while I ran some errands. Those two love the garage!

* That I picked up Axle's Camden Park Tickets and T-Shirt today. We are going Thursday to the Amusement Park with his school. He's pretty excited about it. He packed his tickets around all day today and even wore his shirt for a little while!

* That Axle is LOVING playing kick ball right now. I'm thinking he might be a soccer player like his sister!

* That I had a meeting at Axle's school today to discuss his Occupational Therapy he will be receiving next year. He qualified based on his Fine Motor Skills. Apparently they are pretty low. It was a pretty detailed meeting and I asked a lot of questions. Things like that cause so much concern for me.

* That freeze pops were a real hit around here today!

* That Anika wanted to spend the night with Torie tonight and I wouldn't let her. I hate her not being here when Hubby is on 2nd shift. I'm such a chicken!

* That I took a nap today (a 3 hour nap). I don't know why but my body seems to NEED a nap every single day. Thank goodness Anika loves her mommy and watched the kiddos for me!

* That the kids and I ate DQ for dinner tonight. I swear I'm so lazy.

* That I was glued to the internet for some time tonight watching the election results!!! We have a new Sheriff in town! This makes me VERY happy!!!!

* That I've got a million things I need to do and just can't seem to get them done. I sat down and made a list this evening. I'm hoping to start marking things off tomorrow.

* That I'm totally excited for the weekend- Memorial Day Camping Trip for us :)

* That tomorrow My Mommy is cooking us a big dinner. Ham, Peas, Mashed Potatoes, etc. I LOVE dinner at Mom's.

* That I can't wait for a summer fish fry. Look at my daddy's catch for the day! My daddy can fish!

* That it is supposed to storm tomorrow. I HATE storms. Praying it doesn't good too bad.

* That I should end this post now...things to do around here before bedtime. Goodnight Lovies!!

Happy Tuesday!


  1. I only blog when I am happy...it's suppose to be fun!!

    You have a beautiful family!!

  2. Don't force yourself to blog, it will make it more of a chore then a way to vent and write freely.

    Don't worry I ordered pizza for dinner tonight and last night we just ate two boxes of Mac and Cheese. I'm with you on the lazy cooking!