Thursday, May 15, 2014


Hey Gang...I've got to get this post up and get my butt in the bed. It's almost midnight once again and I'm awake. My sleep routine is way off. I NEED to get back on track. I decided to do a cute little post for you today called "Currently". I'm seeing it all over the net so I figured why not join in the fun. Here we go!!


I'm waking: Way too late every morning. Anika didn't get to school till noon today & Ax didn't go at all. I must do better.

Outside: It's rather cool. I think it's supposed to get into the 40's overnight. We have had a ton of rain the past few days. Our yard is a muddy mess.

I'm listening to: My Husband snore and Axle's television blaring.

I'm wishing: My teeth would quit hurting. They have had a dull ache the past few days and I don't know why.

I'm praying: For my daughter & for strength for her during this difficult time she's having

I'm needing: To do a billion mind is a complete whirlwind

I'm worried: About my Mommy. She hit her head at my Grandma's the other day and has a concussion. She's very disoriented and tired.

I'm feeling: Okay, just tired & very unproductive. I have accomplished nothing this week

I'm craving: Something sweet...cupcakes, cake, brownies, etc.

My House: Is fairly quiet. Everyone is sleeping except for me.

I want: A Date Night with my Hubby!!!!

I'm debating: To attend a birthday party tomorrow or not.....shew, I need to but I don't really want to

I'm struggling: With small town politics. How do people get by with the things they do. Pathetic if you ask me!

I'm learning: That sometimes letting things go is better than stirring the pot

I'm concerned: About my niece. I found out she was pregnant again the other day. She's only 15 and her first baby passed of SIDS about 6 months ago. Heartbreaking...I just pray that God keeps her hand on her and guides her in the right direction.

I'm looking forward to: Taking Ax and Lee to a party on Saturday and then hopefully going riding on Sunday. I love me some weekends :)

I'm thankful: Today was payday. We were broke!

I'm planning: To take my Granny shopping tomorrow so she can spend her gift card she got for Mother's Day

I'm dreaming: Of the Ocean...I need a beach trip and soon!

I'm stressing: Over money, story of my life

I'm loving: That school is out in about 3 weeks. Yahoo!!!!

I'm realizing: That I need to come up with a summer plan or the kids are going to drive me insane. No kidding!

I'm hating: Laundry, it's just never ends around here

I'm excited: For Ax's field trip next week and then Memorial Day Weekend :)

I'm drinking: Mountain Dew which is probably why my teeth are hurting

I'm making: A mental note of everything I need to's a big note. I'm not sure my brain is processing it all.

I'm reading: Blogs when I can....never enough time.

I'm heading: To bed...Night Night

Hopefully I'll have something better for ya tomorrow. Just not a lot been going on around here this week other than daily life stuff!

Happy Almost Friday,

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