Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Busy Hump Day

Happy Wednesday Gang! It's hump day and if you are like me and have a long weekend planned, this probably makes you happy. It's been a busy Wednesday around here but a good busy! Here's a little of how our day went.

I ended up staying up till the hubby got home last night. After the 3 hour nap I took, I could NOT go back to sleep. We sat and chatted till after 3:00 am. When I did lay down, I tossed and turned forever. Ax has a terrible habit of gritting his teeth in his sleep and he was on a roll last night. I hate when he does that, it sounds so painful. The alarm went off at 6:30 this morning an I managed to drag my butt out of bed to go wake Anika. She was actually already up and getting ready so I gave her kisses and went back to sleep. Mom took her on to school this morning.

My Little's slept until 9:30 this morning and so did I. Hubby didn't actually get up until around 10:30. Our morning was spent around the house. The kids played outside for awhile & I sat out on the porch with Hubby and watched them. Ax rode his motorcycle and posed for pictures like a pro. He loves to show off.

I made some Pork Chops & Sides for Lunch, done a little laundry, worked on a camping list and talked to my bestie Viki on the phone. All in all it was a good morning.

Hubby is on 2nd shift this week so he had to leave us around 1:00. I was sad to see him go but not nearly as sad as my kids. They cry everyday when he leaves for work. They love their daddy very much!

Lee Lee took her normal midday nap but Ax didn't. He did however lay quietly and watch cartoons. I did some work on our Summer Schedule (I've about got it figured out I think) and then took a shower and cleaned myself up for the day. I wore what Anika calls my clown pants. Personally I think they are cute and they are unbelievably comfortable. It's like wearing pajamas all day long. I made her take a pic. Sorry it's blurry but at least you get the idea of what they look like!

When the kids woke, I got them ready and we went & picked up Anika from school. She had counseling at 4:00 today so we had to head straight there. I dropped her off and decided Ax, Lee & I would ride down to the Dollar Mine to kill some time. I SHOULD NOT have done that.

I was on the lookout for some Red, White and Blue Items to decorate our campsite. I didn't actually find a whole lot but grabbed 2 ground stakes that I'll put beside the camper and a banner that I'll hang from the awning!

For camping I also snagged Ax and Lee some big old bubble wands and some Snap Pop Firework things! They are going to enjoy them.

While I was browsing I saw they had a WHOLE bunch of Pirate stuff. Since I had already decided on a Pirate theme for Axle's Birthday party, I thought I better get it while I could! His birthday isn't till July but I knew they would never have it that long. I loaded up! I didn't really have the money this week but sometimes you have to get it while the getting is good so I did :)


Plates and Cups

Table Cloth

Cake Plates

Gold Coins- Will be used for a game!


Inflatable Swords for the kids to take home!

I'll still be adding some more items but this was definitely a good start. Of course, I haven't even began on Annalee's part of the party yet!

$80.00 later, the kids and I were done shopping. We stopped by my Granny's and picked her up & then ran to the Counseling Office and picked up Anika! We had told Mom we would be up at 5:30 for dinner. We actually made it a bit early.

Mom had a HUGE dinner cooked for us. There was Ham, Green Beans, Mashed Potatoes, Sliced Garden Tomatoes and Cucumbers & Cornbread. For dessert she had a Strawberry Cake!!!

The kids had a blast like they always do. They love going to Nan and Pa's to play! It was warm so we sat outside on the deck the entire time. That is where we even ate our dinner. It was definitely a nice visit!

Mom and I ventured around her yard before I left and looked at all the beautiful flowers she has growing. She definitely has a green thumb. I wish I'd taken that after her!

By about 8:00 Granny was getting really tired. Her feet were swelled so bad this evening and she seems to have suffered some pretty significant hearing loss over the last few days. My Uncle is going to take her to the doctor tomorrow. I'm just praying she isn't having more mini strokes.

I got Granny home and in the house safe and secure. Anika had to have some eyeliner so we made a quick stop by the Dollar Store to pick her up some and then of course Ax had to have his favorite, ice kispie treats (in Ax's words)! I grabbed him and Lee one at the Gas Station and we headed on home.

Lee Lee went straight to bed when we got home. She's not feeling well. It looks as though she may be getting an eye infection. I'm really praying it's just allergies but I'm not sure. Ax went to sleep shortly after we got home. I think he's just worn out where he didn't nap today. Dustin came down around 9:00 to spend the night. Just FYI, he sleeps in the camper outside! We are leaving for a trip to the amusement park early in the morning and I didn't want to have to go pick him up.

It's pouring (liked cats and dogs pouring) outside. So far we haven't had any severe weather. I'm praying it stays that way. I saw on Facebook a bit ago where an earthquake had hit Virginia. I'm hoping it wasn't anything too serious.

I must go for now though friends. I have things to finish up around here and then have to get my butt in bed. We have a day of fun planned tomorrow and I can't wait. Hopefully it won't rain on us all day.

Happy Hump Day
Enjoy the rest of your Week


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