Friday, May 23, 2014

Friday Ramblings

It's finally Friday and you know how much I love Friday's
For today, I'm just going to share some random thoughts with you.

* I have decided that sleep is one of my favorite things. Today we got to sleep in till 10:30. This made me very happy. It was pure bliss I tell ya.

* I HATE when you order food and they don't give you what you ask for. I was so excited to pick up my Sirloin Steak today from the local Tea Room. I could seriously taste it on the drive home. I get home, open the bag and wouldn't you know they didn't give me any steak sauce. I was so disappointed.

* My Husband is driving me insane! Lately he has been the biggest debbie downer ever. He's constantly stressed and negative. I know life is tough sometimes but gee whiz. I tried to explain to him today that instead of looking at all he doesn't have, he should be thankful for what he does. I'm not sure he cared! He is going to seriously have to get out of this slump or I'm going to choke him.

* Anika got her nails done today & they are so cute. She's being all patriotic for the holiday weekend!

* I had to take the kids to the doctor today. Anika just needed a school excuse for the past 2 days but Annalee has some sort of eye infection. They gave her drops so hopefully it will clear up soon. The kids were WILD while we waited for the doctor. I tried to take pictures of them to keep them occupied but it just didn't work. I got a cute pic of Lee and Anika at least!

* I managed to get all the grocery shopping and misc shopping done for our camping trip this weekend. It drives me insane at the cost of food. People should NOT have to pay those prices to eat!

* Anika and I have kicked butt and took names this evening. We pulled off a miracle as she said. We got everything packed, the house cleaned, most of the laundry done and the kids bathed! We are ready for takeoff in the morning.

* Poor Lee Lee gets tortured around here a lot. Between Ax chasing her and Anika using her for experiments, the girl doesn't stand a chance. While I felt sorry for her because she was crying hysterically, I made Anika keep doing it till I found my camera and took a picture. Terrible Mom, I know!

* Dustin worked all day long today so he didn't get to come down till after 9:00 tonight. He's sleeping in the camper because he's leaving early to go camping with us tomorrow. Bless his heart, he goes to school and then works all evening. You don't find many young kids like that these days. I tell Anika all the time, he's a keeper.

* I NEED a job but it's really pretty impossible for me to get one. I'd be paying more in daycare than I'd make. Ugh, grown up problems.

* Next week Lee Lee is attending a Day Camp. I will be going with her of course. I'm pretty excited about it. She loves things like that.

* Next Friday is Axle's last day of school and the following Friday is Anika's! I cannot tell you how happy this makes me :)

* I'm hoping and praying that all works out for our Vacation in July. I REALLY need a trip to the beach!!!

* I bought the kids some new toys for the campground. I think they are going to have a good time. I love spending quality outdoor time with them!

* We are leaving early in the morning and won't be back till Monday so don't expect a post from me before then!

Hope you guys have a GREAT Memorial Day Weekend
Be Safe


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  1. Sounds like you are tuned up to have a great holiday!!! We just made plans today to go camping in June with my sister and her daughter and granddaughter! Camping = GOOD times and good memories!